PTSD (Voices) Lyrics - Mikkey Halsted

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Voices inside my head telling me be prepared
Chill out with all the talkin’, these niggas might be the feds
You started with tin gas, look how many is dead
Look how many in jail, look how many have failed
Now look at all of these bitches, many of ‘em is real?
How many would still be with you if you didn’t had a deal
Would be bustin’ the foreign shit, sittin’ behind the wheel
If you was ridin the bus, would they be dyin’ to fuck?
Mikkey tell us the truth, you can’t be lyin’ to us
Really, we’re all you got, who else can you really trust?
And when you’re all alone, put you right in that zone
Who the ones you think helped you come up with all the songs?
Shit it’s him him him him me me me me
Listen to us (listen to us), we in harmony
Been through everything you did for so we all mo cheese

It’s okay, I get it, just give a nigga some peace
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All these voices in my head
Okay, I get it, just give a nigga some peace
All these voices in my head

For real, it’s over
When it’s over, when it’s over
I wanted my soul to have closure
When it’s over, when it’s over

Loud the cry of the voices, Henny to numb the pain
They’re makin’ it hard to sleep, can’t get ‘em out of my brain
All the wrong that I’ve done, all the hearts that I’ve broke
We could’ve had something real but I was being a ho
Lied to cover my tracks and made it up in the sack
Regardless of who I screwed knew you would take me back
All the scams we did, all the load that we boosted
All the cars that we cracked, all that shit we was movin’
All the niggas we whooped, all the odds that we shot at
We got away with murder, pray to God it don’t come back
Hope that God knows my heart, we young and we runnin’ wild
Survive a nigga jungle with poachers huntin’ us down
Food was getting scarce, niggas turned on each other
Not that that’s an excuse, we disappointed our mothers
All the dirt that we did is covered up in the blood
Put that on everything I’ve lost, to these voices in my head
Regardless what I do, can’t get these voices out my head

For real, it’s over
When it’s over, when it’s over
I wanted my soul to have closure
When it’s over, when it’s over

Seven years old, I saw grandma die
Traumatized, it happened right in front of my eyes
Eleven years old, witnessed my first kill
At twelve we shot tech 9’s at back of the building
You have to smell flesh burning, skin turning
Try me about a second, feel the presence of death lurkin’
Been to funerals every week
Shit I survived the gangbanging era when at its peek
Pistols put to my head, bullets was by my ears
Started becoming numbest like I’m running out of tears
See my daddy layin’ dead, he finally gave up the fight
And watched my brother try to bring him back to life
This why there’s voices in my head
Can’t get these voices out my head

The way I see PTSD (or post-traumatic stress disorder) is that people are haunted by something that happened to them in their past. A lot of family members will complain you’re not like you used to be. If this is happening to you, especially if you thought you’d be killed or seriously injured then you might be having problems from PTSD..

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------ Performed by Mikkey Halsted

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------ 09/02/2014

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