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Hank Locklin Put Me In Your Pocket Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2006 11:00:00 AM

Put me in your pocket so I'll be close to you
No more will I be lonesome and no more will I be blue
And when we have to part dear there'll be no sad adieu
For I'll be in your pocket and I'll go along with you

Two lovers sat one evening beneath the pale moon light
Tomorrow he must go away life's battles for to fight
He told her that he loved her that he'll return someday
And take her for his darling wife and then he heard her say
Put me in your pocket...

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Put me in your pocket 2nd verse | Reviewer: Marshall Buckallew | 3/19/2007

That evening soon was endedher lover went away
But when at last he did return for their happy wedding day
His sweetheart she was absent to heaven she had gone But she left for him this photogragh on ewhich was wrote this song
Put me in your pocket

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