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Mary Mary Speak To Me Lyrics

Last updated: 11/19/2008 11:00:00 AM

Speak to me, lord
Speak a word of life
That i might hear
What thus sayeth oh god
It's the still small voice
That i wait for so
Speak to me lord

[verse 1]
Searching everywhere 'cause we are looking for
the wheres and whys and how - to fill our deepest voids,
but your words, they bring - all that we need!
(So-o) Speak to me, Lord!


[verse 2]
Whether it be loud and clear
Or still and small
Whether it be much
Or short and simple
Whatever it may be just as long as you
Speak to me lord

Where do I go from here?
Speak to me, Lord!
Lord will you make it clear?
Speak to me, Lord!
And I won't move - till you speak to me...
Speak to me, Lord!
Lord I need your direction
Speak to me, Lord!
To make the right selection!
Speak to me, Lord!
I never been more ready won't you speak
Speak to me, Lord!
Somebody needs to hear! (Somebody needs to hear!)
Speak to me, Lord!
Somebody needs to hear! (Somebody needs to he-he-hear-e-a-ear-ear-!)
Speak to me, Lord!
Oh, we're listening....

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