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Beach Boys Steamboat Lyrics

Last updated: 05/27/2010 11:00:00 AM

The river's a bed of sweet berries and flowers
Banks of thirsty lies
(Please be careful)
The stream is an eyeglass of heroes
Bridged with bright replies
The creek is a funnel of forgiveness
Winning every prize
Steamboat of living ever faithfully ride.

The river's a dream in a waltz time
Banks of jasper glaze
(Have a ball and sing)
The stream is a timepiece of children
Bridged with crystal haze
The creek is a trumpet of hard times
Blowing tasty days
Steamboat of living ever faithfully glide.

Don't worry mister Fulton
We'll get your steamboat rollin'.

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The river's a dream in a waltz time | Reviewer: alan stewart | 5/27/10

One of the most beautiful of the later Beach Boys songs. Appearing on the Holland album, Steamboat churnes along in a melodic haze highlighting Carl Wilson's quite sublime vocal talents and some lovely crazy lyrics...