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Laurie Anderson Sharkey's Night Lyrics

Last updated: 10/11/2000 09:32:15 PM

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Sun's going down. Like a big bald head. Disappearing behind the boulevard. (Oooeee.) It's Sharkey's night. Yeah. It's Sharkey's night tonight. And the manager says: Sharkey? He's not at his desk right now. (Oh yeah.) Could I take a message? And Sharkey says: Hey, Kowasabe! Long time no see. He says: Hey sport. You connect the dots. You pick up the pieces. He says: You know, I can see two tiny pictures of myself And there's one in each of you eyes. And they're doin' everything I do. Every time I light a cigarette, they light up theirs. I take a drink and I look in and they're drinkin' too. It's drivin' me crazy. It's drivin' me nuts. And Sharkey says: Deep in the heart of darkest America. Home of the brave. He says: Listen to my heart beat. Paging Mr. Sharkey. White courtesy telephone please.

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