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Led Zeppelin Poor Tom Lyrics

Last updated: 01/18/2010 10:00:00 AM


Here's a tale of Tom
Who worked the railroads long
His wife would cook his meal
As he would change the wheel

Poor Tom, Seventh Son, Always knew what's goin on
Ain't a thing that you can hide from Tom
There ain't nothing that you can hide from Tom

Worked for thirty years
Sharing hopes and fears
Dreamin' of the day
He could turn and say

Poor Tom, work's done, been lazin' out in the noonday sun

Ain't a thing that you can hide from Tom

His wife was Annie Mae
With any man a game she'd play
When Tom was out of town
She couldn't keep her dresses down

Poor Tom, Seventh Son, always knew what's goin on

Ain't a thing that you can hide from Tom

And so it was one day
He got wise to Annie Mae
Tom stood, a gun in his hand
And stopped her runnin' around

Poor Tom, Seventh Son, gotta die for what you've done

All those years of work are thrown away
To ease your mind is that all you can say?

But what about that grandson on your knee?
Them railroad songs, Tom would sing to me

Ain't nothing that you can hide from Tom

Keep-a Truckin'

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Just a thought of how this song may have been used on Zepellin III | Reviewer: Nikko | 1/18/10

I'm a huge Zep fan. Have been since I was in high school. When Coda was released and I first heard Poor Tom, I was amazed that it was a reject from Led Zeppelin III and never placed on an album as was the case with many cuts that were added to Physical Graffitti to make a double LP. Add to that the mystery of why a song like Hey, Hey, What can I Do was a B side for Immigrant song and not an album cut and single. I have a theory that "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do", "Poor Tom", and "Gallows Pole" make up a suite of folk songs that tell the story of a wanton woman and the husband that kills her and eventually is hung.

Zep knows the Blues | Reviewer: Bruce | 6/7/09

If any rock band knows the blues its Led Zeppelin. From the lyrics, the guitar licks, the beat, or the harp towards the end of the song, you'd almost swear this is something Robert Johnson would have done.

Trippy | Reviewer: brandon | 9/3/07

Great song, you can barely hear the lyrics so i had to look them up. It's really trippy for me, the first time i heard it in the car i zoned out and played like 8 times in a row!

Good little heard zeppelin song. | Reviewer: Alan | 6/23/05

Led Zeppelin has to be one of the greatest bands ever. This song was never released on any of their original 8 albums and had to wait for coda to get out. Its a great song featuring some good drumming from Bonham, like we've come to expect. Also in this song is some very nice acoustic guitar playing from Jimmy Page. Just a general good toe-tapping song that everyone should enjoy.