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A Perfect Circle Rose Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 05:49:14 PM

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Don't disturb the Beast,
The tempermental Goat,
The Snail,
while he's feeding on the Rose
Stay frozen, compromise
What I will I am

Bend around the wind
Silently thrown about again
I'm treading so soft and lightly
Compromising my will
I am

I am, I will
So no longer will I
Lay down, play dead
Play your doe
In the headlights locked down
And terrified
Your deer in the headlights
Shut down and horrified when
Push comes to pull comes to shove
Comes to step around this
Self-destructive dance
That never would've ended 'til
I rose,
I roared aloud here
I will, I am

I am, I will
So no longer will I
Lay down, play dead,
Play this
Kneel down
Gun-shy martyr, pitiful
I rose, I roared
I will, I am

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