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Coming around my senses torn
Its no illusion its here everyday I bleed
As long as you see it as long as you know
As long as you fake it nobody knows

Break down again I'm suffering
My heads out of sync and I can't hide the pain

Is this the end or is this the stop
All that we sever
All that we are
Communication connected apart
Promises given the cross of a heart

Break down again I'm suffering
My heads out of sync
And I can't find the way i'll defend
I can't find a way out

Break down again I'm suffering
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My heads out of sync
And I can't find the way i'll defend
I can't find a way out
Break Out

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WOW | Reviewer: liam | 11/9/2007

wen i got my new phone i had my dad send me some feeder songs when i heard this i would listen to over and over


Night Watch | Reviewer: Sadia | 7/5/2007

I had never considered listening to this band until I came across the movie "Night Watch" where the song played over the credits and I just loved it immediately.Wonderful track.

Holy Mother of God! | Reviewer: TriggerHappyJim | 6/18/2007

This song defines epic pop. Even ignoring the lyrics, its still a heartachingly sad song, and yet I find myself drawn to it again and again. Scarily powerful as it is simple, THIS SONG IS THE SHIT.

nochnoi dozor | Reviewer: heather | 5/30/2007

i never really paid much attention to feeder until i bought the film night watch... and shatter was played over the credits :)
im in love with it now :D

this rocks | Reviewer: alex heath | 1/9/2007

when i was i first got my playstation i got a game and i always set the music as just a day or buck rodgers but after this i was a bit dissapointed at there performance but as soon as i herd this i was amazed personally this beated my all time fav just a day and i cant stop playin it on my computer so well done feeder

Shatter top it for me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/2006

I never really knew who feeder were until my boyfriend said they were his favourite band. At first i was a lttle unsure but i loved the fact that they played their own instruments as i toured with a local band every summer. I booked tickets to see them in december at the Birminham NEC for a xmas presen for him as he has never seen them live before and he was over the moon, but as we were on the train on the way there the concert was cancelled and he was gutted. We eventually went on saturday as it got reschedued and it was amazing. I knew shatter was a great song, but i love feeder now and that song was definately the song that made me fall in love with them!!!!

wow | Reviewer: Gemma | 10/16/2005

I have been a Feeder fan for many years and like most feeder fans I was unsure of where the band was going 2 go after the death of Jon Lee. Jon was an amazing drummer and a fantastic part of the band and I was concerened that maybe feeder will have lost there spark because that was a hard thing to bounce back from. There have been a few suprises in the songs sinces "Echo Park" but I havent really been impressed. But I think "Shatter" is the best thing Feeder have done since "Yesterday went to soon" (Which is my presonal fave Feeder song and album) But well done to feeder. I hope theres more like this on the way:-D

10 / 10 | Reviewer: Dlearious | 10/9/2005

What a rocking song there is a huge story behind this aswel which makes it extra special...

On April 1st 2005 the fans of Feeder began campaigning to see the band release their ear-meltingly good Tumble and Fall B-Side 'Shatter' as a standalone single. Regarded by many as the best song since anthems 'Just A Day' and 'Buck Rogers', 'Shatter' was to become the most talked about Feeder song in years and it wasn't long before the Shatter Petition had reached over 1,000's signatures in support of the cause.

Whilst 90% of those who signed the petition to see the song's release already own the track, the passion shown by those campaigning fully demonstrates the want of success the fans have for their band. It also demonstrates the craving many have for the older, rockier, fun-time-Frankie-Feeder music that seems to have been criminally relegated to B-Side status.

After months of campaigning, Feeder finally announced that Shatter would be released with its fantastic double a-side Tender, which gives it an overall appeal because the more mellow fans would appreciate Tender and the old school fans will love the tone and riffs of Shatter, so therefore this single will appeal to all types of rock fans!

Well thats what I heard anyway!

Shatters | Reviewer: Pepper | 10/9/2005

First heard this song on a game, greatest song ever bought out by Feeder since 7 Days in the Sun.

FEEDER SHATTER | Reviewer: Maureen Elder | 9/21/2005

Loved this song as soon as I heard it, a FEEDER classic. They just get better and better, one of the most talented bands of all time. If you haven't seen them live you haven't lived.

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