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Nana Mouskouri Over and Over Lyrics

Last updated: 07/03/2014 09:35:44 PM

I never dare to reach for the moon
I never thought I'd know heaven so soon
I couldn't hope to say how I feel
The joy in my heart no words can reveal


Over and over I whisper your name
Over and over I kiss you again
I see the light of love in your eyes
Love is forever,no more good-byes

Now just a memory the tears that I cried
Now just a memory the sighs that I sighed
Dreams that I cherished all have come true
All my tomorrows I give to you

Repeat Refrain)

Life's summer leaves may turn into gold
The love that we share will never grow old
Here in your arms the world's far away
Here in your arms forever I'll stay

Refrain twice

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Fantastic Song | Reviewer: Molly | 7/3/14

Today is the first day I heard the song, which is my colleague's phone ring. It is so nice that I searched the lyrics online for the full version. Thank God, I find it here!

By the way, since that colleague is not at her dest right now, all other people here are enjoying the song for 3 times. LOL~

Over and Over | Reviewer: tareq | 11/4/07

WhenI was 12 the song first came out. T
At the time,when one was young,I thought both she and her great song were great. Little one knew,that it was not one's age,but she was indeed a great artist. Unfortunatley,they do not make songs like this.

Classic Mouskouri | Reviewer: cormo | 7/23/07

And yes Nana does it again. Her classic 'cleverness' at interpreting a song will never leave us, long after the lady herself does [which we all hope won't be soon]
Long Live Mouskouri