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Bob Dylan Pretty Peggy-O Lyrics

Last updated: 01/08/2010 10:00:00 AM

I've been around this whole country
But I never yet found Fenneario.

Well, as we marched down, as we marched down
Well, as we marched down to Fennerio'
Well, our captain fell in love with a lady like a dove
Her name that she had was Pretty Peggy-O

Well, what will your mother say, what will your mother say
What will your mother say, Pretty Peggy-O
What will your mother say to know you're going away
You're never, never, never coming back-io ?

Come a-running down your stairs
Come a-running down your stairs
Come a-running down your stairs, Pretty Peggy-O
Come a-running down your stairs
Combing back your yellow hair
You're the prettiest darned girl I ever seen-io.

The lieutenant he has gone
The lieutenant he has gone
The lieutenant he has gone, Pretty Peggy-O
The lieutenant he has gone, long gone
He's a-riding down in Texas with the rodeo.

Well, our captain he is dead, our captain he is dead
Our captain he is dead, Pretty Peggy-O
Well, our captain he is dead, died for a maid
He's buried somewhere in Louisiana-O.

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Pretty Peggy-O | Reviewer: Tim Out of Mind | 11/9/2007

If anyone is interested in a good live version of this song by Bob Dylan check out and play Watchtower radio. There are actually several live Dylan songs there. Bob's version is slightly different than the lyric above but well worth reading the lyrics and listening to Bob sing it.

shorter lyrics album on is | Reviewer: rocky | 7/2/2007

whenever i return pretty Peggy-O 2x
when ever i return all the cities i will burn destroying all the ladies in the area-o.... these are the words on the album Wednesday morning 3 am

Sando | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/2006

Peggy-O is rip your heart out fantastic. While I'm on this planet, I will unabashedly let that song make my brain tender as many times as it will allow.