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Queen Say It's Not True Lyrics

Last updated: 02/14/2009 10:00:00 AM

The harder we play
The faster we fall
When we think that we know it all
We know nothing at all

The letter arrives
Like a bolt from the blue
So what's left of your lives
All your dreams lost to you

Say it ain't true
Say it today
When I open my eyes
Will it all go away

Say it's not true
Say it's not real
Can't be happening to you
Can't be happening to me

It's hard not to cry
It's hard to believe
So much heartache and pain
So much reason to grieve

With the wonders of science
All the knowledge we've stored
Magic cocktails for lives
People just can't afford

Say it's not true
You can say it's not right
It's hard to believe
The size of the crime

Say it's not true
You can say it's not right
So hard to believe
The size of the crime

Say it's not real
It could be happening to you

Say it's not true
Say it's not right
It's hard to believe
The size of the crime

Say it's not true
Say it's not real
It could be happening to you
It could be happening to me

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Loan Payday | Reviewer: Ophelia | 2/13/09

Good afternoon. I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education.
I am from Herzegovina and also am speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "American idol the teen heart throb is adamant he was never unfaithful to the country singer."

With best wishes ;-), Ophelia.

Nice song indeed!! | Reviewer: Coco | 1/17/09

I've heard and I got the 2005 live version of this song with Queen together with Paul Rodgers. I've never heard the song before buying the Return Of The Champions double cd. It does speak about something than affect anybody as Paul Rodgers said (AIDS). It is a nice song indeed. I should say more than nice. Many happy Returns for Queen and their music.


Amazed | Reviewer: Diana | 12/17/08

Gosh!...heard this for the first time on air few seconds ago and could not believe that it's Queen. What a brilliant song and beautifully sang. We miss u Freddie immensely.

Queen forever...............

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Gary | 10/12/08

Just to let you know, Claude Monet suffered from cataracts during the time he created his most famous and critically eclaimed works. And after he had surgery to remove them he was able to see certain UV wavelengths of light, effecting the colours he saw. So can create a Monet without all the colours of the palette...he did it himself...

And after just seeing them play, I really do thing that Queen (Brian May and Roger Taylor) bring out the best in Paul and Paul Rodgers bring out the best in Queen. They are perfect counterpoints to each other. And even if he wasn't there in body, you can tell Freddie's there in spirit...

Thumbs Up | Reviewer: Beth | 7/19/08

I am a huge Queen fan & have been for years. I saw Queen & PR sing this live at Hyde Park in 2005 or should I say Roger Taylor sang this live & he done an excellent job of it. Roger has to be one of the best singer/songwriters we've had in decades & a lot of his stuff goes unnoticed.
The comments made by Chris below(wanker of the year award goes to you mate)is a total crock of shit, I recently lost my cousin in tragic circumstances at the age of 30 & I am devastated, however I take comfort in the fact he is in a better place with his mam & I have no doubt he will be partying up there with the best.
This song is a lovely tribute with great lyrics & I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr Taylor in person & what a throroughly decent man he is, I even managed to steal a lingering kiss from those lush lips of his. Any true Queen fan will ignore Chris & his shite comments.
Long live Queen! Cant wait to see you's live in Liverpool October 08, bring it on guys & Rock the fucking Cosmos!!

Amazing song! | Reviewer: Tommy B | 1/23/08

A couple of the reviews on hear are from people from another planet to real Queen & Rock Fans alike!
What a fantastic rousing song, beautifully put together, they could have not done any better than that!....take a bow you 3, i cant wait to see you guys on tour.....and yes i did see Mr Mercury live at wembley, time moves on im afraid, Paul Rogers, what a perfecr only problem is why the hell didnt they get together earlier?


Say It's not true | Reviewer: Eileen | 1/18/08

This is a great song very well performed. It is very sensitive and moving. I have to say the review by Chris is disturbing. How come he knows for sure there is no afterlife? No living being knows for sure either way. Faith gives people comfort when they are in distress. Oh and by the way it isn't faith that causes wars, it is that old human weakness of claiming that one's own religion is better than anyone elses that causes that

God Save The Queen Once Again! | Reviewer: Erin | 1/5/08

I myself was sceptical about a Queen song being released with two of its founder members missing; The great Freddie mercury, one of my all time heroes, and John Deacon, a great bass guitarist. However, I soon realised that they were not trying to replace Freddie, and they never would, and this is a good thing. Instead the band is evolving into something different, something that still has that sparkle and magic but in a different way.

I must say...hats off to Roger. I always thought he was a great songwriter, but after this I must say that he is truly a genius. What a song, sir! You should be proud of yourself. It's so good to hear Brian's trusty old guitar once more, and so good to hear Roger's soulful drumming giving the piece it's heart. And Paul's not half bad, my hat's off to him as well.

I'm so glad I opened my mind and realised that Queen was NOT just Freddie Mercury. The other three were talented musicians, whose careers, by rights, did not end after Freddie's tragic death. In fact, I have a book of Freddie's quotes, and he said something along the line of "Queen is not Freddie Mercury, Queen is Queen".

It's tragic that we lost Freddie in such a terrible way, and also sad that John left, but that was his decision and I respect that. Well Done Queen for moving forward, and I wish you all respect and hope for your new single and for your future. I'll never forget Freddie or John, but this definitely feels right.

Once again, well done! And my, my Mr Taylor, what a voice you do have!

under-rated vocalists | Reviewer: davie harkness | 1/1/08

freddie was the best singer most of us will hear in our life-time, though one of the things i used to look forward to when a new Queen album came out was there was always a track with brian and roger taking lead vocals and these tracks were always superb
las palabras de amor
i'm in love with my car
some day one day
loser in the end
tenement funster
long away
leaving home aint easy.......the list goes on

this track shows what great singers roger and brian are, when freddie died i was always wanting Queen to continue, but without a replacement, as roger and brian could take the lead vocals, but working with paul rodgers has been a masterstroke, a quality vovalist indeed

has anyone else noticed at the end of this song (when paul takes the vocal) its actually brian who sings the very last ''could be happening'' before paul finishes the song off

roger's drumming is superb on this song as is brians guitar, in fact i think both are playing better than ever

long live Queen, the soundtrack to our lives

R.I.P Freddie Mercury + Great New Song | Reviewer: Todd Cox | 12/13/07

This is a great new song & i think its great that Queen + Paul Rodgers are bringing out new material.
However no one can replace Freddie Mercury who had the best range & most powerful & beautiful voice in musical history. R.I.P Freddie.
Which is why I think its great they don't record or tour under the name of Queen but Queen + Paul Rodgers so don't think any one is trying to replace Freddie & this song proves it. It is great & different to other Queen songs.
The reality of death is it sucks & I can't say I believe in afterlife etc but i respect every ones beliefs. The last reviewer was disrespectful to others beliefs so I apologise to every one for that asshole.
Bottom line great new song from Queen + Paul Rodgers