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Gorillaz Punk Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2013 08:45:51 AM


Try to see myself what goes on.
Make it up myself, I'll never.
Always told my thoughts aloud,
Then another day I shut up.

Back to the sand,
Doing what you can.
Bound to be gone,
Damned a loser.
Found out right then they were fed up,
Cause everybody said to shut up.


Thought you might care what goes on.
Try to say "what up?"; i'm fed up.
Everybody said to shut up,
The last time I told them "what up?"

Down with the sun,
I knew that I was done.
Did it to my self,
Did it to my self, and then.
All this time I said I've been fed up
Cause everybody tells me "shut up".

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Punk in a new genre! | Reviewer: Islington | 7/9/2005

This song by Gorillaz as always is surprising and experimentive! It ekindles my love for Sex Pistols, The Clash and all great punk rock bands! Truely a work of genius!

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