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Maze... psychopathic daze... I create this waste
Back away from tangents, on the verge of drastic
ways... can't escape this place... I deny your face
Sweat gets in my eyes, I think I'm slowly dying

Put me in a homemade cellar
Put me in a hole for shelter
Someone hear me please, all I see is hate
I can hardly breathe, and I can hardly take it


Lost...run at my own cost...fearing laughter, scoffed
Running from the rush, detached from such and such
Bleak... all around me, weak... listening, incomplete
I am not a dog, but I'm the one you're dogging

I am in a buried kennel
I have never felt so final
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Someone find me please, losing all reserve
I am fucking gone, I think I'm fucking dying


You all stare, but you'll never see
There's something inside me(x3)
You all stare, but you'll never see
There's something in you I despise

Cut me - show me - enter - I am
willing and able and never any danger to myself
Knowledge of my pain, knowledge of my pain
Or was my tolerance a phase?
Empathy, out of my way
I can't die(x4)

You all stare, but you'll never see
there's something inside me(x3)
You all stare, but you'll never see
there's something in you I despise

Despise... despise...


Have you ever seen God? (x4) (live version)

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lyrics | Reviewer: somebody | 11/29/11

I think they screwed up because they just joined the illuminate. Like so many band and singer, they became a puppet. Wish they could escape but it's impossible. I have friends in the Masons lodges and they said if u leave the lodge they can curse u with kabbala. Wish the pain will end soon for them. When the same thing happened to the Eminem, he said the same things in his songs.. I'm not talking about just this song, there are lots of examples..

STFU.... | Reviewer: It's just a song. Like it or leave it. | 9/12/11


That's the story they read about when they wrote this song. Now..."Yoknapathawpha County"...Do you really think this can be real?

Check this out then: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoknapatawpha_County

But the fact is, even if it's not a real story, it's fucked up enough, and it COULD have happened in today's fucked up world. That's what Corey wanted to show with this song: humanity is VERY fucked up, and it's hard to tell what's inside a human being. Just because someone looks like a good person, it doesn't mean it's not another Dexter Morgan acting the good guy. We all hide a lot inside of us. "You all stare but you'll never see/There's something inside me"
PS:This song is awesome.

Shut up | Reviewer: ben | 7/22/11

Who fucking cares if the shit in this song is real? It's still a fucking bad ass song. And even if the particular story in question isn't true, you're missing the point if you're hung up on factuality. There's alot of evil in this world, and it almost seems like something shared by humanity, something inside all of us. Humans evolved through natural selection, and we survived by being the ultimate killers. The ability to kill is something possessed by all human beings. That's what Purity is really about, the darkest side of humanity.

Corey in an interview | Reviewer: Robs | 6/23/11

Adrianne Purity Knight was a 20 year old college student who was stalked by an obsessed ex-lover. Eventually, this man ended up burying young Purity in a homemade wooden box alive. She died. Shawn: It's like this - whether it's real or not, it affected Corey very much, the thought of it - so it was able to influence him - the song is not directly one hundred percent about it.

Corey: I still think its real - see the thing whether it's true or not, it's a real story - that we read about - that fucked our whole world up - can you imagine a girl being buried in a box and having all this lecherous bullshit drip down on her from this guy? And thinking that there is hope, because this kid is taking some bizarre note to this guy he doesn't even know - thinking that you are holding on to the shirt of hope - and you wake up and you're dead you're buried in mud - they find the note about a week later shoved in a library book for gods sakes - it just hurts your head - it's a case of what is good and bad in people - the box alone is reason enough to be like, 'I cant stand to be fucking human' - how can someone fucking do this to somebody? What is inside of us that is so fucking wrong?

He had written quotes from Edgar Allen Poe and lots of fucked up things on the box

Fact is fact | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/11

Some people think her story is made up, some people just like the song and don't believe it. Sometimes it's the ither way around. Sometimes it's both, or none. I believe the story and love the song. The videos are the real recording, and I even have a picture of her body in the box. There's even more pictures of her. You can think what you want but this is no story and it's not fake. It's a fact.

God's thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/11

Just know, I'm not puttin you down. but Jesus sees you when you don't feel like you're seen.
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not parish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

Song rocks, purity sucks | Reviewer: Skulker | 6/25/10

What's your problem? I call myself a juggalo and I still like Slipknot like the day I've heard them the first time. If you just looked at the music itself I'd even prefer Slipknot cuz of songs like this.

purity rediscovered | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/10

SLIPKNOT rocks!! any metal band that kicks ass for 15+ years has something special. let the little faggots from the inbred clown posse say what they will, they could never achieve in thier lifetime what slipknot can in one album!! "Purity" was almost a lost treasure... almost.

fictional story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

Its based on a fictional story, get over it. That's why Purity and Frail Limb Nursery had to be removed from the original album because the author of the story sued for copyright infringement. Corey did think it was real, but it wasn't.

Purity | Reviewer: Cian | 11/2/09

Case of Purity was not real, just an over-zealous singer thought it was and created the song. If it was or if it wasn't, in the scheme of things it doesn't matter. AT the end of the day, fact or fiction, all we have is information and you make of it what you will. FYI, the website www.crimescene.com that is being used to prove the song as based on true events is a subscription site to get involved in solving FAKE crimes.. kind of like CSI for your pc. I mean if you really want to point at an obvious absurdity, put your finger on a multi million dollar band singing about life being overbearing. Now there's some fiction that makes for good songs. Just enjoy the music, Nothing is as it seems anyway

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