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We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
And yet I fight
And yet I fight
This battle all alone
No one to cry to
No place to call home


My gift of self is raped
My privacy is raked
And yet I find
And yet I find
Repeating in my head
If I can't be my own
I'd feel better dead


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The cusp of my life. | Reviewer: lil_cuetito | 9/7/13

What I was, what I am, what I will be ... past, present, future, all bound here in these lyrics. I too was an explorer of forbidden vices and pleasures. In my case it would not be self-destruction, but a massacre.

Not so dark | Reviewer: Rain | 5/18/12

There's been said a lot about depression, suicide and all the rest of it... But for me this song is not so dark as most of AiC.

And yet I fight, and yet I fight this battle all alone...

This word "fight" is sort of stressed. And even the line "I'd better feel dead" makes me wanna fight for being my own self... And there's something painfully light in the music... That's what life is - sad, bitter, but beautiful and worth struggling for. Even if you're alone... Maybe it sounds strange, but I feel this song sort of positive .

Nut shell | Reviewer: Udontcareneways | 5/15/12

I myself know-that-

since I can't be MY own I will feel better dead, because being my own isn't what others want for me.There is no category to put me into other than addict in most peoples eyes,and like Layne,I don't want to be categorized.
I(will inevitably)FADE AWAY(as well)

ELOQUENT | Reviewer: LAURA | 12/8/11

I must say after reading many of these reviews that all of us AIC fans are a sensitive, kind people as a whole. This song touches a nerve deep inside, it moves me to tears. I miss Layne. This song reminds me of when I was rock bottom and would wake up crying wishing I would just die. Well, somehow I made it through and am back in the Land of the Living. Losing it all made me appreciate what life has to offer. Say a prayer for all the suffering addicts, but for the grace of could be you or me. God Bless you all and find the strength to keep going on and may we all find that happiness and love we all so desperately need and want. Laura

Another great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/11

Haven't listened to this song in years but yesterday heard it on the radio and decided to then download the MP3. Jar of Flies was my favorite AIC album in High School and this song brings back a lot of memories. Personally "Don't Follow" gets me more emotional then Nutshell - that's just a sad song. Nutshell has that more depressing feel to it because of the music - not so much the lyrics. Nothing earth shattering lyrically to the song compared to other Seattle bands of the time such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, etc. But musically it's a great song that seems to capture the essence of the time period.

As for all the suicide talk on here, I don't believe that AIC really ventured much into that territory. The songs were at times hopeless, depressing, sad, angry. But lyrically, I wouldn't say suicide really came up it them. You can never blame music for someones death. I mean, how many people have Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, or old school Metallica killed??? haha

better off dead? | Reviewer: mr hunt | 7/20/11

whoo whoo whoo, stop the phone a min. the song doesnt say anything about people just plain ole being better off dead. "If i cant be myself, Id feel better dead" i think everyone who likes or dislikes the song should just think about that for a minute. imagine being caged inside you own body, mind mad. not being able to be your true self. no matter what caused it wouldnt that be about the worst thing imaginable. unless you been there first hand you cant even fathom what that is like. i would never condone suicide but the fact of the matter is i agree with the line. if I cant be myself i would be better dead. personally that is why i strive to be better, to do better, and to succeed in being myself. or at least attempt it. life is a struggle and that is a hard fact. my heart goes out to this persons lost cousin and family. hopefully we can all learn of it and make something good from it. and if anyone is reading this that is feeling like the end is near.... dont give up the good fight, be yourself, find yourself again because it can be done.

R.I.P Layne | Reviewer: Glenn | 7/18/11

This song and River of deceit with Mad Seasons is my favorite songs.
I am not a drug user but I have had suicide thoughts since 13-15 years age.
First now at the age of 40, they have found out that I'm probably bipolar.
Usually I cant hear this kind of music because it makes me more depressed, because I understand that so many others also has a hard time. And that makes me sad, but I love AIC and Mad Season.

stunning | Reviewer: onesqueeky | 10/15/10

One of the attractive aspects of AIC, as ironic as it sounds, is the dark nature of their music. You can't make up pain as it is expressed in some of their songs. Nutshell is the helpless and hopeful in that order. Someone said that there are no happy herion users and that is true. But the fact is the reason people do heroin is because they are unhappy to begin with. Heroin works for a short time then turns on'em. "Down In A Hole" sings about that hopelessness of no apparent way out. Gut renching stuff. I've read that every AIC member at one time struggled with addiction. Only Layne could not find the key to let himself out of his Box. I like others have struggles but do not find the music depressing in the least, although I wish at times I could express myself as well as these lyrics do.

