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Eric Clapton Old Love Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2008 11:00:00 AM

I can feel your body
When I'm lying in bed
There's too much confusion
Going around through my head

And it makes me so angry
To know that the flame still burns
Why can't I get over?
When will I ever learn?

Old love, leave me alone
Old love, go on home

I can see your face
But I know that it's not real
It's just an illusion
Caused by how I used to feel

And it makes me so angry
To know that the flame will always burn
I'll never get over
I know now that I'll never learn


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Need some response on this email message | Reviewer: Sandy | 4/7/2008

I sent in a ? re the lyrics on Old Love, Eric Clapton. I had asked if the word Lonesome was anywhere in lyrics as I had heard it sung with lonesome in it. I see where you thanked me for submitting lyrics. I did not know if they were correct or not, just wanted to know the answer to the above. Thanks for your response in advance. I love this site!