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The Rasmus Not Like The Other Girls Lyrics

Last updated: 02/06/2012 10:00:00 AM

No more blame I am destined to keep you sane
Gotta rescue the flame
Gotta rescue the flame in your heart

No more blood, I will be there for you my love
I will stand by your side
The world has forsaken my girl

Should have seen it would be this way
Should have known from the start what she's up to
When you've loved and you've lost someone
You know what it feels like to lose

She's fading away
Away from this world
Drifting like a feather
She's not like the other girls
She lives in the clouds
And talks to the birds
Hopeless little one
She's not like the other girls I know

No more shame, she has felt too much pain, in her life
In her mind she's repeating the words
All the love you put out will return to you

Should have seen it would be this way
Should have known from the start what she's up to
When you've loved and you've lost someone close(to you?)
You know what it feels like to lose

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awesome song | Reviewer: mahsavar | 2/5/12

i love this song.once i wanted to dedicate it to someone then i found out that i don't love her this much.if onetime i found someone that i love her insanely,i would dedicate this song to her.

love it | Reviewer: adry | 9/9/09

a simillar situation with millie' boyfriend show me this song..he was really happy y've understood what he meant...he's not that type wich shows his was an wonderful way to say''i love you''...

:) | Reviewer: millie | 3/6/09

Oh my god! i love dis song.. i had never heard dis band before until yesterday my boyfriend.. asked me to listen to dis one.. n dedicated it to me.. wow!!!
its like.. uhmm.. i love dis song.. simple awesome!!

o.o | Reviewer: lintu | 2/17/09

It made me cry when I heard it for the first time live on the 12th. I'm always left speechless after I've heard The Rasmus.
I only regret I didn't hear it sooner.
It's hard to tell if this song is the best since all of The Rasmus' songs are unique.

When you have loved and you've lost someone...You know what it feels like to lose... | Reviewer: omar | 11/1/08

This song intricately explains what i'm feeling towards my better half in life.I've never found these words or the presence of mind to express my feelings to my girl but I think I would be better off not telling her any of it because its something that would make her guilty of parting ways with me.I would never want that to happen because I strongly feel that my happiness lies in hers and I would do anything to see her smiling all the way through her life.Maybe god sent me to see a beautiful soul like hers and admire what love can mean to a person.Kudos to the band.They know what they're singing.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Darkboy | 10/28/08

This song is PERFECT for the way I feel right now.

I'm dating a girl who's pretty and sweet. She's also utterly clueless most of the time about things that matter to me. Sometimes it's a source of frustration, and I have at times wished to be with someone else.
But then I think about her road in life. She was abandoned at a young age, and I know she doubts the world at times. I also know by the way she looks at me -w- her innocent eyes and by her actions that she'd do anything for me.
Though I have occasional doubt, I know that I'd do anything in my power to make her happy and keep her smiling. I don't trust anyone else -w- her heart.
In that sense I have hope for her, for me, and for us.

rescue the flame in your eyes... | Reviewer: eLeNa | 1/21/08

This song means a lot to me...It's really deep...
You have to walk the footsteps of a stranger in order to completely understand this song...Sometimes it's hard looking through someone else's eyes...
And even if you do know something is wrong with some person,how do you know what?How do you rescue that flame in that persons eyes?

amzeing | Reviewer: fredifer | 1/4/08

yea this song rocks and so does the band the girl im in love with keeps dedicateing me songs so i thought id top it all with one amazing song and this is what i chose

<3<3 | Reviewer: martina | 5/9/07

i lllurve this song! it's got a great melody, rythm and great lyrics! <3 im hopefully not very much like the other girls either :P

the rasmus by the way are just a great band in themsleves :)

whoah | Reviewer: Loki | 4/19/07

this sounds a little like a souped up version of deuces are wild

i'm love this song and the guy who dedicated it to me | Reviewer: salina<3 | 4/16/07

i never heard of this band before this guy gave me there C.D and dedicated this one song to me <3 i love him! and this song lol ^_^

nice | Reviewer: xbadger | 4/9/07

This song is GREAT! I like also "Keep your heart broken".... The lyrics are great and the band too...

:) | Reviewer: :) Amy :) | 6/3/06

I love this band and I love this song....amazing :)

This is "my song"... | Reviewer: Andreil | 10/10/05

This song has special meaning to me...

I just love this song, its beautiful. The chorus is great, it gets in my head "..drifting like a feather.."

The best song from The Rasmus, in my opinion

comando mapache o,o | Reviewer: MaPaXiA | 8/21/05

waa XD my nick name allways is mapacha o,o , wajajaja XD ,
yeah i love this song so much.
yesss i love too that part , is like a dreamer ?? O__o
ByE bYe
That look like a spam XD i´m sorry