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Westlife No Place That Far Lyrics

Last updated: 07/20/2013 07:18:03 PM

I can't imagine any greater fear
Than waking up without you here
And though the sun would still shine on
My whole world would all be gone
But not for long

If I had to run
If I had to crawl
If I had to swim a hundred rivers
Just to climb a thousand walls
Always know that I would find a way
To get to where you are
There's no place that far
It wouldn't matter why we're apart
Lonely months, two stubborn hearts
Nothing short of God above
Could turn me away from your love
I need you that much


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Numba 1 fan notorious pedi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/13

I really lyk westlife i get healed evrytym i listen to their music, i wish one dae i could visit craving 2 mit u guys ,but no that i wil 5ynd the way 2 gt 2 were u r des no plc dat is far..i cn tel

Westlife 4eva Reviewer | Reviewer: Rachael N. Ortese | 12/1/12

When I listen to Westlife musics, I feel cool cos I love them and their songs. Any time I am listening to Westlife musics I do feel as if I am going to heaven. I am always glad to hare your fine songs. Thanks and God bless you.

inspirational | Reviewer: Claasen | 5/22/11

Westlife has been part of my life for quite some time. I listen to their music because their music creates a loop hole for sadness. Me and my group also sing Westlife music at shows, and i must say people love it. It's like we bring Westlife to them. Thank you Westlife for inspiring me to follow my dreams.

No place that far | Reviewer: Indri aprilia | 5/11/10

I very like no place that far song..first me listen it song i usually remember to someone...mark.,i'm your fan,,westlife the best band in the world..!! I fan to westlife since 1999. Now,my age is 15 years old.,i from indonesian...when westlife concert to indonesia again?! Me wait ok..!? Add me pleace..mark i love u so much..much..much.

Cryptic Sentiment | Reviewer: Harold N. Duhalngon | 1/12/09

It's a song that makes me remember my younger years, am still young though, especially during foggy days and rainy days.. as long as the weather is cool. This music doesn't cloy. I love listening to it several times in a day. So i just find myself singing the lyrics, then if am aware, i just stop then "oh am singing the song again!"

P.S. Am a loyal desperate Westlife fan.

Westlife forever | Reviewer: Ephantus Muriuki | 10/12/07

This is one of the songs sang by the group that inspires me.I love their songs and it has made my peers forsake me cause in our country they love reggae music which i dislike most