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Day26 Reminds Me Of You Lyrics

Last updated: 04/20/2009 12:00:00 PM

Everything is precious
Everything is lovely
Everything that's special
Makes me think of you

Everything that's perfect
Everything that's Beautiful
In this world
Makes me think of you

Ooh, you're like a summer breeze with sunshine yes you are
Ooh, you're like a star shining bright at night yes you are
Ooh... you're like a perfect question rose girl yes you are
Ooh... It all reminds me of you

[Chorus: x6]
It reminds me of you (it reminds me of you)

Like a perfect picture
Just like Mona Lisa
Or a perfect diamond
I'll never let you go... whoa

You're a full bloom garden
At the time of harvest
Like a ray of light
You dime through this whole world and


(Chorus x6)
It reminds me of you

It's all about you girl and
It's all about us girl
It feels like a fairytale love
Holding on to your wings
Take me high longer now
Caught me where I was fallin
I love you, don't let go
don't let go oooh whoo


(Chorus x6)
It reminds me of you... (Girl it reminds me of you)


It reminds me of you whoa oh uh
You're all the pretty things in the world
In my world baby
You're my sweeeeet

(Chorus x6)
It reminds me of you... (Like a summer breeze)

Thanks to Alisha for submitting Reminds Me Of You Lyrics.