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Dead man lying on the bottom of the grave
Wondering when Savior comes
Is he gonna be saved

Maybe you're a sinner into your alternate life
Maybe you're a joker maybe you deserve to die

They were crying when their sons left
God is wearing black
He's gone so far to find no hope
He's never coming back
They were crying when their sons left
All young men must go
He's come so far to find the truth
He's never going home

Young men standing on the top of their own graves
Wondering when Jesus comes
Are they gonna be saved

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Cruelty to the winner, Bishop tells the King his lies
Maybe you're a mourner, maybe you deserve to die
They were crying when their sons left
God is wearing black
He's gone so far to find no hope
He's never coming back
They were crying when their sons left
All young men must go
He's come so far to find no truth
He's never going home

Welcome to the Soldier Side
Where there's no one here but me
People all grow up to die
There is no one here but me

Welcome to the Soldier Side
There is no one here but me
People on the soldier's side
There is no one here but me

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Don't waste your time. | Reviewer: Brandon C. | 5/16/12

It's sad how in today's music, there's always fuss about religion, war, sexuality, etc. This song IS about war. But here most of you guys are saying people who go to war are power hungry fools. This ties in religion, some religious beliefs are based on believing you could be true to your god by sacrificing yourself. But just one simple sacrifice leads to a world of hate. Yes, in my opinion religion shouldn't be an excuse for everything. But, if we didn't have religion, the world would lead to chaos. You could sit there and bicker about war, but nothing will change. Just accept this fucked up world as it is, and move on. Back to war: War is also wrong, but without someone giving up their lives to defend us, we wouldn't be who we are today. NOW BACK TO THE SONG: System of A Down; best band ever. Been a fan since birth, 15 years ago. Soldier Side is their best song and it's easy for war veterans to relate to.

This is sad... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/12

OK just to let people know their are places where soldiers have no choice if they want to go to war or many countries soldiers are CHILDREN!!! don't be saying its tha soldiers fault when you don't even know what they are going through..war does things to you that won't go are never truly the same..war is just wrong anyway you look at it..and everyone is to blame..not just a specific group..and if you are so against it why don't you stand up and do something about it instead of
fighting here..if we all got together in peace we might make a difference and stop all this violence..just put aside your egos and actually think before you speak about anything.

Not religion | Reviewer: reason | 4/12/12

Religion is not the cause of war. It is a mask to hide behind. Religion can do good things like charity, building hospitals in africa etc. War arises from man's desire to attain more or gain power. The worst atrocities were committed for man's purposes like Stalin, Hitler's Darwinian idea of a pure race and Eugenics, the French revolution led to an age of atheism where the reign of terror took place. Religion is a way to justify your atrocities but above all, it is mankind's desire to dominate that leads us to war.

Sulfur | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/12

Religion is for the weak minded, people who can not accept the fact that we truly dont know where we came from and what the meaning of life is so they buy into fairy tales. Religion is the main cause to every war in history. Religion is the very tool for bloodshed and its sheep all use it. Islam and Christianity are the two most violent culprits, fuck em both

religion | Reviewer: Tidus | 10/19/11

Every religion relys on peace eh? then what the fuck were the crusades dumbass.i could go on to write a whole god damn paragraph about your illogical fallacies but i have no need to.Just read the first two sentences a couple times till it REALLY sinks in.

WTF? | Reviewer: Marco6 | 6/8/11

TheWolfTamer, please, explain me why are you saying things without even knowing what you are talking about?
I am atheist, but I've been grown up as a Christian. Even thou I am antireligious, when I hear something like "the very doctrine of Islam" I can't shut up. EVERY religion rely on fraternity and peace. How can you say "conversion is synonymous with killing in their language"?! Have you ever read the Koran? And the Bible? I don't think so. Just as an example, in the Koran it is _clearly_ written that war is for soldiers only. It is forbidden in Islam killing people that do not attack you. THAT is what Islam say. Than (and that's why I'm antireligious) men do not understand what peace is, they want power, so religion is used for _politic_ reasons.
But that is really different from saying that religion tells you to kill people!!!

Please READ before making an opinion on MEDIA and propaganda (even thou you say that it is not)...

Than I just want to remember some historical facts...
Christian people should never kill people, life is holy, right? In fact Crusades never happened :D

However, this is not the place where to talk about religion/politics in my opinion!

One of the most intense soad songs by the way! I just love it!

Howdy | Reviewer: TheWolfTamer | 2/19/11

1. War is a machine and a tool for creating and staying in power. There is no such thing as a powerful or modern country that has not used War.

2. Those who participate in War, forced or by choice, are neither shameful nor glorious. They are soldiers. Whether there for the money or some Iconic Glory or because their Commisar will shoot them anyway, or if they are forced to be an explosion, or their Prophet told them to, it does not matter. If a man goes and fights for your side, remember, he is basically taking up a slot that otherwise you must fill. Think about that. In all reality, they Die in Place Of You. And that is to be exalted. I respect American Soldiers because they fight for me, they fight for my Family. It does not matter where or how; there will always be another war.

