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Lucky Dube Prisoner Lyrics

Last updated: 10/09/2013 08:21:59 AM

Somebody told me about it,
When i was still a little boy
He said to me, crime does not pay.
He said to me, education is the key, yeah.
As a little boy i thought i know what i was doing, yeah man.
But today here i'm in jail

I'm a prisoner 3*

I looked all around me but to see nothing

But for the grey walls staring at me

The policeman said to me, son

They won't build no schools anymore
All they build will be prisons, prisons (2*)
They won't build no schools anymore
All they build will be prisons, prisons

Cause today yeah,
i'm a prisoner 3*
(Dear lord)
Dear lord

I asked the policeman and said
How much must i pay for my freedom?
He said to me, son

They won't build no schools anymore
They won't build no hospitals

All they build will be prisons, prisons (3*)

All they build will be..
I'm a prisoner 3*
(Dear lord)
yes i'm
Dear lord

fades until the end.

Thanks to Matthew Randy for submitting Prisoner Lyrics.

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Am a slave | Reviewer: Manjero | 10/9/13

The day lucky dube died was the day raggae music was profoundly gripping to all his fans whch i was not excempted so sad man d king is gone,may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.onwe manjero frm 9ja

d legend man of AFRICA | Reviewer: idowu kikelom tima | 10/7/13

lucky dube is a man of intelligence to d xtent of singin emotnaly,u make we AFRICANS to b vry proud of u n i pray dat may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace(RIP) d man of d people

LUCK DUBE THE GREAT | Reviewer: Jacob Katawa | 9/28/13

So SADNESS to lost this man of the people, l do get painful when l stens those songs especially Prisoner it's dedication the end of CRIME is Jail and Education is a key.
Many people changed their rude behaviour throuth listening Luck Dube songs indeed ur name reflects ur reality.
We Africans we are so proud because of u, u used to unit us and discourage much Racial descriminations.
Let God send u back in Africa.
In fact l do enjoy ur songs especially together the one, defferent colour one people also PRISONER this song teaches us that even we are in TROUBLES we should not stay IDLE.
R . I . P u the MAN OF THE PEOPLE.

'virtous man' | Reviewer: Tong Michael | 9/18/13

being a child means being innocent and is sometimes referred to 'a stage for granted'Everything a child does is all on curosity bases.So special attention with respect to guidance should be given to children for their future prosperity.This is the right time for them to be either in the right or wrong track.Hope you'll help 'em in da right path.

S'tha Aka Mosiapoa Thandi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/13

Indeed he was a man of Africa,he was a man of intelegence,respect and honour.He was a man of many talents,talents that no one can be compared to.His songs washed our hearts,we have wished to hear songs like his again. But no one can reach the intelegence of the LEGENDARY, KING of ragge


RIP there lovely rasta infact idont know if we shall get any rasta like u again, though raggae will never die, but since da foolish had now distroyed da prophit, idont think da raggea will be in stardard but i alway pray God 2 judge foolishmen marcylessily there rasta please pray 4 us .

Lucky Philip Dube my Role model... | Reviewer: Arc Nura Abdullahi Kano university Nigeria +2348066523025 | 6/30/13

I enjoy ya songs dube i still dnt knw wat u did to them to deservd dis punishment 4God sake... Dey killd dube buh dey cnt vanishd his legends... ThnkGod nw we hav Nkulee dube (daughter of lucky dube) ripp my hero

You and your song still remain forever (LUCKY DUBE) | Reviewer: Adeleke Adeola | 5/12/13

i can never forget you and and your songs LUCKY DUBE when i was still a little girl daddy normally play ur songs to my hearing but they sound so how, especially dis prisoner song but wen i got to know about the lyrics of your songs i really enjoyed it and i will never forget you. YEAH MEN-----JAH RASTA

EXOS RASTA MWANGOSI MBEYA TZ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/13

When i was a litle boy i did'nt like school,i was a rude boy.I come to realize importance of education after "street jail"over 11 years with poor life.The rastaman Lucky tell us the end of crime is jail.Now am in education system.student tie your but

All songs by lucky (reviewer-Lovemore J siyani) | Reviewer: Lovemore J siyani | 3/24/13

Indeed he was aman of the Africa, no one like Lucky Dube about ragee. I feel gud when i listening to ur songs Dube, Ha! I got some maters that Someone can stop ragee now coz ur only one who makes ragee to b strong u was master of ragee & u are still the master of ragee to whole world. Rest in peace.

Prisoner | Reviewer: Ebraheem master d | 3/11/13

Am happy 2 listing this song but u are a cristian am a muslim i proud with my religion in your other song 2gether as one u said we are children for god who tald you god he have a wife? After that u said black white and colour all we are a images of god who takd u i believe with u 2 said god is one yes god is one and we are not childrem for god god is one he dont have a wife. brothers. sisters. Son. or doughter its true am tell mrs lucky dube

AFRICA IS THIS WHAT WE EXPECTED? | Reviewer: luvinga lameck | 2/4/13

Lucky dube,Im proud to name u AFRICA....coz d way u did at the time ov ur life in our lives,it is an estimated legacy in our contempory indivialistic or frastuated world once we re introduce AFRICA to those who assimilates us...may God allow u to come back an see AFRICA d way it looks in now days, but let us appreciate an accept d will ov God an we stll seekng him to rest u peacefully.

Texbeckssax | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/13

Each time I listen 2 ur song nd d lyrics in it, I felt like i should continue singing along wit it, even wen d music has stopped playing, expecially Remember me, freedom and prisoner lyrics, the songs gives me much excitement, I always sang along wit them 4rm my heart, lucky Dube is really a legend nd Icon, though he's ( jah dube ) dead, but his songs still remains nd linger in many hearts, rest in peace jah rasta man

Hand that giveth | Reviewer: Parto lucky mars | 12/20/12

Hon mr lucky dube,i still don believe that u r gone oooh my,bt we loved u very much 4 ua songs,that teach pple allova the world the of living.....may God almight keep u wel coz even us we r on way....comin 2 cerebrate lyf wit angles....

lucky dube-song comes from bottom of heart | Reviewer: varsha | 12/16/12

I like this song very much. my driver use to explain me all the wordings of this song. my Titus. the way he use to explain ,use to bring picture of everything in front of my eyes, i am in prison. and then everyday this song was my regular play. and i never forgot that voice. it was from bottom of his belly.