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Queen Now I'm Here Lyrics

Last updated: 11/16/2008 10:00:00 AM

Words and music by Brian May

Here I stand (here I stand..)
Look around around around around around
(Around around around around around...)
But you won't see me (you won't see me..)
Now I'm here (now I'm here..)
Now I'm there (now I'm there..)
I'm just a just a new man
Yes you made me live again

A baby I was when you took my hand
And the light of the night burned bright
And the people all stared didn't understand
But you knew my name on sight
Whatever came of you and me?
America's new bride to be
Don't worry baby I'm safe and sound
Down in the dungeon just Peaches and me
Don't I love her so?
Yes she made me live again Yeah!

A thin moon me in the smoke screen sky
Where the beams of your love light chase
Don't move don't speak don't feel no pain
With the rain running down my face
Your matches still light up the sky
And many a tear lives on in my eye
Down in the city just Hoople and me
Don't I love him so don't I love him so?

Whatever comes of you and me
I love to leave my memories with you

Now I'm here (now I'm here.)
Think I'll stay around around around around
(Around around around around..)
Down in the city just you and me
(Down in the city just you and me..)

Don't I love you so?

Go Go Go Little Queenie

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Under-rated Song from an Influential Band | Reviewer: Jeff Leatherwood | 11/16/2008

I have never quite understood the lyrics, even though I have owned Queen's Greatest Hits on CD for over 15 years. I have heard of Mott the Hoople in the course of rock history, but never actually listened to their music. I have always thought of "Now I'm Here" as a Brian May guitar masterpiece, with a small nod toward The Who. Queen has influenced many other bands, since the '70s, from glam-era Van Halen to prog-rock bands like Styx. Even though Queen borrowed a lot from classic '70s Yes, Trevor Rabin was a longtime Brian May fan. They have almost a mutual admiration society these days, both having been soundtrack composers.

Queen rock!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/2008

This is another great example of how great queen were, though I do strongly believe that the songs Freddie wrote were the best. This song does not quite have the same power as his songs. Still love it though!!

Mott the Hoople | Reviewer: Nick | 5/23/2007

Mott the Hoople was a rock group. In their early days, Queen was a support act for MTH. I love 'Now I'm Here'. It reminds you of that long-lost love affair that most of us have stored, somewhere in our memories. This is one of Queen's hardest rocking songs, especially when they played it live.

question here........ | Reviewer: Susan | 11/26/2006

i LOVE queen, have for years and don't know much about them....who or what is Matt the Hoople????

A good example of why Queen is one of the greatest. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/2006

This song is pretty damn good and it includes a direct reference to Matt the Hoople.