3. If you blame the soldiers themselves, as a whole, for War, then clearly you have no fucking clue what it means to be a soldier. You don't question things like, "Is he really a threat to the ideals of mt Country" when he is shooting a fucking AK47 at your squad mates. You don't wonder whether or not you are fighting for a just cause when your enemies are strapping bombs to children and blowing up Public Parks and Apartment Complexes.

4. There are many Islamic groups who are peaceful. But you must understand, and this is not Spoonfed Propaganda bullshit, that the very doctrine of Islam is based off of violence and conversion, and conversion is synonymous with killing in their language. It carries an undertone of 'convert or die.'

SOAD Rocksssss. | Reviewer: Crystal | 12/1/10

Okay. First and foremost hating a certain race of people or religion just because someone or groups of people did something wrong does not mean you have the right to hate the whole fucking group! Soldiers however are different they are risking their lives and wasting time trying to fight for someone you cant really win. Wars are all about money and greed, two things that are happening right now. The war in the Middle East portays muslims as corrupt people because of somehting one person did- Sadam. But the only reason civilians carry guns and make bombs (including forming groups) because they are defending themselves from a super power country that has an army of thousands. The only reason why muslims are hated today so much is because of propaganda in america that trys make them look bad so it covers up for their mistake of starting war. Its a corrupt, and everyone- no matter how savage they are and no matter what they say wants peace.

anonomoose | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/10

okay ther experience of war is very changing and seeing your best friends die is brutal and there are lots of experiences in the war that no one should go to. im not slandering the soldiers for i am glad they are out there but yet in our society the government dosent truly care if you die. they use war to keep people busy, population control, create jobs, make drama over nothing so that everyone can be involed because drama is in everyones life. wether it be about somthing stupid or wether it be about somthing serious. People need drama which means people need war, You may say you hate drama but on the inside deep down you may not know of it but you absolutely love it. If everyone was more educated and thought outside of the box and acted right we wouldnt have gangs. we wouldnt need guns to protect ourself. we wouldnt need war. we could advance our technology to such a fast rate we could be already expanding our knowledge to other planets. colonising them and become able as a whole community of life able to grow and expand to the endless vacuum of space. Life is precious. if you think deeply about it this may be your only time alive and if you belive in a god and if it all is truly real you will go to heaven, or paradise, or anywhere your religion says so.

Fuck You-Fuck the Lot of you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/10

I am a soldier...and i've had too many mates not come home right or not come home at all.all u fucks want to pretend like you know whats going on over there...all i have to see is- u dumb fucks go over to the Afghan and Iraq then get an opinion and stop speaking shit about us soldiers over shit you dont understand.

What I know | Reviewer: Boutch (Quebec) | 10/16/10

First sorry for my english. Second you all need to know one things about the war; It's beging by a lie. I have seen this in the great documentary of Micheal Moore, Fahranheit 9/11. Soldier at the begining its just some people like me and you want to "securise" their country or for found peace in other country. The government said this. Nothing Bad but it's false. Afther some time in war, everybody have change, some poeple come crazy. I think me too. Bush paid is soldier 2 500 3 500$ US in a month and a Driver of oil truck 10 000$ US for driving? Weird. I have most learn about the war with Noam Chumsky and Micheal Moore than with all other media since kid. Watch out about the disinformation. Good Luck, Peace

TT_TT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/10

i was crying when i first heard the song...i was so moved by it. D: and yes as others said, FUCK U if u say that its the soldier's fault, blah blah blah!! u hav no rite to say that if u've never experienced going into a war yourself! try risking your life fighting for your family and your country and then talk about your selfish opinions.

i respect all muslims and all cristians but i hate all jews | Reviewer: Midz | 6/9/10

Hello , best one here blackwolf because he respect all and for know more on jews they don't respect anyone they just need help from america for kill childrens and olds people but bad thing i listen before 1 week israel army attack on people in beach and kill some people no have gun and no have anything to defence just kill the people peace. (me from america but now in africa just for watch the world cup) :P

the truth | Reviewer: | 5/21/10

i read above that someone thinks that Muslims hate another religions , will its wrong , in islam you have 2 respect another religions , in fact u can marry from them , deal with them , and live with them , for me im Muslim and my best friend is Cristian , and all Muslims are like this , but those who kill and burn and destroy lives , those are terrorists trying to hide the facts the islam is religion of peace , please e-mail me if u want 2 know about islam ""

Gunbunny87 | Reviewer: Alex | 5/6/10

I big Hooah to Akuma, thank you for your support. Any of you who are ungreatful for the suffering my buddies and myself go through for your lives, your welcome. You have the right, because of us. Next time you find yourself in the gun of an MRAP and an RKG3 blows up in your face, you let me know what goes through your mind... maybe you will wonder why your risking your life for ppl who dont care about you.

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