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Mewithoutyou (Me Without You) Nice And Blue Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2011 12:00:00 PM

You were a song I couldn't sing
you were a story I couldn't tell
I've only ever loved myself,
But I've loved myself so well.
And how defeated I return!
(you're nice and blue, yeah you're nice and blue)
I missed what I was supposed to learn
'cause all I learned about was missing you.

A life left half behind, though no longer blind
I can't yet see. I'm not the boy that I once was,
but I'm not the man I'll be.
And I've been waiting now, for six years on
(and have only just begun)
For the day you'll hold her in your arms,
oh risen Lord, my precious one.

I was once the wine x3
and you the wineglass.
I was once alive x3
when you held me x2
God became the glass,
and all things left were emptiness
oh my little girl, oh my little girl

if you look out and see a trace
of dark red that used to be my face
in the clarity of His grace,
no, no
remember me.
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