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Slipknot Snuff Lyrics

Last updated: 12/18/2013 05:57:23 AM

Bury all your secrets in my skin
Come away with innocence, and leave me with my sins
The air around me still feels like a cage
And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again

So if you love me let me go,
and run away before I know
My heart is just too dark to care
I can't destroy what isn't there
Deliver me into my fate
If I'm alone I cannot hate
I don't deserve to have you
Ooh, my smile was taken long ago
If I can change I hope I never know

I still press your letters to my lips,
And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss
I couldn't face a life without your light
But all of that was ripped apart
When you refused to fight

So save your breath I will not care
I think I made it very clear
You couldn't hate enough to love
Is that supposed to be enough?
I only wish you weren't my friend,
Then I could hurt you in the end
I never claimed to be a saint
Ooh, my own was banished long ago
It took the death of hope to let you go

So break yourself against my stones
And spit your pity in my soul
You never needed any help
You sold me out to save yourself
And I won't listen to your shame
You ran away you're all the same
Angels lie to keep control
Ooh, my love was punished long ago
If you still care don't ever let me know
If you still dont care don't ever let me know

Format : CD single
Length : 4:36 (album version), 4:12 (radio edit)
Producer : Dave Fortman, Slipknot
Label : Roadrunner
Released : September 28, 2009
Recorded : 2008 at Sound Farm Studio, Jamaica, Iowa
Writer(s) : Corey Taylor
Genre : Alternative rock, hard rock

"Snuff" is a power ballad by American metal band Slipknot, Released as the fifth single from their fourth album All Hope Is Gone on September 28, 2009, the song charted at number two on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, their highest charted single to date, surpassing "Dead Memories". It was not included in the All Hope Is Gone World Tour setlist but the band performed the song live at the October 11, 2009 performance in Kennewick, Washington. The song is also available for free on

Roadrunner Records placed "Snuff" at No. 6 for its greatest music videos of all time. The song was also nominated for "Best Single" at "The 2010 Kerrang Awards", but lost to "Liquid Confidence" by You Me at Six.

It is the final single released from the band before the death of their bassist, Paul Gray who died just eight months after its release. During recent Stone Sour shows, Corey Taylor has performed an acoustic version of Snuff as a tribute to Paul Gray.

"Snuff", "Wait and Bleed", "Left Behind", and "Pulse of the Maggots" were released as downloadable songs in the Rock Band series. From Wikipedia

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Sugar-Free...Real and Raw | Reviewer: tdsfoursons | 12/18/13

3 day's to find this song from a couple of words from it...A lifetime to have lived them...I cried in a parking lot ...and then I searched ..because 1 time to hear it...3 day's to find it...A lifetime to KNOW IT

Simply amazing | Reviewer: FloWer | 2/9/13

I've been a Slipknot fan for years, not the biggest fan I'll admit but liked them all the same. I've recently had to move out, no choice in the matter but there you go, so when I was unpacking in my new place, I came across this album. I had bought it when I was released and still hadnt got round to listening to it, now I had the time. I had heard a couple of tracks on it but when this song came on ... I broke down crying. In sadness. In anguish. In happiness. A song had basically summed up everything I was feeling at that time. The whole contrast ... Not caring about the person but still pressing their letters to your lips and savouring their kisses ... It made me realise that time is too short to go chasing after the people you love if they don't care about the same way as you. Not even just caring about what happens to you, let alone falling in lvoe with you. It also taught me to get angry at the situation I found myself in, not at the people who put me there.

You can't destroy something that isn't there.

