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Queen Put Out The Fire Lyrics

Last updated: 04/09/2013 10:35:21 AM

Words and music by Brian May

They called him a hero
In the land of the free
But he wouldn't shake my hand boy
He disappointed me
So I got my hand gun
And I blew him away
That critter was a bad guy
And I had to make him pay

You might fear for my reason
I don't care what they say
Look out baby it's the season
For the mad masquerade
Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Oh you need a bullet like a hole in the head
Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Don't believe what your grand-daddy said

She was my lover
It was a shame that she died
But the Constitution was right on my side
'Cause I caught my lover in the neighbours bed
I got retribution
Filled 'em all full of lead

I've been told it's the fashion
To let me on the streets again
It's nothing but a crime of passion
And I'm not to blame
Put out the fire
Put out the fire
Put out the fire
You need a weapon like a hole in the head
Put out the fire put out the fire baby put out the fire
And let your sons and daughters sleep sound in their beds

You know a gun never killed nobody
You can ask anyone
People get shot by people
People with guns
Oh, yeah, put out the fire
Put out the fire
Put out the fire
You need a gun like a hole in the head
Put out the fire put out the fire put out the fire
Just tell me that old fashioned gun law is dead
Ha, hey...

Yeah, shoot shoot...
Shoot, shoot, shoot...

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In memory of all victims of gun violence | Reviewer: Mark | 4/9/13

Agree with previous poster. This song strikes a strong chord with all of the senseless gun violence we're seeing in America. I particularly love Freddie's indictment to the gun lobbyists when he rages "People get shot by people, people WITH guns". Even his reference to the song's character is spot one, when the shooter justifies his actions by saying 'But the Constituion was right on my side'. Almost sounds like the very words the NRA tries to cram down our throats today.
I completely disagree with poster BeSharpe42 when he say's to avoid "Life is Real'. Obviously, he doesn't get or appreciate Freddie's wit or word play. Life is Real has been recently covered by several European artists and Brian May himself has been touring with singer Kerry Ellis and they are covering this beautiful song. From the opening keystrokes which mimic the keystrokes of the Lennon's 'Double Fantasy' album to the beautiful guitar work by Brian May, this song is priceless. Nothing today compares to the brilliance of Queen and what Freddie could do to a song.

In the memory of the Sandy Hook victims | Reviewer: Lyn | 12/23/12

This came to my mind when I heard this for the first time via a Queen documentary. Amazing that this song is so apt for the tragedy when it was written decades ago because of another tragedy caused by essentially the same thing...

...but the very first song that came to my mind when I heard about those beautiful children and their brave teachers dying is 'Is This The World We Live In'

"If there's a God up in the sky looking down
What must He think of what we've done
To the world that He created?"

Subtle it ain't | Reviewer: Besharp42 | 3/22/06

This was one of two songs on Queen's 1982 "Hot Space" inspired by the death of John Lennon. The album upset many diehard fans because of the prevalence of funk-inspired music. This song was a classic rocker from the pen of Brian May. The anti-gun message is overtly displayed, but the sardonic lyrics make you forgive his sins. It is delivered with great verve by one of the great singers at the peak of his powers. He is backed by a band that knew how to rock. If you play this song while driving you will find your speed increasing.
Be very careful to avoid the other Lennon-inspired song - "Life Is Real." It includes Freddy's hideous mention "Breastfeeding myself."