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Nirvana Something In The Way Lyrics

Last updated: 10/28/2014 12:31:49 PM

Underneath the bridge.
tarp has sprung a leak,
and the animals I've trapped,
Have all become my pets
And I'm living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
It's okay to eat fish
'Cause they don't have any feelings

Something in the way, mmm-mmm
Something in the play, yeah, mmm-mmm

Underneath the bridge.
tarp has sprung a leak,
and the animals I've trapped
Have all become my pets
And I'm living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
It's okay to eat fish
'Cause they don't have any feelings

Something in the way, mmm-mmm
Something in the play, yeah, mmm-mmm

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What I think this song means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/14

To me this song is about isolation/depression. That nobody understands you. You're just alone, lost in your thoughts. And that something is the way is you just remove yourself from everyone. You're depressed, lost, just going through so much..nobody've been through so can speak on how you feel but even if you did would it matter to anyone? Nope. So you walk alone.

One of the best Nirvana songs ever! | Reviewer: Jeanie | 11/23/13

I also just watched the movie Jarhead by the amazing Sam Mendes. Anyhow, at the point in the film when the Marine is losing his mind a bit during the war, they play the song by Nirvana, Something In the Way. It is very moving and appropriate for the film. I kept questioning at first, "Would Kurt approve of this song being in such a macho type of film, that has some glorification of the whole male- macho way of acting that Kurt hated" . But as i finished the film, i realised the point was that this young man in the film was in the marines and wanted out. It messed with his mind. So all in all I think the choice to use the song in the film was a good call. And also it was Courtney Love who allowed the song to be used in the film. Contrary to popular belief, she has tried very hard, and managed to keep Nirvana and Kurt Cobains likeness and integrity, how he is displayed, used, and represented. She actually has done a fantastic job of saying NO to many a cheesy request for a million Nirvana songs in a million different projects. She has been very careful and quite choosy about it, and for that I do give her alot of credit. I adore Nirvana and Something In The Way is a brilliant, simple, yet powerful tune.

Best Song Ever!<3 | Reviewer: Zoey.G | 6/17/13

This song has to be my favourite nirvana song. The under the bridge story is not true. While he was homeless he didn't live under the bridge in Aberdeen while he was homeless. He used to sleep in hospital waiting rooms and on the floor in friends houses. But I still love the story and I still love the song. The song backs the under the bridge story and about him being homeless but its also about his relationship with his dad Don, he didn't have a good relationship with his dad because of many reasons one reason was because his dad kicked him out and onto the streets. I don't understand why people hates much on Courtney Love, she didn't get Kurt Cobain hooked on heroin. Kurt tried heroin with a friend before he even met her. She tried to stop Kurt from taking heroin and Courtney has saved Kurts life a lot of time before his suicide. Yes she used to do heroin in the past before she even met him but she was clean when she met Kurt. I'm not a fan of Courtney love but before you go and blame his heroin addiction on her please do some research. For any Kurt Cobain lovers you guys should read Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross. It's one of the many biographys about Kurts Life. Its such an amazing book! :)

Now.. kurt wanted fame and he look for it. Then he met something about musical bussiness, and take heroin trying to escape of his reality. And "Pennyroyal tea" he said: i'm a liar and a thief. there's a interview when he admits that he had to fight a lot to obtain what we call fame. He also said: I really needed to get out of Aberdeen. So, if you still think that he never wanted fame the way he looked for it, you are a liar in the Kurt's way way. RIP Kurt

I Love Kurt Cobain | Reviewer: Maxine | 11/27/12

Cobain was a master at lyrical symbolism, and creating a tone for each song with his unusually powerful voice, although he mentioned quite a few times he did NOT like people trying to interpret what they sang about, die hard fans like me cant help but try analyse his brilliance, that song represents hardship and conquering it: a lot of us can be inspired by that or even relate to that story <3 Kurt, (ps he did not live under a bridge according to a certain biographical show,he slept in hospitals while he was homeless, he certainly was no liar, he just used the lyrics figuratively to tell a story)

? | Reviewer: Swamp Rainbow | 11/3/12

I really like the review by Pisces.

I didn't know Kurt. I feel like this would be the one thing he would like about being famous: people interpreting what he said in a different way. I think he might actually enjoy seeing what other people thought about what he wrote. Its equally important to be a muse to others with your own work. I think he'd be happy with some of it...

-Kurt Killed Courtney

somewhere in the way | Reviewer: pepperpiper0029 | 7/27/12

this song was based on Kurt's experiences back when he was homeless. pretty much, this should explain the lyrics. most
of the songs that he wrote are based on his personal
experiences or are inspired by the people around him/ who influenced him.

dammit :D | Reviewer: Flifla | 5/9/12

Never really paid attention tothe lyrics of this song till I heard " it's ok to eat fish coz they don't have any feelings " damn that guy knew how to master the art of irony and dark humour !! May his soul rest in peace

My view | Reviewer: ss | 5/3/12

I don't know much about Kurt or Nirvana, so here is my unbiased perspective based solely on the lyrics and tone.

When you have nothing(torn tarp under a bridge), and can't bring yourself to do the things you need to do survive in life(trapping animals for food, but instead of pets), sometimes to get by you have to justify your actions (eating fish is ok because it has no feelings).

Seriously | Reviewer: Someone | 4/27/12

The reason why people give what some people call stupid comments is because it is a possibility. People who say "goddanm guys just shut the fuck up and listen to the song" should acutally shut up because if you have nothing to say, then remain silent. Some people like to share what they think and i read it if i dont get the song as a help and the people who say its stupid are more ennoying cause no one wants to read their comment cause it is not what this is for.

And yes i just broke my own rules but i just wanted to say that FINALLY.
Okay sorry, please continue because some of you help me a lot (:

the way it was and is now | Reviewer: ayesha | 4/18/12

Wow. Ok, I admit I'm older than most of u here . At least it does feel that way. I am hearing his music & reading his lyrics for the first time in my 49 years...s. Crazy how familiar it all is. Not to look personally at him but I would like to say Thank you ... Would be great if your words, your sound was still with us..

something in the way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/12

this song could just be a storie based in kurts fealings at the time he wrote it, it probably is. something influenced hin to create there lyrics. but it dosent matter songs have a special meaning to everyone. there is no sence in trying to figure it out because nobody knows and unfortunatly kurt will never be able to say y he wrote it. plus it is wierd to be so concerned with his personal life, he would think ur a creeper & also none of u r kurt cobain historians, ur just talking out ur ass.... and zodiac symbols u have got to be fucking kidding me, ar u on meth dude? thats the craziest shit i ever heard

love the song? Watch the movie jarhead!! | Reviewer: secretsquirrel420 | 12/31/11

I love this song,and the movie jarhead really put a grip of feeling and emotion to it! Imedietly after the flick I grabbed my pad and dounloaded it to my music file! Awsom song and movie, MUST SEE!!

beautiful | Reviewer: Chris from sweden | 11/29/11

this song is without doubt one of my favourites from nirvana. The simplicity of the music itself in this song, combined with the melancholic lyrics gives me chills down my spine.
Nirvana was one of the greatest bands ever.
music is once again stuck and dead, maybe another band will rise and take their place.

Thanks!! | Reviewer: Andrew | 11/24/11

I dunno if this is the section...... But to Jake! Thank you man finally someone respects and has an actual kinda idea bout wtf is going on!! You've said it in one, don't be a try hard just enjoy, too b honest no one will Eva know! He was a one in a million..... But it's always the good ones that perish! R.I.P enjoy everyone!! Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!