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Jennifer Knapp No Regrets Lyrics

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Should I Be Bold Enough To Speak
In This Moment?
A Reverent Heart Must Surely Be


With No Regrets
Should I Be,
Lost In Forgetfulness
With Not Regrets
In My Head,
Faithfully Shed
Should I Be Rich, Or Poor And Scattered
In My Dreams?
While All The Figures That Surround Me
Live Unguarded


匒nd Free From The Worry
Free From The Dark That Lives In Me
Free To Embark On The Passion
You've Favorable Fashioned In Me


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Thoughtful song! | Reviewer: Pretty Emily | 7/14/2004

I absolutely adore this song! The cello intro and just the whole thing is so thoughtful and beautiful! Jen's voice is so smooth and sweet that it just makes you think about the whole piece and say wow! Congratulations to Ms. Knapp on a successful album and wonderful song.

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