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It was just after sunrise
And down by the sea
Down on the sand flats
Where nothing will grow
Come drumming and footsteps
Like out of a dream
Where the golden green waters come in

Just nine lucky soldiers had come
Through the night
Half of them wounded
And barely alive
Just nine out of twenty was headed for home
With eleven sad stories to tell

I remember quite clearly when I got out of bed
I said, oh, good morning what a beautiful day

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Nearly forty years ago ........... | Reviewer: Tilly Barker | 7/29/13

We did this song in English at school, probably about 1975. I had the words on my wall for years and can still remember it word for word. Nice to hear the tune again after so long, I still can't get to end of it without crying. When we will stop hurting each other?

Eerie Song | Reviewer: Marc | 1/3/13

Hello Carmichael,

What an eerie song JT sings here. I am listening to it over and over now. I remember first listening to it back in the late 70's. I am happy to see that you are also hit by the song. It is a quiet, small song that he never sings in concerts and is tucked away on his Mud Slide Slim album. Thanks for writing...


SOLIDERS | Reviewer: Carmichael Singh | 6/25/07

The first ever i heard this song played, i was in my mid 20's. I happened to be madly in love with a young lady and were a couple for over 10 years, Jeyn was an big fan of JT and she would play Fire and Rain (her favorite album) Anyhow, I had bought a JT Greatest Hits and the song Soilders come on, and the next 3 minutes changed me compeletly about JT. I come from Far East Asia (Indian Background, NOT from India though)I have never been to the USA,except of what "we" pick up on Americians in our part of the world. As mentioned, "it changed me in 3 minutes" well i guess you ardent fans of JT do know that this is quite a short song. What transpired after listening to soliders made me what i am today. In the event you are wondering what i am today.... well today i am 50 years old, and thanks to JT and his "solider" i have since learned how to play Guitar, composed a few of my own songs, traveled about in South East Asia, learned to be polite to people, read extensively about the "Man" himself...know also that he is know by his nickname " string beans" the GREAT himself have spend time in a hospital as a young lad, etc ect.. OF ALL THESE WHICH I DID THE GREATEST BEING I LEARNED HOW TO READ AND WRITE.

How can a song change another? The lyrics on this song, speaks of (9)young men coming back from fighting a war with some sad stories to tell. The song speaks of unspoken horrors done by them or done unto them, either way it make no differences cos, soldiers through out history has been known to do some horrific things in battle. How could JT write about something/feeling without being a soldier and or how soldiers feel when they come back home. In my humble opinon, I think JT captured the essence of human feelings along with its misery. I can still see in my mind JT walking with the soldiers "drumming and marching" as though he is there with them in spirit...... TRUTH be known, i cried the first time i finished listening the song. The last 25 years of my life has seen lots of up and down, the DOWN took the toll on me, I lost Jeyn, my job, my friends, Mum & Dad passed on and before I knew it I was 47 years old and broke, homeless and friendless... except for the song SOLDIER which would run in my mind. Today at 50 years old I have just 3 weeks ago invested in a FINA Guiitar, which incidently costed me 650.00 and back singing songs and my life seems to be coming around to a better height.

I write this comment as i go on, with editing or checking for any grammar mistakes, i'm sure there must be a lot of mistakes on my comment, but it does not matter much to me, as i finally found a site where i can down load JT"s lyrics and at the same time pen my inner most thoughts on the Great James Taylor.

You are more than welcome to leave any comment.. my email address: on JT or anything

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