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James Taylor Sarah Maria Lyrics

Last updated: 01/07/2010 10:00:00 AM

Well the moon is in the ocean
And the stars are in the sky
And all that I can see
Is my sweet Maria's eyes
Sarah, Sarah Maria
Sarah Maria, ya, ya, ya, ya

Well, you know about the sugar cane
That comes from way down South
She's got one end in her hand
She's got one end in her mouth
Sarah, Sarah Maria
Sarah Maria, ya, ya, ya, ya

She took me out walking
to the corner of the world
Where everyone was a-talking
About such a pretty little girl
Sarah, Sarah Maria.
Sarah Maria, ya, ya, ya, ya

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I picked this name for my baby - if it's a girl | Reviewer: Moe | 1/6/10

I'm pregnant, but not finding out what it is. My sister, Sara, passed away from cancer and I want to name my daughter Sara after her. And my mom-in-law is Maria, so we are going with Sara Maria. I lvoe the song and will sing this song to her.

Woah | Reviewer: Sarah Maria | 8/5/09

Woah, I was just doing a search on my name, and found this page. I had no idea this song exited, but now I definitely have to find it and listen to it! I know I wasn't named after this song, I don't think my parents even know this song exists, but it's amazing how many people were named after it. :D Must be a great song lol. Well, I'm off to go find it on the interweb!

Sarah Maria | Reviewer: Michael Sotomayor | 3/30/09

Yes, I did name my daughter after this song. I loved the song and feeling it gave me and always said I would name my daughter after this tune one day. It was after I saw her for the very first time that really clinched it. My wife and I had an opportunity to meet and speak with James Taylor one night at a concert. He told us of his daughter and how she was named for her grand mothers. It was a cool story and yes, he is a real nice guy to. He and the wife talked like it was old home week. Then we went our own ways. Way Cool

R.I.P Sarah Maria Becker | Reviewer: Court | 10/7/08

i just went to the funeral of a 14 year old girl who i think was named after this song. they played this at her funeral and it got every one to cry we will miss and love you forever SARAH MARIA BECKER!

Nevetr heard it! | Reviewer: Kevin | 2/4/08

I've just had a baby girl and we named her Sara. We took an age to decide on a middle mane but eventually came up with "Marie" a friend then informed me of a James taylor song titled Sara Maria. I can't seem to locate a copy of this track anywhere? Which album did the track appear on? I'd love to get hold of a copy.

omg! | Reviewer: Sara Maria | 1/28/08

my dad named me after this song also!!! and took off the h!!!! he used to sing it to me every night i feel slightly less special now but i still love it! I used to joke about how my dad was so uncreative he named me using a random song but now I just think it's beautiful and him singing to me is one of my fondest memories

I Was Named After It, Too! | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/28/07

Wow, isn't that funny?! My mom decided on it while listening to Gorilla while pregnant with me. But they decided on Sarah Helen, in honor of my grandmother.
And to think I was the only one!

I was named after this song too!!! | Reviewer: Sara | 8/8/07

My dad named me Sara Maria but took off the "h". We also used to dance to this song and I am getting married next summer and he and I are going to dance the father/daughter dance to this song. :-)

my name! | Reviewer: sarah marie b. | 7/18/07

I was named after this somg as well!! mY DAD named me.. My mom chose to keep it sarah marie.... My father passed away when I was 16, but I play this song, I think of him!!

i was named after this song too! | Reviewer: saramarie | 4/26/07

i was named after this song too! oh my god how weird! they kept it marie though for my oma ilse marie, but still! three times a charm , huh? i like the song, its a good one!