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Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons.
Better than witnessing new born nebulaes in bloom.
She who sees from ‘up high’ smiles and surely sings.
Perspective pries your once weighty eyes
And it gives you wings

I haven’t felt the way, I feel today
It’s so long, it’s hard for me to specify
I’m beginning to notice how much this feels
like a waking limb… pins and needles,

nice to know you

Deeper than the deepest Cousteau would ever go
And higher than the heights of what
we often think we know
Blessed she who clearly sees the wood for the trees
To obtain the ‘bird’s eye’
Is to turn a blizzard into a breeze.

I haven’t felt the way, I feel today
It’s so long, it’s hard for me to specify
I’m beginning to notice how much this feels
like a waking limb… pins and needles

nice to know you

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Mom's eye view | Reviewer: Tee Dubyou | 10/10/12

I just had my 50th birthday, wow, is that really me? Can't believe I can actually say that out loud. . Anyway, my daughter turned me on to these guys about 10 years ago with "Morning View".

These are fantastic ORIGINAL songs and have grown to be an entire collection of my favorites. I also love 11am. It starts out like an everyday morning and tells a story about how easy it is to lose an entire day to something you feel strongly about.

"Just a phase" is another clue ;)

I'm a writer, and have come to know that it only takes one simple little everyday gesture, or to hear something that sounds a little different than the last time you heard it. It triggers a memory to something else, and you're off.

Brandon is poetic genius put to music. The same music that floats around in all our heads, and his too. He's just telling a story. But he's moving on.

Well I want off that ride one day too, but then again..

My review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/12

Brandon was having mental troubles for awhile, relationships etc. and then on tour he fell asleep on his hand and when his hand started to "wake up" he had epiphanies about his relationships and problems. So he was waking up as his hand was waking up. I dont think he ever had a drug addiction

SORRY A$$ DRUGGIES! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/11

you are all wrong and completely fu*kin retarded. he was on tour and fell asleep on his arm. quit taking your sorry habits and putting them in the picture like every ones an addict like you are. not everything is a reference to drugs. get the fu*k over your addiction and wake up to reality.

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Kalika | 9/13/11

I watched an old interview about this song where Brandon say something like they were on a tour and he took a sleeping pill and fell asleep on his hand and when he woke up his hand was frozen in te position his head was resting on it. It stayed that was for like a week, and when it woke up he was having spiritual epiphanies. So it's actually alot simpler than everyone thinks. But I don't think your ideas for the meaning are wrong per say. A song can have a completely different meaning to the listener than what was intended. I dot think there's anything wrong with that though:)

awakening from the lows of being high | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

Often their lyrics have a positive message rather than the "woe is me" or "yes getting doped up is fun". I think this may be about drugs but not in a glorifying way. I interpret that he may be writing about one of the those moments of clarity that one may get of how much life is out there and how much has been wasted getting high. Sort of an awakening from a drug addled sleep. That limb that has fallen asleep and is waking has that pins and needles feeling...

On a plane? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/11

If he wrote this song while he was on a plane, maybe the song is about a one night stand, casual sex, etc? I mean he is a famous sleep with someone, it's amazing, the next morning you wake up, and GOODBYE. The "high" feeling a lot of people are referring to may actually BE a girl...why else use "she"? Pins and needles is sort of that anxiety you get, the waking up from being entranced and happy, the signal for you to leave. I don't think he's advocating or lamenting it, just speaking a truth and expressing it musically.

I think the line, "Could it be it had been there all along" is the real clue.

The person who said the Gellar bending spoons line is a reference to drugs is simply wrong.

diplomatica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/11

I think you all might be right. I mean if it's love or drugs. they are both adictive in some way and can make one slip from reality. Man, it could almost be a text about a world of warcrft addiction :P

Serious. an awsome song.

death of the ego self | Reviewer: David | 4/10/11

This might be a little deep for this forum with the interpretation that I'm about to give on my take about the lyrical meaning Brandon intended when 'Nice to Know You' was written; but here we go.

We as a human specie have always searched for a means of escape whether that be pharmacutical or through meditation. After listening to the lyrics, the first thing that comes into frame is that the subject is on a journey of the mind without the assistance of drugs anymore. Don't get me wrong, this isn't meant to be 12 step in nature with my explaination, but the lyrics are a realization of liberating one self from the ego state. The excerpts "she that sees from up high,smiles and surely sings" and "perspective eyes pries her once weighty eyes and it gives you wings" are making reference to the love affair between the subjective self and drug of choice. The lyrics "I haven't felt this way I feel today" is describing the birth of the new self. I'm not sure if brandon was making reference to finally eliminating illusion (i.e."Turn a blizzard to breeze), this seems like he describing how the ego can create what is commonly called "monkey mind"; a scattering of thoughts, as known in meditation parlance. Finally, the lyric "Nice to know You,good bye" is just making reference to recognizing that the ego played a role in giving the subjective self a perpsective outlook. The song seems like it's paying hommage to the death of the self identifying ego. If any of you are first time fans of Incubus, they've for the most part have injected a deeper message in their music which makes it a true pleasure to listen to.

