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Tach it up, tach it up
Buddy gonna shut you down

It happened on the strip where the road is wide
(Oooo rev it up now)
Two cool sharks sittin' side by side
(Oooo rev it up now)
Yeah, my fuel injected Stingray and a four-thirteen
(Oooo rev it up now)
Revvin' up our engines and it sounds real mean
(Oooo rev it up now)

Tach it up, tach it up, tach it up
Buddy gonna shut you down

Declinin' numbers and atan even rate
(Oooo movin' out now)
At the count of one we both accelerate
(Oooo movin' out now)
My Stingray's light; the slicks are startin' to spin
(Oooo movin' out now)
But the four-thirteen's really diggin' in
(Oooo movin' out now)

Gotta be cool now; power shift here we go

The Superstock Dodge is windin' out in low
But my fuel injected Stingray's really startin' to go
To get the traction I'm ridin' the clutch
My pressure plate's burnin' that machine's too much

Pedal's to the floor hear the dual quads drink
(Oooo pump it up now)
And now the four-thirteen's lead is startin' to shrink
(Oooo pump it up now)
He's hot with ram induction but it's understood
(Oooo pump it up now)
I got a fuel injected engine sittin' under my hood
(Oooo pump it up now)

Shut it off, shut it off buddy now I shut you down
Shut it off, shut it off buddy now I shut you down
Shut it off, shut it off buddy now I shut you down
Shut it off, shut it off buddy now I shut you down
Shut it off, shut it off buddy now I shut you down

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Dual Quads Ring | Reviewer: Steve T | 10/18/14

Had a highly modified 413 with dual quads back in the 60's. I raced a lot on the street back then and only for $100. per race. I do not know for sure what the song says but I will say that at or nearly at the max rpm for the motor you could clearly hear a ringing coming from the carbs-if you weren't winning by then you weren't going to do so. I also had a high reving 301 chevy with dual quads and experienced the same ringing at aroung 9500 rpm. As a result whenever I sing this song (in my head-My singing is terrible) the dual quads RING. RIGHT OR WRONG THAT'S MY SONG!

One of the best car songs | Reviewer: Pogo53 | 9/30/13

I've been singing along with song since I first heard it on the car's AM radio. Admittedly I had to ask my older brother what some of lyrics meant, but according to the lyrics published here, I've been singing a few wrong for a long time. All I can get out of the line "the pressure plate's burning - the 'chine's too much" I can't hear 'machine' in that line. And about those dual quads - how can you hear them drink? I always thought it was "dual quads ring" but I understand that we're talking about carburetors and gasoline so drink is logical but hard to imagine. And near the end when the 413's lead is starting to shrink, I hear "he's off with ram induction" meaning he might have started quick but the stingray's going to take him anyway.
Thanks for listening!

More observations | Reviewer: Denys | 2/26/13

First off, Mark, I believe you should re-word "I once boarded Mike Love." All kidding aside, I think Bob Is correct with his observations about 413 and "shorts," however the line about the pressure plate is not, in my opinion, correct. For one thing (a minor point), it is clearly "my pressure plate is burning, that machine's too much." If the word is THAT instead of MY, we're still not certain (and the Beach Boys may also have been uncertain) what "that machine" is. It could be the engine in the Corvette is too much, or it could be that the 413 is crazy fast and is stressing out the Stingray. More importantly, though, you don't get more traction by riding the clutch. You have X amount of traction. If you are overpowering the rear wheels, you need to stop doing that. You can do that by riding the clutch or by letting up on the throttle . . . or by short shifting. Finally, "declining numbers at an even rate" is a street drag racing staple. When you don't have a Christmas tree, you roll down your windows and yell 5-4-2-2-1 at each other, to ensure a fair start. The drivers are the referees as to whether or not the start actually WAS fair.

