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Don't disturb the Beast,
The tempermental Goat,
The Snail,
while he's feeding on the Rose
Stay frozen, compromise
What I will I am

Bend around the wind
Silently thrown about again
I'm treading so soft and lightly
Compromising my will
I am

I am, I will
So no longer will I
Lay down, play dead
Play your doe
In the headlights locked down
And terrified
Your deer in the headlights
Shut down and horrified when
Push comes to pull comes to shove
Comes to step around this
Self-destructive dance
That never would've ended 'til
I rose,
I roared aloud here
I will, I am

I am, I will
So no longer will I
Lay down, play dead,
Play this
Kneel down
Gun-shy martyr, pitiful
I rose, I roared
I will, I am

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Rose overcoming the beast | Reviewer: Isaac | 10/14/14

For me, this song is about a woman who is able to overcome a beast that has been feeding on her. In the past she has played dead, but she will no longer do it. From everything I've heard, it probably has a secondary meaning for Maynard, since he is all about the feminine energy balancing out the masculine. In a sense, like in Eastern thought, the two must co-exist, and thus Rose must become a beast herself. Alone, the beast is only destructive and the Rose is only passive. Together they become free and powerful, in control of their destructive tendencies and yet strong enough to no longer be pushed around. All I know forsure is I love A Perfect Circle. I wish they would do one more album like their first, which is probably my favorite alternative rock album.

Meaning | Reviewer: Joshua | 1/18/13

Im pretty sure this song is about Rose the wife of Alesiter Crowley. Crowley called himself the beast ( as in the Beast of Revelation/666/ The temperamental goat). More underlying esoteric meaning than lies on the surface. I AM/ I Will

rose | Reviewer: anom | 12/15/11

This song to me is about the power of free will. If you think about it free will is the only thing that humans individually posess and control. Free will has no grey area. What we will we are and that cannot be taken from us. Maynard expresses both sides of the decisions we make good and bad but brings it back to the fact that neither can be judged as right or wrong. It also seems to have strong emphasis on the rise from the bottom.

I needn't say a thing | Reviewer: Sean | 11/12/11

Martin, Nicole, And Jibs, together have nailed this songs meaning on the head.

All three of your perspectives have painted a high resolution picture of what this song means. Confirming what I think most of us feel.

The genious of this man... | Reviewer: Martin | 6/4/11

When I first listened to this song I was thinking: "Why call it The Rose? There's not a single reference to a rose or anything like it in it." And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The duality in the title. On one hand you could interpret it as being a song about how something beautiful (like a rose) rises from something ugly and on the other it's just a weird conjugation of the verb "to rise". The word "rose" points to something someone once did, as in "He once rose from the ashes" so it's kind of like Maynard's telling himself a story in the past tense about "the time he rose". I'm not certain it's a story of how he actually did it, but more a story of how he imagines himself having done it already. Wishful thinking if you will.

Anyway, beautiful song and I can definitely see myself cranking this one up to full volume and screaming at the top of my lungs the next time I feel stepped on by someone!

blah | Reviewer: Jeffrey Ball | 12/1/10

This song can have so many different interpretations. To me its about a bitter soul. It reminds me of the beauty and the beast story. Where the beast was a bitter soul alone, but feeding on his own day dreamy thoughts. You know like stop and smell the roses. Only the beast is feeding on em. To live, a dependency. And his beauty is someone that he has to stand up against hiself for. To overcome these dreamy illusions that when they don't come into play have him high tempered and stubborn. He has to overcome this so he's not lost in his head. An inrovert trying to becom an extrovert to express the rose(s)

perfect | Reviewer: Rose | 9/16/10

As a woman, especially one who's been in an abusive relationship and felt trapped, this song is so empowering. But alas, I will let the song speak for itself, for there are no words I can speak that can approach the true beauty of this song.

Hmmm | Reviewer: DMC | 2/25/10

I love this song. It makes me think of someone in a destructive relationship and getting the courage to stand up to that person and get the hell out of there before their will is completely subdued. Nice angry tone! And such a positive ending, great for when you're depressed

Meanings and whatnot. | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 12/4/09

I think the reason why artists write songs that are so vague is so everyone can relate to them in some sort of way. This, and all of his songs, have a specific meaning to him and the rest of the band - but for everyone else it can mean anything. That's the beauty of it.

In the eye of the beholder | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/09

Some of the best songs are often fairly vague. It takes a great artist to write something that so many people can relate to. Whatever the listener is relating the song to, that's what it's about and I think songs are written in this way for that very reason.

Stand up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/09

This song is about timidness and shyness.
It suggest breaking the shell. To "Roar aloud" and be someone.
Not to to be blown around in the wind and manipulated and taken advantage of.
Stand and be proud, don't compromise yourself and kneel down to anyone because everyone is that you fear is simply a snail, without threat. Don't compromise your will (as) I am.

Well | Reviewer: Nicole | 9/2/09

I've been reading the interpretations and all seem to circle around this idea of revolt, and for some reason I disagree. I don't think this song is much about revolt as it is standing up to someone or something that you fear. Standing up doesn't mean that your revolting, your just not letting the fear leave you "frozen". I get this idea of fear from the terms he use such as "horrified" and "terrified".These words don't pure into me the idea of a need for revolt, rather the idea of someone wanting to escape. No where in this song do I see any true suggestions of someone being wronged to the point of revolting or fighting back. There could be, after all people often seee what they want.

APC | Reviewer: Manna | 7/27/09

Its not only the song Rose that I'm saying somthing about. All of APC's song are bloody brilant! I can't get enough of them. Just the music in general is amasing. But when Maynard adds his lyrics and his voice.. I cant even discribe it. Some songs make me love some make me angery as hell. Some make me want to scream and others make me want to cry. The Rose is one that i get angery with. Makes me want to revolt aginst the world. (sounds goffy i know) But i cant help it. its one that I listen to exstreamly loud and scream with as much passion and volume as I can. Afterwards i wipe my tears and go about my day.

What this song means to me in my life. | Reviewer: jibz | 4/10/09

I think this song is about realizing the true power you have as a human being. The phrases I AM and I WILL are two of the most powerful phrases known to man. I AM is stating who you are and I WILL is stating what you will do. It is about following through with your own plans which takes courage. It is about making a commitment to never lay down and to always stand your ground. In this song the singer is saying that he will no longer be a gun shy martyr that he is now ready and strong to stand up for what he believes in, even if it means taking the bullet for it.

One of my favorites. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/08

The abusive relationship is what really sticks out to me, also someone overcoming a battle with depression. Either way, or which ever other way you choose to interpret it, this is a beautiful song.

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