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Close the doors, put out the light
You know they won't be home tonight
The snow falls hard and don't you know
The winds of Thor are blowing cold
They're wearing steel that's bright and true
They carry news that must get through

They choose the path where no-one goes
They hold no quarter,
They hold no quarter.

Walking side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot that's slow
The dogs of doom are howling more
They carry news that must get through
To build a dream for me and you
They choose the path that no one goes
They hold no quarter,
They ask no quarter,
They hold no quarter,
They ask no quarter...they think about no quarter...With no quarter quarter.
Oh No...

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Just a thought | Reviewer: Slobslapper | 3/5/14

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were said to have read and re-read Lord of the Rings as many times as the rest of us did back then. The books not only gave birth to the entire Dungeons and Dragons craze, (which in turn led to all of us soon to become computer geeks and database programmers) but piqued the curiosity of many in the use of actual magic. Jimmy had purchased the Boleskine House and recorded several famous tracks there. This was the one time estate of Aleister Crowley (The self proclaimed occultist and most evil man alive). The connection is often made to show how Page was a Satin worshiper but I still feel that that was just an early form of shock rock propaganda. Especially since Aleister Crowley hid his true beliefs in ancient Egyptian magic (like those practiced by the founding fathers. Ever hear of the skull and bones?) behind a facade of devil worship. The Tolkin connection seems more likely. Tolkien inspired them to compose several songs. Stairway to Heaven has several references to the novels. As does Battle of EverMore.

No Quarter was rumored to be referring to Aragorn's journey through the Paths of the Dead (They choose the path where no-one goes) during the Battle of Middle Earth. A world war that empties the lands of soldiers. (Close the doors, put out the light...You know they won't be home tonight)

And├║ril was the sword Narsil reforged and not only did it give Sauron an uneasy feeling, but it was used to call the dead to aid Aragorn against the Corsairs of Umbar in the Return of the King. A force they could not defeat with the few Rangers he had. (They're wearing steel that's bright and true. They carry news that must get through) Possibly a reference as well.

Entering the valley of Harrowdale, they are flanked by the dead whispering and taunting them as they follow to the meeting place where they are demanded to make good on their promise. (Walking side by side with death. The devil mocks their every step)

No quarter means to give no clemency or mercy. Aragorn held the dead to their curse with no clemency until they had completed their vow from long ago. And the dead let none survive, showing no mercy to the enemy.

Well, anyway, it may not be true and a poet will never explain his work since the meaning is always subject to interpretation, as it should be. But it fits as closely as any I have read.

Great Tune | Reviewer: Sethacus | 3/8/12

Led Zeppelin paved the way for some of the great underground music of my generation. I seriously think they pushed the edge, created something beautiful, and just was a raw band. Hard to find such a band these days with all the politics involved with music... especially those bands strangled from their "raw" roots.
Tool did a cover of this song which absolutely amazing (please don't hate me hardcore Led fans)!! Led Zeppelin will live for ever - as they should. Tea for One!

Audrey just shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/12

Seriously Audrey just shut up about your little "facts", the fact of the matter is the song Stairway to Heaven was in fact written by LED ZEPPLIN. Now it is known that Zeppelin did use old blues songs but they made thier own sound with it. With your ignorance and clear misunderstanding of what a "coverband" is should be enough for all of the others on here to realize we are not on an equal playing field.

victor think with your mouth closed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

guess victor isnt a musician, first off youre an idiot cuz thats exaclty what and why ppl leave reviews, to show their knowledge on the subject. plus you are wrong that all music comes from music of old, tell me how the fuck John Bonham couldve played his drums so well and yet not be able to read sight music? victor you are an idiot and now a small portion of Zeppelin fans hate you for saying that they werent original and just took songs from old.

Legend and original | Reviewer: Andrew | 10/13/11

Audrey the descending guitar in Stairway to Heaven is the only thing that was used in that song. How could Spirit play a song that wasn't written yet in 67'? Stairway to Heaven was written in 1970. Put down the pot hippie the sixties are over and it shows your lack of doing a history on the music and to say that Led Zeppelin is a coverband is the worst joke I have ever heard. If you're going to flame a great band then get your facts straight. Childish crap is for the playground. Grow up.

coverband | Reviewer: audrey | 2/5/11???? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/11

wow, you make the statement without the facts. You obviously know very little about LZ and even less about who wrote what song.
You may want to research the facts before you make a statement "They have some original things, but the songs they're famous for are all redone, w/out credit given to the artists. Stairway to Heaven was primarily performed by Spirit in '67. "

Spirit like many other bands open music with guitar but the similarities end there. A few repeat notes do not make stairway to heaven a cover version.

Do your research and stop jumping to non-factual conclusions about a band you obviously dislike.

