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Lenny Kravitz Sister Lyrics

Last updated: 08/29/2006 12:00:00 PM

Written by: Lenny Kravitz

Did you have to fall in love
With a man that never was, up to no good
He took your soul and he stole your only heart
Flipped your wig and left a permanent scar

Did you have to go away
You left your home
And the things you had to say
It didn't feel good to let you slide
I never got to say goodbye
I miss you girl I think I'm gonna cry

If they knock on your door you already gave
You don't need no more of what's ailing you
Just lean on your soul with all that it takes
May God bring you back home to America

It's just a test of faith
Your heart is pure so the devil's in your face
I'll see you soon 'cause thy haven't got a case
And you'll be free in a beautiful place

If they knock on your door you already gave
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