It took 40 years | Reviewer: Mark | 2/13/13

I have to review more beach boys songs than "Shut Down"
Anyway, when I was 19, just about 40 years ago, My 5 favorite Bands were The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix and the Who in that order until I saw Pink FLoyd live and than they were number one. I used to scoff at the Beach Boys work as strictly California Localized Surf Riddled Pop, although I always did enjoy and very very much enjoyed "California Girls". Well 40 years later I bought my first Beach Boys CD Greatest Hits with 30 songs, and though my favorite is "California Girls", I find myself listening over and over again to "Shut Down" it just plain is a Great Song and like all music it either sound Great, Good, Ok, Bad, or Garbage. Well, Shut Down has a Great feel to it and a Great Sound, I really like the line "Power shift her we Go"
I now apologize to that Beach Boys fan that I met in college and told him that the Beach Boys were Pop Garbage. The Beach Boys are a true American Icon and I have to admit that they were a Great Band with some real feel good music. Guitars are sweet, but too short, but that was not their thing. As a side note, while working at the airport, I once boarded Mike Love who was traveling with one of the versions of the Beach Boys about 2011, and I locked the Boading Door and walked down with Mike and asked him to sing "California Girls with me which he did, Mike was really, Cool and ever since then I have a new reverence for the Beach Boy! Yes, Brian Wilson was a genius, and the harmonies are really Beautiful. Somethimes it takes 40 years to see some of the rarest beauty on this earth.

"two cool shorts" is correct. I don't know what "two cool sharps" would be. A "Short" refers to a funny car or a 'regular' car in a drag race. This differentiates them from a rail dragster.

In every reference it should be "four-thirteen" To just say "thirteen" doesn't mean anything in this context. "Four-thirteen" refers to the engine size. At the time, the Dodge 413 was one of the largest, most powerful engine's commonly available.

"My pressure plate's burning; my machine's too much" is correct. He's basically saying that the fuel-injected engine produces so much horsepower, combined with the light rear-end of the Corvette, that in order to keep the wheels from just spinning and not propelling the car he has to ride the clutch, causing faster wear to the pressure plate.

What I don't understand is the line "Declining numbers ..." Is this a reference to some sort of count down device telling them when to start, like the christmas tree lights that most drag strips use?

jdevo | Reviewer: jdevore | 8/1/11

I believe "shorts" is correct. It's and early 60's term for cars. "hear 'his'(not the) dual carbs drink": refers to the 413 carbs reaching capacity, where as the corvette had fuel injection which kept pumping.

A singers viewpoint | Reviewer: panzade | 4/18/11

I'm not sure about any of the corrections except I've been singing Shut Down in a Beach Boys tribute band for 30 years and if I left out the four in four-thirteen it would be awkward as hell.
So I sing 413

Lyrics of Mike Love ? | Reviewer: Glenn | 8/13/10

Believe the lyrics are as written, "And now the four-thirteen's lead is startin' to shrink" Reference to the Dodge Dart's 413 max wedge engine. Lot of gear head stuff in this song which likely means nothing to the general audience. Plus doubt Mike Love knew anything about the car stuff & mumbled the words. My interpretation anyway.

Mistake when originally recorded??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/10

Every time I have listened to this song (for 48 years now) I have thought there was a mistake in the verse after the bridge in the line," And now the four thirteen's lead is starting to shrink".
The previous reviewer thought that the line is, "And now the thirteen's lead is starting to shrink". I've listened to this section over and over and there is definitely something being said between "the" and "thirteen's". It doesn't sound like "four". It sounds like "narl". I think Mike Love just plain made a mistake here and for some reason they let it go. Could have been late in the day, or... who knows??

Shut it off, buddy, now I shut you down! | Reviewer: AnnieAmerica | 4/19/08

"Two cool shorts standin' side by side" should be "Two cool sharps standin' side by side"

"My pressure plate's burnin' and she's too much" should be "My pressure plate's burning, that machine's too much."

"And now the four-thirteen's lead is startin' to shrink" should be "And now the 'thirteen's lead is startin' to shrink."

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