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Three Dog Night Shambala Lyrics

Last updated: 09/30/2013 01:53:14 PM

Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain
With the rain in Shambala.
Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame
With the rain in Shambala.

Ah, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ah, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Everyone is loved, everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala.
Everyone is happy, everybody is so fine
On the road to Shambala.


How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?
How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?

I can tell my brother by the flowers in his eyes
On the road to Shambala.
I can tell my sister by the flowers in her hair
On the road to Shambala.


How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?
How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?


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Kansas City concert | Reviewer: Brymanks | 12/15/12

I saw Three Dog Night perform at Royals stadium in August of 73' the summer after high school graduation. The concert had ended and we suspected that an encore would occur as Shambala had just come out and they hadn't performed it yet. We had a long drive so we took advantage of the break to exit the stadium and beat the traffic. Sure enough, they returned to the stage and sang it. I can still hear the echo of Shambala as we wound down the exit ramps. Great memory!
As a side note, Trex was on stage prior to the main event. They were playing with borrowed equipment as thiers was lost in shipping. The tried to play Bang-a-gong as an opener and stopped halfway thru. They started over again and midway began destroying the equipment. I recall guitars and drums being smashed and scattered all over the stage.

Shambala | Reviewer: chelutenge | 10/27/12

We danced to this song in my early teens in the mid to late 1970s at Piggs Peak (Millsite)in Swaziland(Africa). We even had a Siswati(language spoken in Swaziland) version of the song.

Memories | Reviewer: Mooneigh | 7/26/12

Each time I listen to this song I go back in memory to my childhood in the 80s. I hear my mum sing it as she went about her chores at home. I'm 31 now in Zimbabwe. Nostalgia, so sweet!

Shambhala | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/12

Shambhala can become here and now. It is not a place to go to, it is a state of mind that we can all attain and live a life where we have everything we can ever dream of. We can create Shambhala. We are made of what we dream.

Shambala | Reviewer: ArJuna | 12/30/09

Shambala is a higher spiritual energy than that which dominates the earth. This spiritual energy is available to us but is being consciously intercepted or buffered by the Luciferian power elite hierarchy on the earth in an effort to prevent us from attaining our spiritual destiny. We must remove them to free us from their bondage. This is the ultimate truth about the world you currently live in.

Shambala..Heard it first from Three Dog Night | Reviewer: Holly | 7/26/09

I am 54 now and saw 3-dog night at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas when I was, I think 14 or was my first concert. I was new to the Hip culture. Oh, man, did I fit right in. Those were the days my friend...all about peace, love, tranquility, change, sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Buddy Miles was the start-up band. I love them Shambala,it's many meanings, what it's all about today, all the Shambala healing never knew. I went to that concert with my kissing cousin, Tim. (cousin by marriage only). I'll never forget the hickey he put on my neck and had to explain that to my step-mother and father who I hadn't seen since I was a little girl. I told them it was a birth mark. She didn't buy it. Oh, well. Yep..everytime I hear that takes me back to that concert. Lovely memories. Peace!

Childhood | Reviewer: Siilaac Arr | 5/1/09

Growing up in Brooklyn NY in the 60's and 70's music was the greatest peacemaker and release.We partied everyday with everyone anywhere it was tumultuous times but incredible to be a kid.I heard Shambala when I went away to sleepaway camp it touched my soul to this day "I LOVE THAT SONG".You feel it in your soul and I truly hope the rest of you guys feel the same way.I'm a black man the song crossed all color lies now how beautiful is that?


such a damn good song | Reviewer: Jen | 11/12/08

By the way Shambhala music festival in Salmo didn't start in 2005. This will be the eleventh year it's been happening. Anyways, this song obviously has nothing to do with the festival but what the festival is named after. Susu pretty well summed up what Shambhala means.

The Real Meaning behind the song Shambala | Reviewer: Susu | 8/20/08

The song is about the mythical kingdom of Shambhala, said to be hidden somewhere within or beyond the peaks of the Himalayas and mentioned in various ancient texts including the Kalachakra Tantra and ancient texts of Tibetan Buddhism. Shambhala (Tib. bde 'byung) is a Sanskrit term meaning "place of peace/tranquility/happiness". Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have taught the Kalachakra tantra on request of King Suchandra of Shambhala; the teachings are also said to be preserved there. Shambhala is believed to be a society where all the inhabitants are enlightened, actually a Buddhist "Pure Land", centered by a capital city called Kalapa.
Ths song was written in 1972 by Daniel Moore of Three Dog Night. It was originally released by B.W. Stevenson, and then by Three Dog Night. It was on Billboard Magazines Top 100 at the same time for both artists.
Shambhala in Canada did not begin until 2005. So Anonymous should have clarified, as I have heard many people assume that the song was named after the festival. just some thoughts! Susu

Shambhala | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

Shambhala is an amazing music festival in BC, Canada every August. It's a 5 day event with 6 stages and around 10,000-13,000 people jamming to the world's best not overplayed DJ's. It's a time to camp with every other person around as your whatever you want, free your mind.
Peace guys, check out the site:

where is shambala | Reviewer: brent | 7/1/07

is it close to atlantis?

as a very young tyke i listened to this song over and over on eight track in my pop's deep maroon gto.

love this song. whatever it means

The secret of Lost | Reviewer: bob | 6/16/07

i believe that this song holds the secret to the television series - LOST.