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Weezer Only in Dreams Lyrics

Last updated: 10/26/2013 07:35:12 AM

You can't resist her.
She's in your bones.
She is your marrow
And your ride home.

You can't avoid her.
She's in the air... in the air
In between molecules of
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

Only in dreams
We see what it means.
Reach out our hands.
Hold onto hers.
But when we wake
It's all been erased.
And so it seems
Only in dreams.

You walk up to her.
Ask her to dance.
She says, "Hey, baby, I just might take the chance."
You say, "It's a good thing
That you float in the air... in the air.
That way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces."


Only in dreams. (x6)

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my forever crush | Reviewer: weezer nerd | 10/26/13

this song has deep meaning for me. there is a man whom I have known since I was twenty. we are now 27.. we live in different states. we have drifted apart several times, but every time we see each other the fire is still there, whether or not we are dating other people, have kids, etc. he never asked me out.. and there was such a huge opportunity with him that I missed out on because this is the one and only crush I have consistently held onto for the past seven, almost eight years. we now talk via text every day and I have such a massive crush it makes me sick to my stomach and sad. this song reflects my emotions perfectly. maybe some day our relationship won't just be one where we are in dreams together..

the greatest one | Reviewer: dita | 1/11/13

weezer is my favorite one.. very polite lyrics & 'fun' melody. everytime i hear their song, it turns me back to 90's, school time.... accompanied by weezer song everywhere it sounds 'cool' for me :), every songs in blue album & pinkerton is Rockin' and awesome. Rivers is the smart one indeed, 8/1/2013 it's one of the unforgetable nite... u rockin' Jakarta, thanks for the great show ever my very humble rockstar. We always waiting for u WEEZER <3

it really means only in dreams | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/11

woke up this morning to this beautiful girl, her and i were in love. It felt like my soul had been touched, she was happy to be with me and i was happy to be with her. I did not want to let go, it felt so good, Sad to say it was only a dream, i even tried falling back to sleep, i was so late for work this morning, *sigh* only in dreams...

A crush... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/11

Weezer brings so many different emotions about love and relationships into a song like only in dreams it really is amazing. for those looking for a literal meaning to this song, its about a crush... we all want the courage to ask that special someone in our lives for that one chance... i have always wondered why rivers sings about lost opportunity in some of the songs he has done.. but this song rocks! especially the ending solo.. amazing.

all i can think of is beauty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/11

Beauty that doesnt exist. songs like this are depressingly beautiful, on different levels. they make you think of the simplicity of life, alter universes where you were cooler, wittier and acted on the emotions in the songs. this song sits on your chest heavily and although its restricting you dont want the weight to leave. it exists, but sadly and beautifully it doesnt.

Only in texts | Reviewer: Silver Shadow | 8/23/11

this song reminds me of this on girl and me. we tell each other about our feelings for each other, through texts. But when we see each other in school its as if nothing had changed. I dont get that many hugs from her. So it was only a text relationship which makes me sound lame, but i thought i should share.

I love this song | Reviewer: Braden | 7/1/11

To be honest, the only Weezer song that i knew about for quite a while was My Name is Jonas. I finaly decided to buy the blue album about a year ago and i first picked this song just because of the bass line. Now i realise how amazing this song really is.

Everything about this song is beautiful. | Reviewer: ianclap | 6/29/11

I was born in 94. As a kid growing up with older brothers, all I heard was weezer. I knew nothing but weezer. To me Weezer was the greatest band. I am now 17 , weezer has now faded-sadly to say. After listening to their newer albums , it almost put me in tears. Of course now I am aware of many other bands... But I was always right about weezer since i was little. Weezer is the greatest bad(till Pinkerton) Their music has so much meaning towards it. Some songs just just gives you the chills, almost putting you in tears because of the beautiful, meaningfulness of the songs they wrote.

Only In Dreams is by far my favorite song from weezer. Its beautiful.

Man, I love Weezer :) | Reviewer: | 2/10/11

Reading all the great comments about Weezer makes me really happy :)
Only in Dreams and Perfect Situation are my favorite, but the rest are great, too.
I started listening to Weezer when I was kid because my older siblings would play it all the time (along with things like Moby....when that was cool lol) At the time, I just knew all the words and would sing along without knowing the meaning. But now I understand the meanings to their songs, it makes the experience of listening to the songs even better <3
Love you Weezer!

love weezer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/10

this and every song from the blue and green album bring back great memories as me and my ex drove to vegas a few years back and listened to the green album the whole way there, and we caught weezer live at the hard rock, i love weezer

Classic | Reviewer: Joe | 12/16/09

This is one of my favorite songs ever. I was in middle school back when this album came out. Everyone loved the sweater song. I ended up buying the album several years later when I previewed the rest of the songs in a record store. You really have to admire the stay power of this band. Still my all time favorite band.

I have read that other reviews of this song that criticized the newer Weezer songs as not being true to the earlier "Weezer sound" but I suspect that these critics don't own their other albums. Rivers is still as raw as he ever was, the difference is the amount of production. With the except of a few select songs, most of their songs could have been produced differently and would be right at home with the original Blue album.

Depressed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/09

This song really took a toll on me as of lately. I didnt really understand it at first, but since the savage break-up I suffered this past summer I have listened to this song with tears swelled up in my eyes. Its really kind of sad in my opinion. My ex had the song in her ipod and I listened to it in summer before we broke up and I didnt give it as much attention as I do now. Haha, I think maybe its because she sort of showed it too me. I've been talking to everyone about this song.

its weezer | Reviewer: casi aquel | 9/7/09

i loved theissong, i love rap music but this has inspired me to become a better artist period. one that can put out music one day that moves people as much as weezer has. That is the only reward i seek.

and now, it's reality. | Reviewer: Gen | 8/23/09

There are no words, and no form of expression any better than this song by Weezer for the love my best friend&more, Brandon, and I have for each other.
There were days when we weren't together and I was going through emotional disturbances, and every moment we shared became a memory that would flood my dreams.
The first time we met, he asked me if I wanted to dance. Haha, we were there not knowing how to, really.
We were born in 1994, and Weezer is the band he grew up listening to.
And he dedicated this song to me.
I'll never forget it, and forever it shall be my favorite.
It is my life mission to learn the bass part!
Thank you Weezer. Thank you.

Great song | Reviewer: Daggoth | 4/8/09

Its a great song. Its depressing, and its depressing because its so true. I find that about a lot of weezer's songs; they're just, real! None of this disney prince charming BS they feed you when you're young. Weezer tells it like it is!

Unfortunately, their sound DRAMATICALLY changed between pinkerton and the green album... personally, I prefer the old weezer... has anyone else noticed this?