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I can't tolerate your sadness
Cause it's me you are drowning (You're drowning me)
I won't allow (allow) any happiness
Cause everytime you laugh, I feel so (so weak)... guilty (guilty)
I feel so guilty

Am I forced to have any regret
I've become the lie, beautiful and free
In my righteous own mind
I adore and preach the insanity you gave to me

Oh, sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
No need for sympathy, the misery that is me

I've lost the ability to paint the clouds
Cause it's me you're draining (You're draining me)
I'm stuck in this slow-motion dark tale
Cause everytime you run, I fall (fall).. behind (behind)
I fall behind

And so I hear my voice again
The tale of the bitter man there I am
Shake the silence and hear what it says
The tranquil pride that become the lie

Oh, sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
No need for sympathy, the misery that is me

Sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
On bleeding knees, oh, I accept my fate

[instrumental part]

Sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
No need for sympathy, the misery that is me

Oh, sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
On bleeding knees, oh, I accept my fate

Sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
No need for sympathy, the misery that is me

Oh, sell me the infection, it is only for the weak
On bleeding knees...

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headbang | Reviewer: dieds44 | 6/20/12

most of the people try to box label music , whats up with that ? ? If you like it then listen to it if you dont like it then dont listen to it , lets not become idiots and argue style and volume , it sounds like heavy metal to me so i dont go about yelling from a ice cream truck IN FLAMES ASE GOTHENBURG HEAVY METAL ! Be fair and give a band theyre credit IF they deserve it and dont ruin other peoples life with technical stuff

Best lyrics fr Me | Reviewer: Earth | 1/3/12

In flames , the vocalist has a golden voice no one can try to imitate his voice chords, the meaning according to me says that the weak helpless r tired of failure and r now challenging and accepting their fate!!!!!!

IN FLAMES knows what it's all about | Reviewer: Ron | 10/26/11

people in general are stupid and these posts here are not an exception,In Flames are very very technical (now this is coming from a person who plays very well on two totally different instruments) not only that im not really into death metal or metal.their song structures are nothing but amazing anyone else who think differently is either deaf, ignorant or both

??? | Reviewer: Avijit | 7/5/11

It took me one minute to realize that it's a mind-blowing song. People are talking about being non-technical or technical, I think they should know something. "Playing difficultly" is not the condition for a song being "Mind-Blowing" to someone. This song is a easy song to play, but it is appealing to me.
If people are so curious to label the genre of the song, I will say, it's a death-ballad. :P
Funny, Anders sounds a bit like Marilyn Manson here.

technicality of in flames.. | Reviewer: vik | 5/18/11

all those guyz whu r arguin abt in flames being tech or non-tech, first learn sum music n den post blogz lyk dis. In flames r non tech melodic death metal n being nontech doesnt make em bad artist. Itz jus a style of playin n both tech n nontech stylez r equaly aceptable in heavy metal..

Love It!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

Fuckin' In Flames, what can you say. Just amazing, they're just one of those bands you know? They've got something special. As far as the technicality argument, that was probably from a TechDeath listener, and compared to that this isn't technical, it's Melodeath. But for music in general they have great technical ability.

woooohoooo! | Reviewer: Metaltown 2010 | 6/22/10

Only for the weak, Metaltown in Gothenburgh 2010 : 25 000 people jumping and singing along at the top of their lungs. Apparently we move the bridge crossing the river in central gothenburgh by a decimeter. It doesn't get much more brilliant than this...

Simply awesome | Reviewer: Metaphor | 12/18/09

Yeah, I don't know about being technical, guys, but if roof is the limit, this song is in the stratosphere. Fuck, I don't even listen to heavy metal, not to even speak of death metal, but at least some of In Flames' songs just make your blood boil. I'm not sure if it's ok to get emotional while listening to this kind of music but after the instrumental part I just want to scream along. Wish there was an abundance of this shit in the world.

Melodeath | Reviewer: ella | 10/25/09

to Curnow: it was At the Gates, Dark Trangility and In Flames that created the genre Melodic death metal aka Gothenburg metal. They were all bands from Gothenburg, Sweden. So it was not In Flames alone that were the creators of the genre. That was all I wanted to say.

Oh, I nearly forgot to say that In Flames pwns!

the last sentence is a bit random, but true.

technics | Reviewer: histasp | 7/28/09

i think in flames and all death metall bands are technical becous this method needs solos needs changable rythems and themes.and someone who says they arenot technical i think he doesnt know any thing about music. at least the song is great but i prefer more clear lyrics .i think we must understand what the song is about by hearing it. being mysterious is good but not so much.

technical..? | Reviewer: anon. | 5/2/09

If you put in flames on a scale together with all other rock/metal bands, I'm sure i would put em relatively high on that scale. Anyways if you only judge em by this song you make a mistake.. Only For The Weak is one of their slower songs, and doesen't show very much of instrumental difficulties. But In Flames in general is one of the more technical bands.

I adore in flames' way to make fast melodious and relatively difficult riffs, as well as they carry a great image, and makes songs I just cant avoid liking.

In flames dont conform | Reviewer: Curnow | 3/18/09

What are all you guys arguing about?
in flames are the creators of melodic deathmetal and their songs are amazing, but no they are not technical but who cares, if a band only cares about the technical skill then you dig yourself in a hole and u end up like dragonforce.

wtf Ellky | Reviewer: reanimation | 11/10/08

What the hell are you on about"In Flames is not very technical" they are beyond technical In Flames are by far one of the most adapted melodic death metal artists there is they play notes that alot of artists have trouble playing so im pretty sure they are greatly technical thats like an insult to In Flames where the hell did u pull that out off??? seriously they havent disappointed at all on any of their albums.


Only for the Weak by Ann | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/08

I love this song! I love heavy metal music, but I prefer that which I can understand and intelligent lyrics (megadeth) and melodic metal. I'm 50 so give me a break! I play electric bass (heavy metal) and if I listen to metal, I prefer that I understand the lyrics. I don't particularly care for barking and growling.

Not technical enough for my personal tastes | Reviewer: Ellky | 7/6/08

I enjoy the catchy guitar progressions, classical stylings, and memorable lyrics. However, In Flames is not very technical, and they aren't really shining through the songs with amazing instrumental talent. But they have a somewhat unique sound, and I will always appreciate melodic death metal for what it is.

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