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Michael Penn No Myth Lyrics

Last updated: 07/10/2011 11:00:00 AM

So, she says it's time she goes
but wanted to be sure I know
she hopes we can be friends
I think, yeah, I guess we can say I
but didn't think to ask her why
she blocked her eyes and drew the curtains
with knots I've got yet to untie
what if I were Romeo in black jeans
what if I was Heathcliff, it's no myth
maybe she's just looking for
someone to dance with
See, it was just too soon to tell
and looking for some parallel
can be an endless game
We, we said goodbye before hello
my secrets she will never know
and if I dig a hole to China
I'll catch the first junk to Soho
what if I were Romeo in black jeans
what if I was Heathcliff, it's no myth
maybe she's just looking for
someone to dance with
Sometime from now you'll bow to pressure
some things in life you cannot measure by degrees
I'm between the poles and the equator
don't send no private investigator to find me please
'less he speaks Chinese
and can dance like Astaire overseas, OK
what if I was
so what if I was
maybe she's just looking for
someone to dance with.
what if I were Romeo in black jeans
what if I was Heathcliff, it's no myth
maybe she's just looking for
someone to dance with.

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My interpretation | Reviewer: Heywood | 7/10/11

I met a woman who, when I met her, was preparing to move out of the country about 8 weeks down the road. We both had just come from bad relationships, and when we got together, we both knew the pretenses. She was awesome, but our break-up date was actually established before we ever crossed a line. Sure enough, after a great 8 weeks, I took her to the airport, and she left for South America.

But I always romanticized what would have happened if I had changed our fates...

That is what this song means to me.

Love, well its a bitch. | Reviewer: Uncle Remus | 1/24/11

I liked this song ever since it came out in 1990. To me Penn is expressing that the girl in the song never really got to know him...that from her side it was a shallow relationship and he never got a chance to know her well either...but that he would be willing to be with her if she came back to him. The "Heathcliff" referrence from Wuthering Heights fits the theme of the song perfectly. Catherine and Heathcliff loved each other, but Catherine wouldn't be with him because she was a shallow person who thought she was better than he was culturally. It's a shame Michael Penn was only a one hit wonder.

Perfect | Reviewer: J. W. Duke | 10/21/10

Captures the angst of teens and people that haven't progressed much since then perfectly. I hear it and remember both my first love, my last love, and my current love without malice, anger, or attachment to any of them. This is the song that makes sense to the outsider guy that every woman dated and misses. It appeals to both the forelorn and the one they pine for, because secretly they both feel the same way and wish that THIS was their song... if only they could both see into the future.

Rebellion and undying love in 4/4 time. A classic at every level.

The perfect song | Reviewer: MWS | 6/3/10

Just the perfect blend of a great musical song with such perfect lyrics and a great voice. Like others who've posted, I get a bit emotional when I hear this song. I think thats the sign of a the "perfect song."

In my top 50 | Reviewer: IFLATLINEI | 3/10/10

Ive heard this song a number of times through the years but I would maybe catch parts of it and never get to figure out who performed it. Finally I heard it in a movie I was watching with my girlfriend and she found it for me on Amazon. I listen to it all the time. Its a great tune that just speaks to me. Its one of those songs I can actually feel. When I sing along I get goosebumps.

No Myth - he's the real deal | Reviewer: Rorer714 | 7/13/09

The March album in general and the No Myth cut are examples of why this is a Desert Island Disc for me. Says Michael, "Shit, I'm a poet now..." Great depth to his lyrics and a most ear-pleasing acoustic guitar style. And let's not overlook the hollow body electric backing him up - I have never heard a sound more reminiscent of the Byrds and Beatles. Good stuff here, both in the "now" and the nostalgia!

great video also | Reviewer: mack weeks | 2/13/08

i liked this song from the get-go,and as soon as i saw the video, i knew i would put this song on my top ten charts. michael penn is a great singer,and delivers this particular song very well. loved the video that goes with it.

My all-time favorite song | Reviewer: Kevin Boyd | 7/19/07

I began looking for this song around 1996 and found that it was on some soundtrack and did not buy it. I have heard it off and on and kept forgetting the artist's name, but remembered the song's title.
Then recently, I heard the song and commented that this was my favorite song and my wife said, "Who sings it? My reply was, I don't know and she said what is the name of the song? I said, I don't know. She said that was great that it is my favorite song, but I do not know what the name of it is or who sings it.
Then I remebered No Myth and did a search for it and found the March CD and ordered it from Then my wife showed me this site so that I could finally find out that Michael Penn was singing the words-"what if I was Heathcliff, it's No Myth". I had never figured that out until now. Now, after all that is said, all is right with the world. Thank you Michael Penn!
Kevin Boyd