Y'all be trippin | Reviewer: geedavey | 2/18/11

Drugs? No way. This song is about the realization that your love has gone bad and the relationship is dead. That sudden weight lifts and you feel euphoric that you've realized what the problem is. "She who sees from up high" is merely the Goddess, if you prefer your deities female. She sings because that's what nature in harmony does, and now that you have figured it out and feel so good about that realization, it's time to let your lover know and get the heck outta Dodge.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/11

This song is really awesome and deep(lyrics).. Well, I just heard it (very unfortunate for me). First look on the lyrics literally it was referring to addiction or in some point the relationship of drugs to the user ( Geller bending silver spoons, new born nebulas in bloom, feeling of high and flying) but looking deeper, It may translated to idealistic love.. the person maybe too blind or busy dreaming of his "Ideal Mate" and might pushed his lover too hard to be perfect for him. And you know at the end this will only leads to disappointments on his part.So finally when he woke up to reality, the next day he would just dumped her with a quote saying "nice to know you, goodbye"..hehe

So could it be that it had been there all along?

There is unsureness of the feeling whether he's in love or just a playful imagination of one of his hopes to find the person who could really understand him.

my take on the meaning | Reviewer: anonymous87 | 12/5/10

in relation to my experiences...
The song means that after a crazy high (ex-girlfriend), you start to wake up and like a limb that fell asleep. You see what is the person is really like and, for me, the feeling is, "really? pshh.. nice to know you, goodbye." and good luck with life..hope you find who you're looking for

'So could it be that it had been there all along?'
This part means to me that feelings of that person's personality were there, but I was just blind and didn't have the 20/20 vision for the relationship.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

I find it amazing how any incubus song can relate to any emotion your feeling or any situation your going thru at the time you listen to it. For instance, the meaning behind this song has developed into something new each time I listen to it: starting off with ending a relationship with someone you once knew, into coming into a self realization and letting go of the person you once were. Also the line "she who sees from high smiles and surely sings" is so beautiful! Incubus' ability to relate with such raw emotion and there amazing poetic ability truly makes them the most epic band ever!

Deny this | Reviewer: Monty | 10/5/10

Please just ATLEAST take a moment to listen to an album without preknowledge and links about what you've read or not. No distractions, no games, no T.V.
Like alot of good artists this song describes itself, closer to you than you think. (And listen to the music around the lyrics, describing the emotions)
First the song describes her, she smiles and surely sings, it gives you wings (hmnn what could that be.... it's your girlfriend or the one you're dreaming of)
The details are metaphorical and widespreaded, but a good chance she actually sings, and you tell her how good she is.

Then you haven't felt the way, you feel today.
It's so long, it's hard for me to specify.... yes it is. Now you're beginning to notice, how much this feels like a waking limb, on pins and needles? (you crawl, give your best, but you don't seem to fulfil her hapiness, there are problems and changes needed, compromise your being, when was the day you felt that good?)
Nice to know you! Goodbye!
Deeper and higher, because litterly everyone falls for this, no matter who you are. But, to gain the birds perspective, (to not feel the pain you're feeling when you realize), is to turn the blizzard into a breeze. You tell yourself/ we tell eachother, it's just a puny thing, it's the circumstances and all is understandable, why did i care so much. ...... repeat the emotion, nice to know you!---> next albumsong: CIRCLES

H | Reviewer: Liz | 8/6/10

It's completely about getting high! Although I'm not sure on what. Getting high changes your perspective on shit. Certain drugs make you think differently about the world once. Like shrooms & acid. I think this song is about being high and getting blessed with the perspective some highs bring. Which also goes into self realization. It's not one or the other, it's about all of it. It all fits together. SICK song though!

My fav from Incubusss! | Reviewer: Steff | 7/29/10

I have a totally different point of view of what this song is about, and that's what I love bout these guys!
I believe it is about when you meet someone that blows your head off. When you meet that person and you cannot believe she is that good.
But when he gets a "birds eyes", which is, when he takes distance and he sees it from another perspective, he realizes that she is not that big deal, it is more bluffing than anything else, so he ends up dissaponited. She happened to be less than she thought of herself,she was too arrogant, and she let him believe that she was actually that interesting.

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