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Bad Company Passing Time Lyrics

Last updated: 03/11/2008 11:00:00 AM

Passing time brings a wiser mind
I see some of the things I never
Never saw before

Goin' on
Goin' around
Going down

Time has taken a toll on me
Now I see the light
Time has taken the soul of me
Through my darkest night, goin' on

Goin' on
On and on and on and on
Goin' down

See the man with the broken heart
Walkin' in the street
See the girl with the red dress on
You don't know what she done to me

Time has taken it's toll on me
Now I'm a wiser man
Time has taken the soul of me
Now I see the light

The light
The look
The light
To the look
To the light
To the light
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