Tired | Reviewer: Nuttie | 10/13/10

I find myself listen to this song when im depressed over something, feelings of beeing alone, tired of most things in my life, but somewhere this song gives me something to lean on, i dont know what it could be that feels better when i hear it, maybe it is as most of you say, reminding of "youre not alone". Anyway, somewhere im kinda selfish, and would mostly think "i dont care about your problems" but when i think deeper, i would feel very glad if someone cared about mine, so maybe this song is erasing my selfish mind wich drags me down into my own problem and repeatingly annoys me, and yes it would be nice to care for once about someone else if they cared about me back.

my understanding | Reviewer: elisabeth mullins | 10/13/10

When I first heard Nutshell, it took me by surprise how much I like it. The lyrics reached out to me. I was abused sexually when I was little and the lyrics screamed what I was feeling.The words to Nutshell are well thought out and are just amazing... thank you Alice in Chains for reading my soul

AIC | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/10

The thing about most of AIC, is it let's you know you are not alone.
Life is full of pain, addiction (in one form or another), suffering, loneliness & death.

Life is also full of inspiration, joy, strength, beauty & happiness..........

AIC never makes me want to end anything.
It inspires me because I realize I am not alone. Lot's people deal with lot's problems. I am 48, and every day is a challenge, but I persevere and do the best I can.

When I hear this song, it always stops me in my tracks and I get choked up (especially the unplugged version).

Miss you Layne......

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/10

I believe lane provided us with something to bitch about , ponder and appreciate. It does just what music and artist came to the table to do, which is provide a release in the form of a beautiful message. The simple fact is lane gave something to the world , a lot of people cant say that, so i thank lane for that. i would also bet theres no 37 year olds that want to kill themselves , teens and early youth all have a rough time discovering how to fit in to this 'takers' world we live in.

seriously | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/10

Ok. I can understand the bitterness in this guy who's relative killed himself. But in all honesty, listening to a song does not re-enforce suicidal thoughts. I have lived with thoughts of suicide since I was 11 years old (I'm 32 now).

I have listened to a lot of songs over the years that speak so well to the pain I feel daily. For some its lack of self worth or self image. For others its feeling they're in a bad spot in their life that they can't seem to get out of and have something better for themselves. For others its feeling they've let everyone in their lives down. I know mine stems from ALL of the above.

When the thoughts hit me, I listen to songs like this because they speak so true. It reminds me that there are others out there feeling the same way I do and it helps relieve the anger and sadness and self-lothing.

"Down in a Hole" saved my life 2 years ago. I had the gun to my head - my music playing on random when it came on and I stopped myself. I had my headphones blasted so I couldn't hear my phone ring nor hear if someone was knocking on my door so there was nothing to stop me. Most people listen to these songs to help remind themselves they're truly not alone in this world whether they're conscious of that or not.

I know I've fucked up BAD and I have hurt my friends, family and myself badly. My issue is that I have not learned how to forgive myself. I struggle daily, wondering how to do it. No one can tell me how because we each have our own way to do it. Trust me. My thoughts flared up a few days ago and I remember missing listening to Alice in Chains so I went through all my old MP3's i ripped a while back on another hard drive and came across "Nutshell" and thought, omg.... and I can't stop listening to it. Now I am starting to feel better about my life and have the strength to continue on.

Im the troll... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/10

To the dumbass who called someone a troll because they stated a relative killed themselves while listening to this song...fuck you. You talk a capitalized font, no I bet youre 18, live in a trailer park and were drinking an MDG 64 at the time. Bravo. You made your point.

ummmm..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/10

yea your cousin obviously had other problems in life others could have tried to help with.. i just listened to this song thinking its a beautiful song of someone expressing their feelings.. and i did not kill myself from listening to it.... im sorry he died but sometimes you have to look at reality and if you want to place blame on something/someone.. sometimes... you can only blame yourself.. or that person that did what they did....

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