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Papa died smiling
Wide as the ring of a bell
Gone all star white
Small as a wish in a well
And Sodom, South Georgia
Woke like a tree full of bees
Buried in Christmas
Bows and a blanket of weeds

Papa died Sunday and I understood
All dead white boys say, "God is good"
White tongues hang out, "God is good"

Papa died while my
Girl Lady Edith was born
Both heads fell like
Eyes on a crack in the door
And Sodom, South Georgia
Slept on an acre of bones
Slept through Christmas
Slept like a bucket of snow

Papa died Sunday and I understood
All dead white boys say, "God is good"
White tongues hang out, "God is good"

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Now hear this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/13

South Georgia white boys are religious. The old ones especially. "All dead white boys", might be, the old timers around there saying "God is good". Old , white, might as well be dead peeps that believe God is good. White tongue hangs out is to me a picture of what you look like whilst your boys are saying "God is good".

Translation: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/11

"Small as a wish in a well
And Sodom, South Georgia
Woke like a tree full of bees"

No one really paid attention until he died and when he died everyone was stirred.

"Buried in Christmas
Bows and a blanket of weeds"

Christmas is a holy Holiday, so he was burried in the religion. A blanket of weeds referring to the grass growing on top of him.

"Papa died Sunday and I understood
All dead white boys say, "God is good"
White tongues hang out, "God is good""

And then the translation stated multiple times. Nobody dies and Athiest, they want Heaven.

I don't actuall know if this is the right translation, but it's my interpretation of the song. Everything means something different to everyone.

opinion | Reviewer: Here We Go | 1/10/11

I believe this song has a tinge of hypocrisy to it, well critiquing hypocrisy. Similar to Anonymous, I believe this song is about realizing that once you die, there's nothing left unless you have 'accepted Jesus', even if you're just following others. In a way it seems a bit like a last resort on a dying bed, like he is trying to ease the blow of death with the hope of a heaven

My humble opinion | Reviewer: Emily | 12/9/10

I think we can all agree that the meaning of this song starts out with someone dying. I won't speculate on the overall meanings of the song, but I do have my interpretation of two lines.

"All dead white boys say 'God is good'" = reference to the fact that whenever anyone dies, no matter what they believed in their personal life or how they lived, more often than not, a funeral will be held in which the assertion is made that the individual is in heaven, with God, and God is good.

"White tongues hang out, 'God is good'" = tombstones. If you think about it, tombstones look like big white tongues sticking out of the ground. Inscribed with the words "God is good".

About the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/10

To the few who posted about the song, Sodom is a biblical city that was burnt to the ground. Many of Sam Beam's songs have biblical references. A lot of things in the song also fall together this way, "Papa died Sunday," "Slept through Christmas," and my personal favorite, "All dead white boys say God is good."

I think the last one has more to do with the fact that in the bible, Sodom was a very sinful town. This being a play on the ludicrous idea of believing that on your death bed, all you have to do is ask for Jesus to save you and it's done; that so long as you accept Jesus, your free.
"All dead white boys say God is Good"

Iron & Wine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/09

"Papa died Sunday and I understood
All dead white boys say, "God is good"
White tongues hang out, "God is good"

I think he's referring to the things that men have that have come and gone. They sleep in their white walls sepulchers...they sleep as the grave....they sleep...and with the image of "GOD IS GOOD" manifesting from their tomb.

i think... | Reviewer: aindei | 11/12/08

Seems like the song is about a place where the people are denying the truth of reality.

'Papa died smiling'

I think the lines about 'buried in christmas and a blanket of weeds' are about the place finding something else to think about than the death of someone in the community.

I think the line 'all dead white boys say god is good' is the artist trying to say that we assume that is what they would say about god, if they could talk - but they can't talk, that's the main point. So that means other people are speaking for them.

hmm... | Reviewer: mrshotglass | 5/12/08

I think he is saying "all that white noise, saying God is good".

I think he is trying to portray the fact that "white noise" means something that everyone was saying, but he didnt understand it until his father died. Now he knows what "Gos is good" means...

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