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If we're the flagship of peace and prosperity
We're taking on water and about to fuckin' sink
No one seems to notice, no one even blinks
The crew all left the passengers to die under the sea

Countdown, to the very end,
Equality, an invitation that we wont extend
Ready aim, pull the trigger now,
In time you firmly secure your place in hell

State of the union address,
Reads war torn country still a mess
The words: power, death, and distorted truth
Are read between the lines of the red, white, and blue


Your place in hell [x2]

'Guilty' is what our graves will read,
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No years, no family, we did
Nothing (nothing) to stop the murder of
A people just like us

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it's not what you say, its how u say it | Reviewer: jacob | 11/22/09

For those who have been saying that alot of bands make songs about politics and problems, you're right, they do. But in my opinion, Rise Against puts a different turn on things, its not what your saying, it's how you say it. Rise Against is a perfect example.

Wake up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

This song isn't about other countries exept America. All of you who love their life in this country need to open your eyes. This is part of this song. If we remain apathetic we are all going to turn into slaves of society. Are graves will read GUILTY

Hell!! That's a nice song! | Reviewer: Salmor | 5/10/09

It's true. There are a lot of bands who talk about the same, but is the felling, don't you think?

It is their variety of topics, their spirit and that rithm that gives life to all this indignation of ours. 'Cause even though we know and feel it we can't help but to think again and again "hell that's true". And last and the best part
"GUILTY, is what our graves will read,
no year, no family, we did nothing (NOTHING)
to stop the murder of, of people, just like us"

We are trash and well said.

Just what the hell are we wanting for? Are we waiting for a savior? What the hell! If we don't move the consciousness nobody will! If we don't show our indignation nobody will! They can surpress us but not ours thoughts and fellings. That is dormant even in the earth.

Go Rise Against! | Reviewer: alan | 3/18/09

This song is great and is filled with facts about war tearing countrys apart.It also hits the fact that no one has the will to say anything about it. We've bein tolled all this crap that were startng to believe. And who's filling us with this crap?... Our government. What would are founding fathers have to say about that if they knew. Great job at fucking America up politions. R.S.P.V God and tell them you want a one way ticket to HELL!

// | Reviewer: SLO guy | 9/14/08

this song is great.. it actualy tels the truth of the slovanin countries all fron rusha to srbia.. al the countries hade and some still have a lot of problems with the people and the ifrastructure.

@ 2 Comments below: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

Yeah, because liking a movie for having good production quality is really stupid when there are other movies with good production quality, right?

Rise Against has better messages than alot of punk bands with 'one liner' songs, where they just throw a catch phrase into a distorted song of garbage >.>

The lead singer of Rise Against has a much better voice than alot of punk bands as well.

What. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/08

I like how everyone is talking about how amazing it is that they talk about politics and problems. You guys would classify this as "My first punk band." Everyone sings about it, stop giving them special attention for it. In any case, its still a good song.

it's like a wake up call | Reviewer: mac | 1/6/08

Like they said, no one seems to notice wats happening around us. Our minds are being filled with twisted information ideas other than the truth. If we continue with this apathy, this lack of passion and care, and if we continue to deny the battle happening all around us, we will meet an end. Great song. Wouldn't expect anything less from them.

This is why they are the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

If he didnt yell it wouldnt have the same passion... and if you can find a better singer that can yell and make it sound better than he can, im a monkey's uncle lol, i dont think theres a band more versatile than these guys

amazing song

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

If anyone tends to watch the Rise Against videos or pay attention to the lyrics they'll notice that Rise Against sings about problems all around the world but mainly in the United States. They sing about poverty, slavery, the war, and all other problems that exist in the world today.

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