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Congratulations you have won
It's a year subscription of bad puns
And a make-shift story of concern
And to set it up, before it burns
My opinions. Mmm. Mmm. (x4)

Well there seems to be a problem here
When the scale of emotions seems too clear
Now They rise and fall like wall street stock
And they have an affect on our peace talk

Our opinions. Mmm. Mmm.
My opinions. Mmm. Mmm. (x3)

Congratulations you have won
It's a year subscription of bad puns
And a make-shift story of concern
And you set it up, before it burns

Your opinions. Mmm. Mmm. (x6)

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Rhino's pierced nose, stale noggin' harbors foggin' .^.*o | Reviewer: Dewey | 3/3/12

What does the song mean to you? Standing on high ground we relate instead of capitalizing our hate. To me, this song represents hatred for someone who goes, aimlessly talks. This person will put people who aren't in the room down, only focus on their own interests. They don't seem to be self aware, and can't see the disinterest in the observers eyes. Stay true to you.

Seriously? | Reviewer: Kole | 9/6/11

guys this is the third fight about kurt and nirvana ive seen online today!! two i didnt even meen to find. people just need to fuck off about who wrote what, or what kurt or anyone would have aproved of. but the truth is, kurt is the only one who knows the truth about anyting like this. i think he just lies for the fun of it. just read "Cobian Unseen." after i read that i realized that kurt is a compolsive liar and does more drugs than most people thought he did. i mean whats the point of fighting over this crap. is it really goint to make your life better, or his memorie any better? and PS it doesnt matter how you got the song its a fucking song. let it go. just enjoy the music!

you fucking prick | Reviewer: joey | 8/28/11

pat smear x guitar player for the germs just before the MTV unplugged concert was officially in nirvana if you watch the concert on DVD kurt says and i quote "oh this is our new guitar player pat, he's a certified honorary punk rocker" and i unquote you fucking illiterate prick

WOW | Reviewer: Dustin | 10/15/10

Okay to the dumbass who thinks theres four Nirvana members, the ONLY times there where four members was for the Bleach album (Jason Everman) and he only played one song on the album BIG CHEESE, and the other is that fucking Kurt Cobain wanna be that was back up for him in Un-pluged. Other then that dude there are only FIVE people that can say there where in Nirvana [Chad Channing,Jason Everman,Krist Novoselic,Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain] the other dude can fuck off cause hes a poser wanna be bitch, that no one in the band liked anyway.

fuc | Reviewer: cigihk | 3/17/10

as i expected more cocksuckers talking shit about courtney, dont you know she saved his life before, obviously grohl and krist dont believe courtney was responsible. he shouldn't have been such a miserable fuck

Answer to Mykal Distortion | Reviewer: Mac | 11/5/09

Dude, I'd agree with you IN THEORY. Fact remains that there's a lot of stuff on those albums that you can't find anywhere else. Even their "Best of" album doesn't have half of Nirvana's "Best" songs. I wouldn't by Kurt's diary, but I'll listen to the music he made to share with the world anytime.

other version | Reviewer: petke | 6/2/09

it is one of my favourite songs from nirvana.it's pretty simple and it has greater feeling for me.
btw.I have an electric version of this song, I don't know if anyone knows it or ever heared it but but you would like to liston to just send me an email.petke1991@hotmail.com

FUCK YOU | Reviewer: Mykal Distortion | 4/8/09

Those of you who have heard this song because of "Sliver Best of the box" or "With The Light's Out" can go fuck yourselves. If you were a true Nirvana fan, you wouldn't buy Kurt's exploited work to fill Courtney's arm with heroin. I top my hat off to those who have the bootlegged version with Kurt talking to the DJ.

-Mykal Distortion

The truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/08

This is a song wrote by kurt for a radio appearence this song can be found on the album with the lights out and this song and Talk to me were gifts, talk to me was a song for mark leagan screaming trees vocalist and the other 1 for iggy pop but when he died courtney was too retaded to do it rite and she switched songs so mark got opinion these songs were never recorded again

Steve You're An Idiot | Reviewer: Michelle | 6/28/08

Ok the reviewer Steve is very very wrong. I usually hate to get into these things because in truth only the three band members know the truth about Nirvana and only Kurt Cobain knows what all these lyrics mean etc. Anyway this IS a song WRITTEN and SUNG by KURT COBAIN. If anyone has the Silver Album it says Written and Sung by Kurt Cobain, it was a radio appearance.

Steve is wrong | Reviewer: MuddWizz | 2/21/08

I don't know where the reviewer named Steve, 6/30/2007, got his mis-information but my version of Opinion has a radio dj introduce kurt to the listeners, they chat - it is obviously Kurt Cobain, and Kurt takes full credit for the lyrics even saying "I just wrote most of the lyrics this evening (radio dj - "in the car on the way up here?) While I was driving with one foot." Just thought I'd share. PS Great song!

heres my opinion | Reviewer: Adam | 1/28/08

yo this song is pretty crazy and the chords are so simple i love rockin this song and Jack down below fuck you buddy its grundge off notes and different timings are what make Nivana such a legendary band they used bad notes to sound good.

Opinion | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/9/07

To John: There is a way to get this without ''with the lights out''. Its available on Sliver:The Best Of Box. I brought it on ebay but it is probably available instore.

Just wow | Reviewer: John | 8/24/07

Another great song about pop culture. Is there any way to get this outside "With the Lights Out"?

nice | Reviewer: sam | 8/11/07

i love this song and nirvana. i even wrote my own song called opinion (lyrics are completely different). i'm dedicating my song called opinion to kurt cobain and nirvana and anyone who appreciates him and his talent.

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