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Iron Maiden No More Lies Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2013 01:53:49 PM

There's a darkening sky before me.
There's no time to prepare.
Salvage a lost horizon
But no regrets from me.
Maybe i'll be back some other day. (some other day)
To live again, just who can say.
In what shape or form that i might be.
Just another chance for me.

A hurried time, no disgrace,
instead of racing to conclusion,
wishing all my life away,
no-one can stop me now.

Time is up, it couldn't last,
but there's more things i'd like to do,
i'm coming back,
to try again,
some day maybe i'll wait till then...
No More Lies x 8

They're all sitting at my table.
Talking tall and drinking wine.
Their time is up just like me
but They just don't know it yet.
So just a word of warning
When you're in your deepest dreams.
There's nothing you can hide from.
I've got my eye on you.

The clock is fast. The hour is near.
Eventful past is everclear.
My life is set. The time is here.
I think i'm coming home...

No More Lies x 8


A hurried time, no disgrace,
instead of racing to conclusion,
wishing all your life away,
no-one can stop me now.

Time is up, it couldn't last,
but there's more things i have to do,
i'm coming back,
to try again,
don't tell me that this is the end...

No More Lies x 11

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frecen osume 2 | Reviewer: froga | 9/19/13

O man what a crowde crazer! irons maidens made jellys my pant shortss. I wish use gize send me iron maiden pecchours in the very near past. I see iron maiden in hellsinki when i dies and hope with my cuntter wife cousin and bastwardo down syndromed homoerotix sun. Haylez from detroitz!!!!

Awesome...!!! | Reviewer: Baddy Z | 12/23/11

So inspiring lyrics, guitar, drums and what not.... I am a huge fan of Iron Maiden, and this is their best song according to me, followed by "Fear Of The Dark" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name"..
""No More Lies""....!!!!!!!!

New Fan Recruit but its still Amazing.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/10

Oh man...All of their songs are so awesome. It is pretty much the only band I listen to now. their songs never get old. I have a few favorites. ^^ This among one of them. I think that, even if...they MIGHT be gone before I get to go to one of their concerts, my heart goes out to them, and hope that they have peaceful lives. Rock on, Iron Maiden. Up The Irons from Northern Canada.

IRON MAINDEN IN RECIFE - PB, BRAZIL. | Reviewer: Armistrong Souto | 11/12/10

Is it really necessary to comment any Iron Maiden`s song? Aren`t they all heavy metal classical pieces? All we need is hearm them, sing along to Bruce Dickinson in Recife, next year 2011.

Up the irons!

Simply Maiden | Reviewer: Alin | 6/16/10

I listen to Maiden since I was 13. I have now 33, but I don't want to think that they'll be gone in a few years. They are the best musicians in the world!!!
I hope I'll be contemporary with them in other life too and of course my son and my wife! I pray to God for this every day!

Norway | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

This is the best song ever. I love it and it means a lot for me. I don't know Maidens set list for this year, but I really hope they'll play that song in Bergen 11th August. That would just be a "dream that comes true!"

reply to rocky | Reviewer: W | 4/9/10

iron maiden | Reviewer: rocky | 7/21/05

"iron maiden frecen rock its rock and roll music it is better than metalica the gay ass music i like iron maiden i want to say hi to the guitar players and the drumer and the singer i hope that you guys could send me picutuers about iron maiden"

I agree with youabout metallica but...
How about Steve Harris???? mothersuckeer! he' s the principal songwritter, "the" bass player", and also he's the band leader!!! hail from Argentina to all my brothers and sisters of METAL!

Amazing. | Reviewer: Slayerized | 4/6/10

On par with songs like Fear of the dark and of course it's as good as 'dance of death'.

Up the Irons !!!!!!!! Just when groups like Megadeth, metallica etc are going downhill, Iron maiden is still right at the very top with each of their albums.. Their faces have aged much but the songs are still as powerful as ever...

Total kick ass! | Reviewer: Alan | 2/19/10

Just when you thought Maiden's best of songwriting's over, comes No More Lies. Wham! Hits you like a ton of metal. Incredible guitar work, impeccable vocals, great lyrics. This song will go on and on long after they are gone. It will remain my favorite till my dying day.

No Mores Lies and what a song it is | Reviewer: Ollie | 7/23/07

Absolutely amazing, i feel such a sense of power when playing this song, learning it took a while but its fucking worth it.

No more lies, SO MUCH AWSOMNESS!!! | Reviewer: Kapn' Koey | 6/10/07

This song kicks ass. It's kind of halfway between rock and metal, with awsome guitar and solos. I would even think think this song moshable in the heavier parts. I love this song. I would do this song.

puran | Reviewer: puran phakrin | 5/9/07

this song is very much rocking the starting lead guitar is osume this song makes a croude crazy. i haven't seen their live consert. but before i die i will loved to see them live performing in stage. this will be the most beautyful day of my life which i never had before.

I JUST LOVE THIS SONG................... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/07

HATS OFF ONCE AGAIN TO "IRON MAIDEN", (especially bruce boy!!!!!)

Hay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/07

maybe you could try Google?¬_¬; for pictures of Iron Maiden I mean.

Maiden rocks | Reviewer: Vivek Chauhan | 2/21/07

None can display such a controlled yet brutal use of guitar strings. Plus, with such strong vocals, Maiden is nothing short of heaven. "No more lies" is one of the best songs Maiden has ever done.