Now, I definitely say I'm a Slipknot fan :)

One of greatest songs of all time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/12

I'll just say I have never before cryed to a song. I was near with Shiver-Coldplay and Vermillion pt. 2, again from Slipknot, but this song really got to me It is trully amazing how beautiful this song is, especially since it comes from one of the most hardcore bands I know. This is just beautiful

heart broken | Reviewer: noname dk | 11/3/12

My girlfriend left me yesterday, I am still deeply in love with her
And she says she still loves me. She left me because I was jealous of her being with boys who had a crush on her, so I told her that either you talk with this guy, or else you're with me. She said I was way too jealous, and said that she
wasn't sure she could deal with me being
jealous anymore. The next day she told me it was over, I promised I'd change if she would stay with me. She said she couldn't take that chance, cause it would break her heart if it happened again. We went back and forth like that for a while, while she packed her stuff, we hugged each other, and kissed a bit, then she called the guy she chose over me and asked if he could come and pick her and her stuff up. She says that one day she might change her mind, but says it could take years, and it's only a maybe that it'll happen. I know I can only let her go if I start to hate her, but I can't hate her, she fills to much in my heart. But i'll have to. Amazing song, never connected so much with it as I do atm.

Amazing song | Reviewer: RaptureCapture | 4/21/12

I love this song sooo much, I love to listen to it in the rain. My best friend showed me this song.... Reminds me of him, too bad we aren't friends anymore though, but that hasn't changed my love for the song in any way ^-^

love or hate | Reviewer: Utsav | 1/16/12

Slipknot, slipknot i cnt thnk about anything right now.
This song has brought me to the verge of crying.
corey ur just great!
r.i.p Paul #9.
ive started to love slipknot more than ever after i heard thiS sng.
they are the best!!

Spot. On | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/11

I havn't listened to my catalog of Slipknot in awhile and then when this popped up on my shuffle list it just caught me and i had to listen again. Corey is a fantastic vocalist and really displays some mad emotions throigh this song and connected with me at this point in time. Absolutely loving it

Amazing song... | Reviewer: Lil | 9/4/11

I think this is one song of Slipknots that appeals to a much wider audience. I personally think it is a beautiful song and it was the first song I really listened to of slipknots... I have now worked out I like the rest of them xD but each to their own.
Corey Taylor sings amazingly and the lyrics have such feeling... Im not saying they should lose their style to this, but part of what i love about them is how versatile they are and how their songs never sound the same :) their albumn can go from phycosocial to this :)

Maggot | Reviewer: DEEPIKA | 8/9/11

Okay all who say this song is bullshit or bad're not true slipknot fans.....metal bands arent here to be categorised or branded into groups, they are here to make music which everyone loves. And it is a song which relates to corey and his feelings it portrays how he feels and what he went through.....and so many of us can relate.....if it were any different, then it would be a lie

SNUFF SNUFF | Reviewer: Demi | 4/24/11

I don't listen to slipknot a lot but they killed me with this song, Taylor's voice it sounds so sweet and agressive, i can see that he was singing with his heart. this lirycs has a very deep message and has somenthing of sexual and obscure, Taylor look the same in the video!

A True Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/11

First off, let me say that this is a hands down amazing song. The lyrics, vocals, and music aspects combine so well and make for an almost bone chilling song. I think it's kind of funny though that people are saying they didn't know Corey could sing in this style even though he's proven himself so many times in Stone Sour in songs like "Through Glass" and "Bother."

slipknot- snuff | Reviewer: maggot 4 life | 4/20/11

in my opinion, you dont have to be a slipknot fan to love this song. my parents hate slipknot and once i showed them this song they loved it. basically you dont have to be a slipknot fan to love this song. i love this song and always will.

R.I.P paul gray
your gone but your music isnt.

epical | Reviewer: UnemployedReaperMC | 4/17/11

Legendary. Snuff said. See what I did there? :) This is a truly amazing song that alot of people can relate to, and I think that's a very important quality. This has taken SlipKnoT to a whole new level.
~ Unemployed Reaper vocalist,
Ben Smith

Queen of the Maggots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

This song captured what I went through for a while. Exactly..down to the dot... especially the part that says "I only wish you weren't my friend.
Then I could hurt you in the end.
I never claimed to be a Saint...
Ooh, my own was banished long ago,
It took the Death of Hope to let you go". When i first heard this song, i fell in love with it.

Amazing and heartbreaking lyrics | Reviewer: Brendan | 12/30/10

He has a natural talent for singing such as in Duality, but this song is beyond slipknot in a great way. The meaning behind this song is heartbreaking yet truly wonderful. The man has talent and even though it didn't translate well with the fans Im glad you all think the same way I do for this song.