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Taking on seven years
the holy ghost had left alone
Test my arms, kick like crazy
I've been trying way too long
only push the way off to fight you
Now I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not sure
Getting off my chest
the story ends

I will find a way without...
Tell him his eyes see too clear
I will find a way without you
Tell him his eyes see too clear
That mistake was gold
I know that without you
is something that I could never do
That was why staple the eyes and
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seven dates for me to sell machines
and tear on

Seven years you assured me
that I'd be fine if I complied
only push the way off to fight you
(only push the way off to fight you)
Now I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not sure
Getting off my chest
the story ends

I will find a way without...
Tell him his eyes see too clear
I will find a way without you
Tell him his eyes see too clear
That mistake was gold
I know that without you
is something that I could never do
That was why staple the eyes and
seven dates for me to sell machines
and tear on

Don't treat me, I'm to blame (sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not sure)
Don't treat me like I ever accused you

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my meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/12

this what I take in from my life not the singer's. It explains the conflict between me and my dad. Because mostly i'll start and argument and my dad doesnt understand that i'm in anger and i think "I will find a way without you" but i can't because i'm only 16. P.S please understand this has nothing to do with the

Easy, The meaning is SO clear! | Reviewer: The Story Ends. | 5/10/12

It is absolutely 100% about the bible. The singer of this song has two different voices in the song which are to examplify one who's doubtful, nd dissagreeing to one who wants to be devoted to, and understand his God.
Being very religious, the things like "seven yers", "test my, arms, kick like crazy" as in the rapture...and experiencing the holy ghosts prove the point of the song.. Furthermost, the whole song shows examples of devotion and doubt in regards tofaith.

youll love this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/11

i think this is a song about declaring bankruptcy. for these reasons: after you declare, your credit is ruined for seven years. the line "i will find a way without you" could easily be anthony saying "well now that my credit it f**ked, i need to find a new way to get by." "you assured me that id be fine if i complied" the credit board tells everyone if they dont screw around and ride out the 7 years, you can start from scratch.

TheKiTkAtKatKaNdi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

I also first heard this song covered by NeverShoutNever :D my uncle heard me singing it and sed "is that saosin?" and i was like "idk but i know its a cover from nsn" and i found the original after and LOVED IT!

The meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/10

Seven years is about rapture, where the good ppl go up to heaven. He feels bad and says he can't go cuz he cheated or whatever so he's gatta deal w the 7 years where the holy ghost "leaves him alone"

The meaning is... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

The meaning of the song has been explained by Green. One of the initial members of Saosin had been in a relationship for seven years and did something (possibly cheated, etc.) and she broke up with him.

Seven years | Reviewer: Fredy says | 7/9/10

Even I can sing this song, I still didn't understand about this song, but how ever, I like this song..
And one more, for saosin,.
Hey Saosin, would you come to Indonesia, Surabaya city exactly, there are a lot of your fans in here.,

Meaning | Reviewer: blahblah | 6/20/10

I texted a free service called cha cha and they are alot like kgb in that they answer questions.
they said in a snap that this song is about and i quote: "This song is an allegory of his unstable faith and his inability to fully put his trust in God. Possibly over a seven year period."

heh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/10

the seven years thing relates to the rapture, a biblical event. god takes up all his people into heaven for 7 years.. and on earth those 7 years are supposed to be really difficult.. "taking on seven year the holy ghost had left alone".

the meaning | Reviewer: Hayleee | 4/6/10

I don't get it! whats the meaning of the song? You could say its about a relationship that had been going on for 7 years then he dumps her and wishes he hadn't. Then it could mean he was left on earth for 7 years with the anti christ and his faith in god was wavering. idk. can someone help me out with that? plz?

Seven Years. | Reviewer: Autumn(: | 3/1/10

I love this song. I listen to it more than 20 times a day and i still can't get enough of it. The lyrics are so meaning full. It really gets to me. The first time i hear this song was from NeverShoutNever. His version, i like them both but Saosins' more. This is an amazing song.

seven years | Reviewer: does it matter? | 12/16/09

This song no matter is amazing. i love the lyrics and like the person before this song can mean anything. everyone has a different input on what the think on songs and lyrics and how the artist is feeling during this time period of there life. so i think we should just enjoy and see what other amazing songs will be played and be touched to us in unique ways.

Nice song. | Reviewer: Emanuel | 12/13/09

I think he's talking about God cause God made the earth in 7 days. The tittle of the song and the time of the earth's creation are very similar.
When he says 'the holy ghost had left alone' he's talking about God.
'that mistake was gold, i know that without you is something that i could never do' he's saying that without God nothing is possible.
And when it says; 'i could find a way without you - tell him his eyes to see clear' is that someone is telling you that he can find a way without God so he replies 'tell him his eyes to see clear' because you really can't find a way without God.
So that's what I think of the song, don't make this a religion debate, I'm just saying what I think.

Great song - great band.

relate | Reviewer: chris | 11/11/09

in this song personally i believe he is speaking of a possible drug addiction "Test my arms, kick like crazy, I’ve been trying way too long.
Only push the way off to fight you" he tests his arm, and for the short while is restless while he "pushes off" meaning he had taken the drugs. he pushes "off to fight you" to get that rush to eaze the withdrawels. when he speaks"dont treat me i'm to blame" he realizes what he is doing and how its affected him but at the same time doesnt want to kick the addiction.

anthony is an amazing artist in both saosin and circa. personally i enjoy the circa sound to listen to when im gone, but when the edge is gone sasoins heavier sound is just as amazing.

Eerie... | Reviewer: Half Boy Half Soup | 10/22/09

I had red the first lyric's paragraph and getting confuse. Why does a great song like this talk about shit? It talks about someone who wanted to test his arm by kicking like crazy? They, arm and kicking, are not related each other in this case! If you have ever visited and red about list of most eerie recordings, this one have to be at the top of the list.

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