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“When you come back, I won't be here.”
She said and gently pulled me near
“If you wanna talk, you can call
And, no, it's not your fault.”

I just smiled and said “Let go of me,
Now, there's something I just gotta know
Did someone else steal my part?”
She said it's not my fault

Then my heart did time in Siberia
Was waiting for the lie to come true
'Cause it's all so dark and mysterious
When the one you want doesn't want you too

I was drifting in between, like I was
On the outside looking in (yeah)
And in my dreams you are still here
Like you've always been, oh

Yeah, my heart did time in Siberia
Was waiting for the lie to come true
'Cause it's all so dark and mysterious
When the one you want doesn't want you too (want you)

I gave myself away completely
But you just couldn’t see me
Though, I was sleeping in your bed
'Cause someone else was on your mind
And in your head

When I came back, she wasn't there
Just a note left on the stairs
"If you wanna talk, give me a call."

Heart did time in Siberia (oh, yeah)
Was waiting for the lie to come true (yeah, yeah)
Cause it's all so dark and mysterious (so dark, and mysterious)
When the one you want doesn't want you too
(when the one that you want doesn't want you)

My heart did time in Siberia (Siberia, yeah, yeah)
Was waiting for the lie to come true (I'm waiting, I'm waiting)
'Cause it’s all so dark and mysterious (mysterious)
When the one you want doesn't want you too

Siberia, Siberia
When the one you want doesn't want you too

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sad! | Reviewer: shaliz | 1/5/13

pity! The one i wanted said he wanted me too, all his actions stated otherwise, after 2years together-he went and married someone else he hardly knew 'cause of money :-/ thats when my heart did time in Siberia, he said it wasn't my fault but he just couldn't be with me. Funny he still tries to keep contact with me, i've blocked him everywhere. Great song, i only listen to backstreet boys, they sing to my soul

bsb | Reviewer: Danuja | 6/9/11

yeah, this is one of my favourite songs, every single time i listen to one of their songs, my emotions go wild and it's true that they're the only one who sings truely from their heart coz u can feel it in the songs. Love u BSB to the deepest core!!!

hmm | Reviewer: eva | 5/3/10

a boy sent me this song months ago. i knew he really liked bsb but i didnt pay attention to the lyrics and barely listen to it. yesterday the same boy told me he liked me and that he will always have a thing for me. today i found the song and listed closely to it. "when the one you want doesn't want you too"... i'm sorry.

:( | Reviewer: bsb_fan | 9/18/08

it's always gonna be my favorite song...
it say a lot...
When the one you want doesn't want you too...:(
I love the backstreet
they're so great because they're true and sing about true life situations

exactly what I feel... | Reviewer: Daniel | 5/23/08

It's scary HOW true it is... Last week, the girl I still love with all my heart told me she's met another one... She's been seeing him only ONE week and she's offering her heart, soul and body to him... I know it must have been my fault, but she says no... Exactly what the song says... Each and every f*cking word of it is so true, it hurts... Thank you guys for a song with which you expressed one more time that you have felt like we feel...

song meaning | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 3/23/08

The reason the name of this song is "Siberia" is because the word Siberia originates from the Turkic for "sleeping land". So when you're at a point this low in life, it's almost as if you're sleepwalking right through.

excellent | Reviewer: MAYANK SINGH | 1/31/08


siberia | Reviewer: roci | 12/27/07

if you dont understand why the song's name is siberia is because you havent been there, you have not loved someone that does not love you and havent felt so alone so unloved so cold so forgotten this song says all the things you feel when you finally realize that the one you love does not love you...

why is the name of the song is Siberia ^^??? | Reviewer: huan | 12/7/07

i love this song very much, but i wonder that why is the name of the song is Siberia?? anybody answer it for me please........

it has it all | Reviewer: donna | 11/23/07

backstreet boys' album has it all frm pain, to laughter, to dance numbers, to everything... they r d best boy band ever no one can compare to them ever... everytime a new album is out they hav the best of numbers and their unity keeps them where they are.....!! all the best back street boys....ROCK ON...!!

I love this song | Reviewer: john cleary | 6/20/07

It`s one of those songs that "clicks" in my head whenever i hear it,the song represents me,because there is someone that i love with my heart,but this person doesn`t want me.....As in the lyrics it said...did someone else steal my part,she said it`s not my fault. And then it says,,when the one you want doesn`t want you to....eveytime i hear that song,tears come out of my eyes.
But that song is one of it`s kind,along with the song I want it that way,and as long as you love me
p.s..BsB Rock,best boy band on the planet

siberia | Reviewer: emma | 5/24/07

I love this song even though it does not apply to me i cry every time i hear it and i love to listen to it when im sad.

made me cry | Reviewer: kimo | 5/4/07

one of the best ,, its so good that it made me cry in the bus when i was listening to it ... eventhough it doesnt represent me ,,, i cried for whoever's heart 'does time in siberia' ////

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