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Teenage angst has paid off well
Now I'm bored and old
Self-appointed judges judge
More than they have sold

If she floats than she is not
A witch like we have thought
A downpayment on another
One at Salem's lot

Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants
That legendary divorce is such a bore

As my bones grew they did hurt
They hurt really bad
I tried hard to have a father
But instead I had a dad

I just want you to know that I
Don't hate you anymore
There is nothing I could say
That I haven't thought before

Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants
That legendary divorce is such a bore

Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants - oh no
Serve the Servants
That legendary divorce is such a bore

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Out of the biz?? | Reviewer: Bluelynch | 11/12/12

Kurt said many times he was planning on quitting nirvana and starting side projects under pseudonyms .. It's also well known he and Michael stipe had songs written .. So to say he wanted out is not accurate. He wanted the game to go away not his music. And this song is about the journalists "judging" him and he takes a shot at them with the line "self appointed judges judge more than they have sold" .. They always would bring up his parents divorce and his chronic pain in their articles and he lashed out in this song. This isn't my opinion, this is based on audio and video interviews with him. Check out "about a son" the movie.

In Utero suicide references??? | Reviewer: T | 10/25/12

Just two things, to the person who said Kurt was just wanting to get outta the music buisness I do agree with you, but to say that In Utero had no suicide references itself it absurd, look up the lyrics of Milk It.

i wear bras | Reviewer: grungeisdead | 5/11/12

Here's proof this album was farewell to his fans and music business.. I really don't think Cobain killed himself, He wanted to get away from fame and the music can go on believing what you want and thats fine.,but this album does not directly speak of suicide..they all knew they could make more money if he was dead and so thats what they did...had him killed and altered a message he wrote and made it look like dream machine william s burroughs

Kurt.....oh you and I are one. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/12

I know exactly what Kurt was saying...I feel his pain...its like we share one tormented, fragile, and tired soul. What he was saying is "....blah, blah, blah, drugs." He was good at putting words to music..Good at double entendres. He was no God. An ordinary guy who was very talented, but not some prophet. I get sick of hearing about what he meant or was trying to say. Nobody knows. No one ever will. Cause he's dead.

Kurdt Cobain | Reviewer: Kurdt Cobain | 11/13/11

Dear Fans,
Sorry but I guess you know I'm dead, and I like it like that! Now quit leaving comments on my fucking lyrics you good no low life flies that eat horse shit for dinner. I say this for reason, you shouldn't admire me, or relate to me, we're all different, we may come from the same situation but we're still different with our imagination, our thoughts, our feelings maybe the same towards things we could relate, but with different advice from one another we could help one each other, comfort. Courtney was my beloved hot sexy wife, I love to death and she gave birth to my healthy daughter, Frances, I guess you could say I was blind and unselfish of to abandon my daughter and wife, I regret it. I shouldn't have been so isolated, it what I'm trying to say I guess, and promise to never pick up a needle in your whole entire life, you guys will and always will be better than me. Live up to your dreams.
Love, Kurt Cobain (not kurdt cause this me exposing my real self)

Kurt | Reviewer: MooseKnuckles | 11/12/11

His songs were purposely made to make us think, so to come to these conclusions of what he felt is only natural and may also be what this man was trying to convey. Remember, artists best depict their surroundings using the instruments of their choosing, so it only seems logical that Kurt hid as many feelings as possible in his music. The best artists are the ones that give us the ability to constantly find meaning in their creation. Often times the true artists are ourselves, for we constantly find meaning inside this persons work. Meanings we may never be able to convey because our current logic of our surroundings restricts it. Thus, the perpetual loop of creation continues when we ourselves try to convey our thoughts(or meanings) of certain songs created by individuals manipulating(act of creating) their surroundings as they try to express themselves(their meanings of their surroundings) If you think about it like this, you can almost picture how life in the universe started. crazy stuff.

nirvana | Reviewer: | 9/24/11

im sorry but when i read all these comments it makes my stomach turn. kurt cobain is my idol and he spent his time working on the music not concentrating on what every little word in the lyrics meant. which i love the songs of nirvana are made like that. just enjoy the music dont pick out what you think he meant or how he was feeling.
please and thank you.