30 years later | Reviewer: Polly | 2/12/11

I'm nearly 45 yrs old. This was old when I hooked in, in late 70's. Classic poetry of our times. The Zep and the Floyd. Different but spoke across a wide line. Pure genius that we can all relate to.

spirit | Reviewer: bdawg | 2/10/11

hey victor vision dude, while i agree with your views on the fact that all that has ever changed in this world is stronger whiskey, faster horses, younger women and more money, the kid is right about james page lifting the stairway to heaven riff from spirit....

Zeppelin the Cover Band.... | Reviewer: victorVision | 2/5/11

FIrst, My guess is you are just a child. At least when it comes to music if not also by age. This is is a "review" posting of No Quarter. Not a place for you to try to impress the rest of your equally uninformed friends as to your so called knowledge about the origins of original music.
Second, There is nothing new under the sun. All music comes from all the music that came before. All artists are influenced by what they love and are inspired by. It is their own life and interpretation that make it 'again' original. Saying Zeppelin is a cover band is like saying you are a phony due to your ancestors. Then again, maybe you are the exception to the rule.

None Better, Hands Down | Reviewer: Wayne Major | 2/4/11

In 1973, on nothing but the unconfirmed rumor from a friend that Zeppelin was playing in Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, I hopped in his old panel truck and we left from Greenville on a wing and a prayer. When we got out at the stadium, you could already hear "Rock and Roll" going full blast. I took another chance in the parking lot as someone offered me a ticket I had no way of knowing was valid, for the huge price of $5.00. Best 5 bucks I ever spent, and even though I saw a lotta bands that were good in concert, that one was never topped. John Bonham did about a 20-minute drum solo that had the crowd ecstatic all the way through. A sophisticated sound system didn't hurt either, which at some points rotated the sound around the top of the stadium faster and faster, sounding like the drums were circling inside your head. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones tossed guitars into the air back and forth to each other and caught them without missing a lick. But the supreme moment of the evening came when they announced a new album, "Houses of the Holy," was coming out soon, and said the next song was a cut from it. They turned the lighting down for effect, and a mist began rising from the stage, slowly engulfing the band members from toe to head. as they did so, they did an incredible light display that had a really eerie effect as it hit the mist. All the while, the haunting notes of the mellotron intro were echoing through the stadium. They worked into it slow, but had everything so amazingly synched, to build up the volume, the tempo, the mist, and the intensity of the lights, that all came to a crescendo at the same time, so that they were completely engulfed just as they reached the point where the guitar licks break in, and right at that moment, the fog just disappeared. That was my first introduction to this song, and it's something that "extraordinary" is too ordinary a word for it. I've seen a few bands, and they all had something they were good at: Pink Floyd put on some of the best visual shows, ZZ Top had about the tightest licks of anybody running, Dr. Hook were some of the best crowd-pleasing entertainers--but with Zeppelin you had the whole package, not one facet of what they did in concert was less than top-notch.

coverband | Reviewer: audrey | 2/5/11

Led Zep was a great coverband. Do some research and you'll see that most of their songs were remakes from original blues and rock music. They even stole from Joan Baez!-babe, im gonna leave you. Check it out on Youtube. They have some original things, but the songs they're famous for are all redone, w/out credit given to the artists. Stairway to Heaven was primarily performed by Spirit in '67.

best ever | Reviewer: Chris Joyce | 1/28/11

This to my mind is the best sound of zep. Page's guitar, plants vocals, bonhams drumming, jone's base/keyboards - WOW
It brings goose bumps everytime I hear it. Led Zeppelin were and maybe still are the greatest rock band EVER. The sounds they make are overwhelmingly intricate and mind blowing. They take simple blues and country and rock and meld them together to make the sound that is Zeppelin. Well done jimmy, Robert, John paul and John (late) (What a waste). Live one Led Zeppelin. I have taught my children and friends!

C'mon people | Reviewer: Jake | 1/7/11

Seeing as I was forced to listen to country and Christian music when I was a kid, I don't know a lot of bands. What I do know is that Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands, next to Disturbed. But Zeppelin's talent cannot be compared to. Not many people realize their talent. I do as I myself am a musician. Personally I don't think any band classifies as "today's Zeppelin".

amazing band | Reviewer: Zep fan | 9/16/10

Zep are the most mystifying, talented band i've ever come across. They are a crossover from blues to hard rock. The most important aspect i like about them is that they always experimented with their sound, always wanting to create something new & fresh even at the risk of initial rejection & confusion. This is evident in Led Zep 3. Then they followed it up by houses of the holy & graffiti. Many of their songs are hardly understood at the first instance. It is only after hearing it many times you understand what their music is all about.

Zep & Tool | Reviewer: Rasputin | 6/11/10

Plant and Page were in the studio when Tool recorded the cover of No Quarter. Unlike the rest of Salival it and Maynard's Dick isn't live. Tool and Zep are the most amazing bands ever. And the fact that they like each other and respect each other's musical abilities adds to the fact that these musicians rule the rock genre. Marvelous song, both versions.

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