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Slipknot Skin Ticket Lyrics

Last updated: 03/09/2013 06:20:45 AM

Zero and zero is
Nothing but zero
Cancer and people
Conspire together
Running and running
And going forever
Collected and sampled
Starving for zero

Come see my cage
Built in my grave

Minus the inside
And minus the circle
Inhabhit the riddle
And fill in the hovel
Wherein and herein
Between us and near us
Zero and zero is
Nothing but zero

Come see my cage
Built-in my grave

Keeping myself alive
Through your empathy

Let me go!

Keeping myself alive
Through your empathy

Leave me alone!

Keeping myself alive

Thanks to Chris H for submitting Skin Ticket Lyrics.

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nothing but zero...... | Reviewer: tede:) | 8/6/12

well, first time i hear this song in 9.0 album, and i knew is fantastic, but original version (IOWA album :)))))) was the shot in the deck, i swear i never hear most beatifull and scared song in my whole f*****g life.... Slipknot is below ZEro...!!!!

Purity | Reviewer: Diana | 5/17/10

Come see my cage, built in my grave" - it reminds me the Purity case... which was the inspiration to the song "purity". "let me go", "keeping myself alive" - this is obvious.
such a beautiful but terrifying song. slipknot's the best!

A Note From A Musical Prophet | Reviewer: YujiYumi Krin | 12/7/08

"This song literately is a masterpiece of songs, it is small, but it makes you think, and wonder, what this song represents, and even if you knew, you would wonder how they thought up of something so greatly put together, in such a short, and small lyretical song, basically, this deserves the title name Disasterpiece!"