Oh god shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/11

I wish people would stop spouting all this claptrap about what the lyrics 'mean'. They are what they are, man. You can find your own meaning if you want to - perhaps that's why I find this music so interesting - but stop saying what Kurt 'meant' by it. I don't know what He would have thought, but I'd get pretty depressed if people kept misinterpreting me too. The words mean nothing and therefore everything so... go fuck yourself. Xx

sad but true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/11

definetly one of the top Nirvanas song who showed how deppress Kurt was about everything. How well teenagers angers paid off selling million of copies and now he suppose to be a role model for them it was not rock and roll as when its started and he felt old and unhappy. Off course issues with his father, courtney, stomach, etc. And most incredibly how he didnt wanted to be a rock star any more by serving the servants (us) with his unique talent that make us wanted more and more from him. Honestly KURT Im sorry man but youll always be part of teenage childhood and yes you influenced me and yes I paid bought your cds aand one of millions teenager who made your a ROCK STAR FOREVER!! R.I.P. Loveya! And will never forget ya! see ya soon! well hopefully not that soon! ----A TRUE FAN+++++++

Nirvana will forever live on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/10

this sonq is one of the saddest sonqs i've ever heard . the quitar is amazinq and kurts voice just tops it all of beautifully . im a major Nirvana fan and own all of their cds. i can always listen to Nirvana for every situation . this sonq just truly speaks to me . R.I.P Kurt and Nirvana will forever livee .

lyrics.. | Reviewer: gnc | 3/30/09

i found out nirvana after kurt's death.. very late:/ these songs and lyrics r telling about my soul i like them i wish nirvana were alive yet and more people could understand what the real music is and what kurt means.. (my english is poor i've just tried to explain my feelings:)
a fan from turkiye

Look at the lyrics... | Reviewer: Ethan | 2/23/09

This song I can say, is very very personal to kurt. It shows how he was tired of making the same old music and how he had issues with his father and how his parents divorce hurt him bad. This song basically depicted his life. RIP Kurt, we all miss you!

melissa farmer will have her revange on seatle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/08

i dont really many people read these but
nirvana was a ledegenary band this song
well lets just say i have all the music nirvana produced and the name suits the band nirvan because no matter what you are going through chuck on a nirvana album and i was in nirvan serve the servants, marigold (i dont care who wrote the fucken thing), i hate myself and i want to die, endless nameless whould have to be my7 favourite songs sometimes peole forget without kurt cobain there wasnt no nirvana but without dave and Christ nirb\vana wouldnt be nirvana they all played a important part to it. For not just the lyrics but for the music to put to lyrics
poor thing that we dont see too much of christ these days apparentlly he is in bussiness and fat ?`

Amazing. | Reviewer: Martin | 10/22/07

This is one of Nirvana's top 3 songs, in my opinion.
The guitar throughout the song is beyond musicial talent. It's not art. It's not music. It's just a catastrophic storm waiting to be unleashed.
The drums all through really reflect the deepness of the song, as for all the drumming on every song on 'In Utero' itself.
The lyrics are also beyond creative genius. The sad roots of the lyrics and the reference to Courtney are of genius that could only come from the great mind of Kurt Cobain himself.
'Serve the Servants' should be a song that inspires any fan of alternative music, Nirvana fan or not. It's just three guys in a room. A guitar, a bass and a drumset. A troubled-yet-musical genius, a lost drummer, and a tall joker of the pack who the band couldn't be possible without.
The perfect storm. 'Serve the Servants' is just perfect, and that's all there is to it.

- Martin Donohoe.(:

kurt we love u | Reviewer: Matias | 8/31/07

yeah!! i like this song.. i love nirvana.. fuck u courtney!! well have a nice day if ure a nirvana fan, if u not, fuck off

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