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Anathema One Last Goodbye Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2012 11:00:00 AM

How I needed you
How I grieve, now you're gone
In my dreams I see you
I awake so alone

I know you didn't want to leave
Your heart yearned to stay
But the strength I always loved in you
Finally gave way

Somehow I knew you would leave me this way
Somehow I knew you could never never stay
And in the early morning light
After a silent peaceful night
You took my heart away
And my being

In my dreams I can see you
I can tell you how I feel
In my dreams I can hold you
And it feels so real

I still feel the pain
I still feel your love
I still feel the pain
I still feel your love

And somehow I knew you could never never stay
And somehow I knew you would leave me
And in the early morning light
After a silent peaceful night
You took my heart away
oh I wish, I wish you could have stayed

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I love Anathema! | Reviewer: Andy | 7/13/12

I heard this song after one of my friends died. I heard it before that, but now it has a lot more sense... Although, I wish it would be a normal song for me and nothing else. I'm sad.

Alternate feelings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/12

I love this kind of songs and now especially since my dog died. She was 13 years and I had her since I was 7. She grew up with me and today there was an Earthquake in MX and she fell and died. I can't imagine how I'll feel if a human I know dies.

...with bated breath | Reviewer: v kge | 2/4/12

...with bated breath I await what is to come for sure.. Wife of mine battles one of the most aggresive type of breast cancer. We have got a 4 yo douhgter.... Always when I am listening to this song while working overnight, I am crying and praying Lord to give us more time...

nothing | Reviewer: hediye | 2/6/12

i can remember my past.those days when i was listening to this song.and i was waiting for him,i watched over the window..for hours waiting for him..he came .but he left me soon . as soon as he came.i love this part..Somehow I knew you would leave me this way...i still feel the pain..i still feel your love

Damn | Reviewer: Esther | 1/10/12

Wow Damn,It exactly shows my feeling.It's really hard when My BF Lied me that he doesn't love me but I can feel his love but He had to leave and now I'm alone with a lot of dreams....
I don't know what should I do,I'm dying....:(

I still feel the pain! | Reviewer: Ahmad_sankar | 12/27/11

I still feel the pain.... I still feel your love!
I'm crying while I'm typing this comment.
The feeling that I feel right now is terrible, I just don't wanna live anymore.this feeling I got after I had walked with the girl I love for a while. But actually she doesn't love me, she just likes me and always wants to be with me. but not the way that I wanted. after this walk with her I told her that I love her and I can't live without her. I held her hands and cried, then she hugged me. she was very sorry for me, but she couldn't do anything for me.yesterday was her birthday and I gave her her gift today, first she didn't accept it, but later she took it. then I went back home and turned this song on I'm crying as death. my heart is beating like hell. I wish god would change her and put my love in her heart.

HIts home | Reviewer: Mandee | 12/22/11

I lost my aunt to lung cancer this morning and I will be doing choreography to it in her memory and my grandmother who also battled breast cancer. The lyrics are amazing and very true.

Anathema forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

This song is about his grandmother, and he dedicates every time before he sings it. however it's so not specified, you can dedicate it to whom ever you want. I dedicate it to everyone i have lost,

I think one of the best songs I've heard shortly | Reviewer: Javier | 1/24/08

I have only a doubt... this song refers to the death of a lover, don't it? First time I heard it I thought it was a sad lover regreting of break him/her relationship... but I'm not sure what it means actually...

perfect song, perfect lyric | Reviewer: Shuker | 11/3/07

this song makes me crazy, when i listen it at nights and i feel so alone in this damned world. (its not bad)...

a special song.... | Reviewer: drunkangel | 10/4/07

this song means something to me and i remember it every time i here this song.'in my dream i can see u i can tell u how i feel,in my dreams i can see u and it feels so real.'

one last goodbye | Reviewer: ryma | 9/7/07

more than a simple song, a part of every human soul,feelings falling trought sound ,like the tears i delivre any time i remmber...

i offer this song to the one i wished him to stay, the one who took my heart away,
anathema thank u for being different of the others bands.

Nothing to say | Reviewer: aidin | 9/2/07

just listen this is the great anathema.awesome song performed by the god of doom.emotional,amazing,somber...and love,just love.i love it. anathema for ever

amazing! | Reviewer: salified | 8/22/07

this song is the greatest hit of anathema.
it reminds me of a dearest friend of mine that sold me out to his boyfriend.

anazing song | Reviewer: bobby | 8/5/07

how can i describe this song? is of the most emotional songs i have ever heard..thank you anathema.