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The world seems not the same
Though I know nothing has changed
It's all my state of mind
I can't leave it all behind
Have to stand up to be stronger

Have to try
To break free
From the thoughts in my mind
Use the time that I have
I can say goodbye
Have to make it right
Have to fight
'Cause I know in the end it's worthwhile
That the pain that I feel slowly fades away
It will be all right

I know
Should realize
Time is precious
It is worthwhile
Despite how I feel inside
Have to trust it'll be alright
Have to stand up to be stronger

Have to try
To break free
From the thoughts in my mind
Use the time that I have
I can say goodbye
Have to make it right
Have to fight
'Cause I know in the end it's worthwhile
That the pain that I feel slowly fades away
It will be all right

Oh, this night is too long
Have no strength to go on
No more pain I'm floating away

Through the mist see the face
Of an angel, calls my name
I remember you're the reason I have to stay

Have to try
To break free
From the thoughts in my mind
Use the time that I have
I can say goodbye
Have to make it right
Have to fight
'Cause I know in the end it's worthwhile
That the pain that I feel slowly fades away
It will be all right

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lonely night | Reviewer: ozan kahveci | 7/4/12

i read the comments.and found peaces of me from all of's the important thing that we have to know somebody loves us and cares, sometimes we know that sometimes not.and somebody needs us to live better.that's name is hope.never give up, hug the songs like this.

Chance | Reviewer: Jack | 9/13/11

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Of her body , and we made alot of love with each other.

Suicide | Reviewer: Beheshte zahra | 9/12/11

I loved a girl , when i was in a ceremony ,the relatives of that girl told that she has got married with another boy ,i had never told her that i love her ,so when i heard about her marriage i decided to commit suicide , but i didn't do it because , we should be wise.

Darkness... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/11

I'm about to go to prison for something a friend did, I where to dumb and protected him.

This song reminds me of what I have to do, it keeps me to breath on. This song are going to be my salvation and protection, as well as my feminder of a moment there I have to break a friendship.

He fooled me into it, now he have to lose a friend still I don't want to but I have to.

Every single word in this song keeps me up just to walk in a stright direction, only to make everything all right and worthwile, and it will truly be all right in the end.

Fallen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/10

Fallen by Lauren Kate
I listened to this song on repeat when I was reading this beautiful book (which i strongly recommend by the way-such a captivating story)
It also reminds me of leaving home for uni.. saying goodbye to my best friend who has also gone to uni far away... who i miss everyday! We have to fight.... the pain will fade.... sooo true! i always say its the getting to that bit where everything feels okay again is the hardest bit but it will come. have to stay strong! ~X~

I've been there | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

I felt this way last year when I was going through a deep depression. I was so upset and angry at everything untill I eventually went numb. I was separated from my friends at the time and even lost one to a train accident along with a family member. I felt so lost and alone and sort of emotionless as well if that's possible. I wanted to die then but then I heard this. It completely summed up every thing I felt perfectly. I used to sing it and cry (I still do sometimes at the memory). But then I started to think about the (it's called a bridge right...?) and I wondered who my angel was that kept me here. That's when I started to turn back to Christ who had slipped into the back of my mind. Now I'm out of my depression and in a Christian school with lot's of new friends that care about me (kind of a strange feeling for a loner :)) and I wonder how my journey here would have been different if I had never heard this song. I don't think I would have killed myself (I KNOW I wouldn't have) but I know I heard this song for a reason so... IDK. This is a great song. God works in interesting ways :).

i feel that now. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/09

when i first listened to this song,i didnt understand it all. i looked up the lyrics, and i almost cried.last year, everyone made fun of me at school. i was barely angry, so i bottled up the anger. eventualy, i snapped and stabbed someone in the shoulder with my pencil, spending many nights awake crying. i forced myself to love someone because i was so lonely.i hated him, but i was desperate, and he was the only guy who would talk to me.i dumped him, but he still hangs around me, and i dont have the guts to tell him to go away.even now, i had to hang a poster on my ceiling, so whenever i get depressed, i look up at thesky and see the poster, which reads"there's still hope".and its true. health care, which i am personaly against, isnt totaly passed. people see war is only pointless deaths. the young of america are still poisoned, but it can still be fixed. there is hope.

the answer to your darkest hours | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

So I have been under a lot of stress lately with everything from school to family to friends and boyfriends. I was extremely depressed all day today and the night just kept getting worse for me. When I got back to my room though I put on my music, opening my Within Temptation file and putting all their music on random. THIS was the first song to play. As I listen, I am reading the lyrics and the comments posted and replaying the song over and over again. I am feeling better. Whatever is happening at this moment in time WILL pass over me. No matter how bad it is getting it WILL get better. I have things I still have to accomplish. "It's all my state of mind, I can't leave it all behind. Have to stand up to be stronger!" Thank you :)

torn in two | Reviewer: one of your fans | 7/17/09

the song sings to my soul - just how i feel as i want/need to move on (oh so desperately!) but realize how many obstacles stand in my way....
yet i feel it would be worth's that in-between feeling that's so difficult.

Oh, this night is too long...I remember you're the reason I have to stay | Reviewer: sahar | 7/16/09

i think this part of song belongs to me, to my long nights, and i realy love this song becuz its near to my thoughts, my nights are the most starange things in my life, every night i go mad, every single music makes me feel high, every starage notion coem to my mind and im not the one i am in nights... just one reason just one make me love my nights, and thats my lovely boy friend, realy he is my reason :) so i wanna say love u dear Koosha, and love this song realy love it...

Dreamlike | Reviewer: The Poet | 6/2/09

This is the very first song I listened to by Within Temptation. It is one of my absolute favorites! It brings me to tears. It's full of strong emotion that is difficult to find (in my opinion at leat) in modern music. The quality is almost dreamlike and enchanting. Hopeful.

It hurt me !! | Reviewer: Swaying blade | 4/10/09

Sory maybe my english is too bad because of i'm not english !!
Well,exacly i love this song so much...
Every day,every time n wherever i'm, i alway heard it !!
This song remind me about my broken family,i love my mom n my dad although they're didnt love me at all
they R can give anything but love ???
N now i'm so far from them i live alone in metropolitan to get my highest education
i do miss them,,
i love matter what they're love me....
Thanks to god that sends me this song.
I can rebuild my life
n make me be stronger !!

love this song so much | Reviewer: Beth | 3/24/09

i absolutely love this song it makes me get up when i'm down. And it also came in handy when i had to find a song for my cancer powerpoint in bio. It's a really great song and my teacher loved it so much she sowed my pp to the class. no one else from the other 7 periods used the song.

amazing | Reviewer: angelo | 2/23/09

one day my cousin is playing this song,i get curious when i heard i lesten also.this song is realy amazing,i realize that this song make me think back into the memoirs of my father died because of heart attack.he loves me so much even he know that i'm a gay he accept me & he underatand me,that is why when he die i feel so incomplete,my happy life vanished untill iheard this song.yes we have to be stronger that's what i learned from listining to this makes me cry,realized,and smile.and specialy this song make meSTRONGER

hope | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/09

This song reminded me of my ex boyfriend, who i lost due to mistakes i made. i will never stop loving him, but i also dont think i will ever see him again. he hates me, and it's my fault. this song gives me hope that i may not always feel this way, and that suicide is not the right way out.

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