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Atmosphere One Of A Kind Lyrics

Last updated: 08/07/2011 12:00:00 PM

Pain [3x]

The way she listen to what the mc said
She might as well plug the RCA cords into her head
Taking that into consideration at the center of creation
Cats still criticize my frustration raps

Well off he goes, coming cop some flows
You better cross your toes and hopes that I don't climb you like an obstacle
Mission impossible, fishing in the kitchen sink
Ya'll fall for anything so what you think this kid will bring

Poker face, let me hold my place
The namesake is Slug, but you, you can call me stoker ace
Open invitation to catch today's ejaculation all across the front
Of your pretty little apron (Bitch!)

This goes to those who want a mouth full of Sean's load
Thanks for starting, now you're barking down the wrong road
Sacrifice plays a part in grabbing mics
From now to the afterlife I'll continue passion-like

I love this fucking whore with all my heart
And ain't nobody gonna stop me from doing my part
It gave me life, it saved me life, it raised me right
So slide shoulder slide and please hand over that mic

[chorus 2x]
Who am I? One of a kind, Send em' one at a time
You're all the same only separate by kick snares and names
And some of ya'll even share the same names
So fuck you and your lies baby, show no shame

So point a finger at the sucker that's having a good summer
Ain't got no bread, no need to know wonder
But I got the phone number to this weakness I know
Who can put me back together, make me feel whole

So take me apart, try to break me down,
Spend all you got just to hate the clown.
You can fake the frown, imitate the sound
Underworld, world-wide, wide world of underground
It goes, one little, two little, three little indie rap
Headphones, backpack, watch em' all piggyback
Switch up my style, they all complain, but see
Which kids next year sound the same as me?

The same shit yesterday was like today
Only difference is I trust even less of what you say
But all in all I still make the noise, I still break the toys, I still hate your voice
I still say fuck a major label till it limps,
Put your deal up our table and we'll show you who's the pimp.
There is no sympathy for the careless,
Fuck the extra credit and fuck the demerits.
Class dismissed.

(One of a kind, one, one of a kind) [3x]

(You're all the same)

[chorus 3x]
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