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Boards on the window
Mail by the door
Why would anybody leave so quickly for
Where have you gone?

The old neighborhood
Just ain't the same
Nobody knows just
What became of
Tell me what went wrong?

Was it somethin' that somebody said?
Mama I know we broke the rules
Was somebody up against the law?
Honey, you know
I'd die for you

Ashes of laughter
The ghost is clear
Why do the best things always disappear?
Like Ophelia
Please darken my door.

Was it somethin' that somebody said?
Honey, you know we broke the rule
Was somebody up against the law?
Honey you know
I'd die for you

they got your number
scared and runnin'
but I'm still waitin' for
the second coming
of Ophelia
come back home

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Hamlet indeed! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/13

Kevin, I'm here because I had to google the lyrics after reading Elaine Showalter's article "Represnting Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Reponsbilities of Feminist Criticism." Showalter states that Ophelia maintains: "visibility as a subject in literature, pop culture and painting." She goes on to point out that within music Bob Dylan plops her on Desolation Row. Given this published article. Unfortunately, I don't think Showalter heard the bands version of Ophelia. The lyrics seem to suggest that Ophelia is indeed sexually deviant, mad and flighty, much like Ophelia in Shake's Hamlet!

Regards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/13

No matter, Ophelia is one of the great songs of all time and a lot of fun to play. Levon was a soulful and inspirational musician and songwriter producer who portrayed life's most meaningful expressions in song. God Bless Levon Helm and may his soul rest forever. Long live the midnite barn jams.

The ghost is clear | Reviewer: Kevin | 3/17/12

In the verse that starts with the enigmatic line "ashes of laughter, the ghost is clear," the reference may be to the Ophelia of Shakespeare's play "Hamlet," in which a noblewoman flirts sexually [and inapropriately] with stange men, loses her mind, runs away and dissapears, and drowns herself. Leon Helms was clearly a well educated guy and "Hamlet" is read by most high school students so my suggestion doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

Darken My Door | Reviewer: Crewmax42 | 9/20/11

DMD is an old phrase. I always thought it was a slight slur on whomever it was directed - sort of like "look what the cat drug in" when someone appears. "Coast is clear" is correct, too. Sorry Ophelia - unless you're 50-60ish, the song isn't about you. You have the egg before the chicken. :^)

I am Ophelia | Reviewer: Ophelia | 10/20/09

Hello, my name is Ophelia. It was so unbelievable that my name was used for a song! Well, I really appreciate that. Thank you to whosoever writing the lyrics,it was sooooo....SWEET of you. I will keep the lyric because it meant a lot to me... (^_^)

coast or ghost? | Reviewer: B3and88 | 11/14/07

I've only got the version on the Best Of record, but I think the third verse is a play on words, and not the familiar cliche.

Ashes of laughter
The ghost is clear

Also, I do agree that it's "darken my door".

Darken my door | Reviewer: George | 11/9/07

You're right, Jake. I was watching my copy of Last Waltz last night, and Levon clearly sings, "Please darken my door." And you're right about the imagery, too. I like the idea of Ophelia reappearing and casting shadows.

Please drop through my door | Reviewer: Jake | 5/9/07

Always thought it was "please darken my door". You know like when someone stands in a lit hallway in front of a room with the lights out but door open (as if anticipating a visitor). When the visitor comes, the door goes dark? I really don't know if this is right, but I hope so, because the imagery is far superior to 'come drop in my door'. You could drop into a room or an establishment, but dropping in to a door sounds painful.

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