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Here we go again motherfucker!
Come on down, and see the idiot right here
Too fucked to beg and not afraid to care
What's the matter with calamity anyway?
Right? Get the fuck outta my face
Understand that i can't feel anything
It isn't like I wanna sift through the decay
I feel like a wound, like I got a fuckin'
Gun against my head, you live when I'm dead

One more time, mother fucker

Everybody hates me now, so fuck it
Blood's on my face and my hands, and I
Don't know why, I'm not afraid to cry
But that's none of your business
Whose life is it? Get it? See it? Feel it? Eat it?
Spin it around so i can spit in its face
I wanna leave without a trace
Cause I don't wanna die in this place

People = Shit (x4)
People = Shit (Whatcha gonna do?)
People = Shit (Cuz I am not afraid of you)
People = Shit (I'm everything you'll never be)
People = Shit

It never stops - you can't be everything to everyone
Contagion I'm sitting at the side of Satan
What do you want from me?
They never told me the failure I was meant to be
Overdo it - don't tell me you blew it
Stop your bitchin' and fight your way through it

C'mon mother fucker, everybody has to die
C'mon mother fucker, everybody has to die

People = Shit (x13)
People = Shit (Whatcha gonna do?)
People = Shit (Cuz I am not afraid of you)
People = Shit (I'm everything you'll never be)
People = Shit

And their RIGHT!

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the song's bretty gud | Reviewer: Brian | 6/28/14

Hi! few things to start off with =] 1. yes I responded you because you're a female maggot, 'tis an awesome thing to see! 2. I'm Brian. 3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen.:^D

Totally Awesome shit | Reviewer: Dham'z | 5/29/14

in my apartment we 5 shit to share in one fucked room, but only me always listening in fucked song bcoz i lov slipknot & i lov there song, while the other listening to the classical and they hate me when i turn on my own fav song & they called me i'm s2pid n sick!

SlipKnoT forever | Reviewer: Dani the Filth | 4/4/14

Ok first off it don't matter if you're black white green or pink, SlipKnoT dont care what colour you are!!! And neither should you, be yourself be sic n don't take shit from any motherfucker!!! One last thing bvb are not fucking metal!!

I love slipknot | Reviewer: Miranda | 1/8/14

Hi. I read the first page of comments and I just have to say- I am a girl which attends an all girls school and I can't fucking stand all this one direction, techno, Justin beiber mainstream egotistical bullshit. Everybody at school thinks I like that sorta shit because all the girls in my group think I'm Like a role model and I'm like the most popular and stuff, but god damn, I fucking hate it. I live for metal, and to all those who say it is satanic, you deserve a handjob from Edward scissor hands, because you are wrong. Metal is pure freedom and expression of raw emotion through reference to violence and hate, so to all those techno fans and rap and hip hop and all that indie mainstream junk, go fuck yourself with a cactus. Well that's my music anyway, ie slayer, slipknot, suicide silence, asking Alexandria . But anyway, love the song, love slipknot, love all the maggots <3
Sincerely- Miranda, a female maggot :3

the whole topic | Reviewer: DemiGundam | 2/12/13

On the whole religion topic, I'm a jw (Jehovah's witness) for those who can't figure ane I love Slipknot shit metal in general and I listened to all 3 albums because I actually own them on my phone. The whole thing is stupid because I hate it when dumbasses mix both music and religion when both have nothing to do with another. Except when is that type of music that I listening to. But the fact saying that Slipknot is satanic is idiotic. Completely stupid. I mean if you seen the press conference of Paul's death and heard what Joey said and still think the same way then I feel sorry for you.

Now the whole subject of music. Don't generalize music. For example, saying all hip hop sucks is being ignorant. Because older hip hop/rap is just as great as Slipknot's music I mean they have respect for geat hip hop that Corey made a shout to Chuck D in No Life! I grew up listening to different kinds of music just like everyone else. I was made fun of and called an idiot because I listened to both great hip hop music like Wu-Tang Clan and listening to metal. So I used to be the ass of every joke by many people to choose one. Except my close friends that told me to just say fuck it and just listen to both. So I don't hide when I listen to either and I blast this song when I'm in my car and when an idiot next to me is listening to that shitty Drake or some other shameful hip hop artist and looks at me as if I'm weird I tell him that that's not real hip hop and just switch over to some real hip hop and make him look retarded.

Now for my revion the song... best song from Slipknot ever! My favorite hands down along with New Abortion!

Keep it real Maggots!!

Embrace The Hate | Reviewer: Craig | 8/18/12

If i am satanic for listening to what i do so be it ill embrace that no matter what those scum say about us maggots whilst the hide behind fakeness and autotuned bollocks we are being ourselves and living life loud and proud am i gunna let these haters bring me down? Meh like fuck i am ill embrace whatever those scum say about us stand tall maggots embrace the darkness embrace the hate and rise above the fake cretans!

On the topic of Satanism and Slipknot | Reviewer: Evan | 8/13/12

It's funny how you guys are saying Slipknot isn't in anyway Satanic. If you're saying that then you clearly do not know what Satanism REALLY is. Satanism is not worshiping the Devil, Satanism isn't sacrificing people and animals (read the Bible, the Christians do that), Satanism is merely not giving into the doctrines of faith. I cannot speak for other Satanists (because Satanism means to be free-thinking) but this is coming from an Atheistic Satanist: whether or not acknowledge or know about it, the majority of Metal is founded on Satanic themes. Individuality, free-thinking, and doing whatever you want as long as you don't hurt anybody.

Do some research because I hate how Satanism is so influenced by the negative stigma associated with it due to a Christian-based society.

From a long time Maggot \m/

metal \m/ | Reviewer: jehadi | 6/16/12

although I am new to metal, this song sounds so faqin gud...( like the technical part n vocals..). And yes, hip-hop, pop, etc is just for posers (nothing new said!!) i feel the genre of music people listen 2 really reveals them from inside.
I want you (yes bitch u !!) to support n spread what's inside u (read d line above this agn..!). This electronic shit is killing our music i.e. Rock n roll, rock , metal.. :(

P.S. Dont judge my religion by my name, its just an expression..!!

Idjits | Reviewer: Lolita | 6/13/12

These comments amuse me, " I'm black but I like metal" "I'm 13 and me and my sister (my sister and I) love metal!". Ridiculous. No Need To Capitalize Every Word Fool. "Slipknot is so much better than pop and hip-hop/rap artificial bullshit stay (sic) \m/" That is merely an opinion which I agree with but again, it is just an opinion. People do equal shit and everyone deserves to die. Go commit suicide. I will see you idjits in hell.

DIsaSteR pIEcE | Reviewer: Sanjeev khadka | 5/8/12

Metal is my breathe.even when i m sick or bored i listen metal and it gets me alright.i get extra kind of my mobile phone i have got all metal songs.i just love metal bands(slipknot,bfmv,lamb of god especially).go fuck up those hiphops and rap.

metal | Reviewer: ibrahim khoury | 3/25/12

in my country people only listen to traditional arab music and pop hip hop/rap and that shit me and my sister love rock/hard rock/heavy metal/nu metal and we love slipknot i feel sorry for metal bcuz it is so underated anyway im 14 my favorite band is bullet for my valentine and my sister is 16 and her favorite band is black veil brides peace maggots.

wow | Reviewer: qweryg | 3/20/12

Wow i read some random comments and i have to say you People are so deep
I love slipknot but in my School everybody has to be gangsters and
I dont like that kind of style i would love to show People that i love metal
I totaly aggre Witt all of you .

Fucking awesome. | Reviewer: Alex | 3/17/12

Honestly, I agree with almost everyone here. It's funny how people who listen to shit-all say this band is evil and satanic, when really they are just real. Their lyrics are more real than ever; a lot more real than most of the shit out on the radio. It's brutaly honest and Corey can be quite poetic about it too (not so much in this song, but others like Circle and Verm. Pt 2). And I agree with Ciaran. They are a very theraputic band.

The other day someone at work had been treating me like shit for the day and made me feel pretty crap, and then at the end of my shift this song randomly came into my head, and even though I didn't know the lyrics except for 'People equals shit' at the time, it made me feel so much better. Instead of being upset, I just became angry instead and then eventually more happier than I'd felt all day. Even the music just made me realise that people ARE shit when they're jerks and that you shouldn't let them get to you like that. It's great to listen to the song and feel pretty damn connected to these guys just because we know they've been through whatever shit we go through. It's quite uplifting.
Well done SK!

the maniac | Reviewer: aiesha perro | 3/16/12

my name is aiesha i may be a black person but i adore heavy metal my brother too. im 13 hes 16 we obsessed with heavy metal our favorite band is bullet for my valentine we hate rap and hip hop shit that music sucks it should go to hell and all the people that likes it too. i also like Metallica, motley crue, iron maiden, avenged sevenfold, slipknot,black veil brides, guns n roses, megadeath, and skid row

Slipknot's best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/11

I never used to listen to metal at all. I started listening to to slipknot and now I am the only one every where I go that does not listen to those fags in rap music. My brother listens to rap music and tries to talk like a gangsta when I am getting into heavier and heavier music. I have every song by slipknot accept for those weak ones that they should have never made and am also getting into different stuff like job for a cowboy, lamb of god, and a band I just found out about called goatwhore and all those people call me a fag. There's a kid in my class his last name is ghai, he dresses like an 80's football player, has full sideburns, and in a fat packie that made a video alone in his bedroom called "all my gangsers" and I am the fag. Well at least I don't listen to rap music and look like football player with a bomb strapped around me. Who agrees with me here?

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